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Enlisted personnel are important part of the United States’ Army. The term “Enlisted” parse gives a glimpse of what an enlisted soldier is. It may be inclusive warrant officers and/ or non commissioned officers. These unit forms the most important part of the US military. Contrary to military setting where soldiers wait and respond to orders, enlisted personal perform tasks that are in line with their carrier or specialty. Enlisted soldiers carry out odder that are in their carrier path or from choices they make. The United States Army offers a wide range of Military Occupational Specialties including intelligence gathering and analysis, health care, aviation, media, law enforcement, combat support and many more. In this paper I am going to discuss the role, importance, and scope of operation and mandates of an Enlisted Soldier in the US army.

Role and importance of Enlisted

Enlisted soldiers combine their military training with their civilian experience and training to aid in military missions around the world. Most American soldiers begin their carriers as enlisted soldiers. Enlisting may therefore be considered a carrier entry point for army officers. In a typical setting, enlisted soldiers commonly above the rank of corporal take leadership posts in their respective groups. Enlisted offer support in their own areas of specialization like medicine, aviation, mechanics and intelligence.

Eligibility and qualification

Although rules to qualify for an enlisted soldier position are quite complex because there are different rules for different posts, one must be sure to meet the following minimum qualification:
Must have a high school degree. Enlisted personnel help the military execute hand on work and education is a strong factor to determine ones eligibility. This is a general requirement and exemptions may be made only on special circumstance.
One must be 17-35 years of age. Those who are 17 years require parents consent amid visiting local recruiter.
The applicant must be of sound mind and physically fit. Must be free from extreme injuries and chronic medical conditions. The standard for fitness may diverge from one post to the next.

The applicant must be a US citizen or a resident alien.

The applicants must prove that they are reliable and have good moral standing.
Joining process
The applicant first seeks the audience with t o a recruiter and makes a commitment to serve in the US army. The applicant then sets a date and visits Military Entrance Processing Station (MRPS) which has branches all over the country. This is where physical and aptitude test are taken. Standards are not the same all over the country; they are set by the each branch of military service. The following are basic steps an applicant should be keen to follow after passing an aptitude and physical test according to today’s Military.
Taking the armed services vocational aptitude battery (ASVAB). The (ASVAB) is designed to help determine the carrier in which the applicant is best suited. Questions are filtered from school subjects like mathematics, science, English and social studies. This exam may take a maximum of 3 hours.
Physical examination stage- the recruiter discusses the requirement with the applicant and a medical examination is undertaken. Such examination may involve the following: Height and weight determination, hearing and vision check, urine and blood tests, drug/alcohol tests, muscle group and joint maneuvers, specialized test if necessary (may include pregnancy, body fat ratio test, tests relating to unusual medical history)
Determination of carrier choice- the recruits at this point choices a carrier path with the help of an enlistment counselor. Career may depend on the need of service, ASVB score, and recruits preferences among other things. At this point the counselor goes through the enlistment agreement that the recruit may understand his/her commitment to the army before signing it.
At the fourth stage, the recruit takes an oath of enlistment. This out is a vow to defend the US constitution and to respect the Uniform Cord of Military Justice.
The fifth stage will depend on the status of the recruit. A recruit may either enter the Direct Ship (report to basic training between two days and 2 months after MEPS) or Delayed Entry Program where the recruit joined basic training after one year especially when the recruit enlists before completing high school.

Enlisted rank insignia of the United States

The chart below shows enlisted rank insignia in the United States Army along side simples according to Army.mil Features.


The rank of specialist is an enlisted soldier who is not yet considered non-commissioned but has attained pay grade 4. A soldier with a rank higher than Corporal is considered non-commissioned soldier.

Nature of work and remuneration

Enlisted soldiers may work full time with army or take a reservist Post where they are ready for service anytime they are called in by the president of the United States. Enlisted officers that are no longer commissioned take leadership roles in their Respective groups. US army remunerates its personnel reasonably with both cash and non-cash benefits. There is a basic pay that is extended to all active soldiers but basic salaries differ from soldier to the next depending on years of experience, rank, activity and category of the army an individual is. Special pay for special mission is extended to soldiers carrying out missions that are not regular. If a soldier is a reserve he/she is paid for the time during which they train and practice. The table below was extracted from US army website.

The above table is exclusive of allowances and non cash items the Army extends to its personnel.

Enlisted soldiers play an important role in the US military. They are the specialists who take army jobs that are in line with their Carrier choices. Most army officers in the United States started their carriers as Enlisted. Enlisting is not only beneficial to the army but also to the young people who are potential recruits. The army advance helps young people through training. Remuneration for enlisted soldiers is reasonable and considerably relate to salaries of other army categories. Despite mild criticism of excessive spending in the United States army, there is reason to believe that every category of the military has a key role in securing the nation. There have been drop in the number of personnel in the other military categories like the navy because of technological advancement but enlisted personal have been steadily recruited over years.

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