Five Things Every Business Must Do To Make Their Customers Satisfied Essay Examples

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Most marketing strategies for companies line up on the basis of research findings, claiming that the most valuable to man today is the health, well-being and good mood. As a result, soulless use the same marketing tools. But in today's world important to promptly change strategy taking in consideration the needs of customers because only "customer-oriented" company can win the market!


Today, when there is a huge selection of similar goods and services on the market, "customer support" is one of the most important aspects that motivate consumers to prefer one or another company. Who is the person chooses the company, where he was paying attention to where he understands where he is shown his importance, significance and uniqueness.
Care and service. It is important to understand and share two similar concepts - service and care. Service is the acts for which the client expects when make a deal. These are actions that are directly related to the contract signed with the buyer. It is possible delivery, installation, technical support, after-sales service, repair, and so on. Caring is the actions that go beyond their professional duties. Most of the customers are not waiting for care, and, moreover, it does not count. For example, the additional phone call with the question whether the customer is satisfied, whether he needs additional advice or assistance - is caring. Know their regular customers by name and remember their preferences (e.g., how much sugar he drinks tea or coffee) - is also a variant of care. Unexpected caring causes feelings of pleasure and desire to feel it again. The business relationship with the client develops into a warm and trusting.
Time is money! If you stand on the client's position, among the true values it is ​​uniquely necessary to allocate the most expensive and irreplaceable resource - time. Realizing its importance, and resigned to its transience and transience, people began to use it more effectively; to plan, assess the value of their time and cost of an action based on the profitability of the use of the customer's time.
It is the customer brings money; he creates a client company's profits. A primary goal of the company is making money! And such forgetfulness towards the customer is totally unacceptable, especially in the current situation on the market. But this is a distinct advantage over our competitors; people will always choose the company which takes care of his time, where everything is done at a convenient time for the customer and convenient for him terms, often "yesterday”. Client appreciates such treatment and, in turn, pays for their understanding and attitude, pays not only your money, but also the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, which then carry their money in a company that understands them.
What do they want? One of the principles of customer focus company is: "Stop sell to the client, start help him to buy." And the customer is willing to buy only what he wants. The first and most common mistake that is made during the presentation of a product or service to the customer - is the focus of managers on their personal understanding of the needs, the quality and usefulness of the goods and the buyer may not be generalizable. The correct approach is to determine the criteria for the selection of the client - the factors based on which a decision will be made by the client's behalf, and the presentation of its proposal in the right light. This is achieved through the development and skills training "read customer", questioning the right and ability to hear and listen.
The more training and seminars on the analysis of customer needs completed, the successful and productive will each make an offer; the enthusiastic staff will treat customers; the higher the levels of sales and, consequently, the company's revenues. The question is only a willingness to develop their skills, to make beautiful sale and play the game "win-win" with their customers. Of course, this requires an investment of time and money and finds good coaches, but inspiring results will not keep you waiting.
Let the customer says. When customers have an opportunity to talk about? More often than not it is at the stage of objections. In fact, it is a subject of a separate and detailed training, which aims to train the seller does not fend off opposition, and to hear them, understand and deploy them so that objections client suddenly become arguments in favor of buying. Unfortunately, most of the presentations in the modern world is a monologue in which the customer often does not even interested. Sometimes, out of politeness or out of boredom, he listens to the offer, but in most cases to a successful conclusion of the transaction does not lead.
Thank you for purchasing. Attention to the customer after the purchase occurred is a mechanism yet very little developed on many world markets. Embossed on the check "Thank you for purchasing", dry phrase from the seller - "Come to us again" - this is often limited to all gratitude. But the mechanism of gratitude is a powerful engine of any process. After all, people have great pleasure in doing it again and again something for which they are thankful. Methods and techniques of manifestation of gratitude in our time, there are many. It is important to realize that paying attention to the customer and take care of it. Then we thus bind him to us.


Most entrepreneurs have realized that a successful business can be built only on the basis of long-term planning, rather than seeking short-term gain. Constantly improving sales techniques, it is possible to develop strong and lasting relationships with customers. And this is - a solid foundation for the stable operation of your company.

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