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Social media is one of the crucial aspects in our life that has altered the way we communicate by being integrated in our lives. It has also charged the way we conduct business by flattening corporate hierarchies and tightening our relationships as human beings. The traditional methods of networking such as phone calls, email, in-person meetings and text messaging still work today. One of the greatest aspect of social media is that you choose the network that you deem nice to use, the time frame you are going to engage in it as well as what career ambition one holds. This means that the decision lies in one’s hands on what to do. Therefore, day-to-day routines can be regulated from an individual’s perspective.
The paper shall evaluate the paramount features that social media has that enable each and every one to have an easier and enjoyable lifestyle both personal and socially. The paper shall also analyze the various ways in which lack of social media would affect the modern world of social networking. Every person in the social media has the capacity to access a tool that will satisfy them. Industries such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as MySpace are some of the giants in social media. Moreover, there are others that are commonly used and are as well popular and they include Stumbleleupon, Digg, Flickr and Delicious. If paired together, these tools are crucial in regulating one’s life. For instance, Google can be paired with Delicious to sort articles through while saving desirable ones. The saved articles can also be shared to other individuals in social media using Twitter or Facebook.
Social media has lend to change of habits resulting to a complete revolution if not evolution. For instance, instead of waking up in the morning and learning for the newspaper, one only check for the RSS feeds. This is since the information is now easily accessible. Twitter and Google has lessen the burden of going to the library and spending ours trying to find information is now accessible in a matter of a click. These two social media titans have become the ultimate customer facility machines. is a social media website the will enable one to book a flight while lying comfortably on the couch back at home. Social networks also do exist for church goers. One can therefore live and manage their whole life online with the aid of such tools.
According to several experts, one reveals that social media boosts our connection with more people in the world. This is done without a lot of effort and without such esteemed level of connectivity, making new friends globally would be hard and keeping in touch with them would be even tougher. The feelings that are generated when one is in social media makes it more enjoying to remain in access. Productivity would be hurt immensely if such social tools would be done away with. New chances surface when relationships grow and blossom in life. A conducive environment to create such relationship is manifested by social media.
Gaining and nurturing relationships is offered in social networks hence boosting personal connections in the business platform. It would be immensely boring if social media never existed instead of having fun-filled moments that are made possible by connecting with friends online. A human element as well as reaching thousand s is made possible in business with availability of social media. Without it, one would be forced to do business one email or phone call at a time which would not attract a lot of revenue. Making geographically diverse groups of friend would not be achievable like it is the case with social networking whereby both local and diverse geographically based friends are reachable.
Information that individuals can share is not only available in text but as well in visuals and sound. Therefore, technology cannot be ignored since it makes realize our needs and desires. Social media is seen as a platform where interactions do exist and are very fast. For instance, it was through twitter that the famous BBC news company found out that the popular musician Michael Jackson was deceased. The press perceives social media more frequently as a dependable source. Everybody can now tail all the celebrities and other famous people and see what their regular life resemble. By frequently being online one can keep abreast of what is going on in the world. You could even miss the newscast on television and radio. In social media website guest play a central role by providing the content required for example, pictures, music and videos.
Social media is essentially an intermediate between people. Through internet it is easier to converse to each other than in real life. Guests of the Internet like to practice their right for liberty of speech and everybody can partake in discussions and say whatever they feel like. Social media is basically international with no boundaries such as those that nations have. Information on the internet can be retrieved anywhere in the globe in just seconds.
Social media is an essential of life according to many individuals. Millions of people wide-reaching are now using a social network and assert that it is a fundamental in their lives. Today, internet handlers spend more than 16 percent of their period on social media. People have a necessity to share and they can do so through social media. The discovery of the Smartphone gave the public networking a boost. The Smartphone has many advantages that include its easy portable aspect and the fact that it navigates location. This gives customers the aptitude to show other folks what keeps them eventful wherever they go.
Online Societies are becoming very widespread whereby people with the same interests come organized on an online community and sharing is thus made possible within these groups. In social media community individuals know what they can presume from one another other. For example, they help each other to attain goals and perform accomplishments. Sharing is a significant key aspect in social media. Users share skills with each other and informing them about their lives. Therefore, social media is one thing that one cannot manage to live without in the modern world of technology and global networking.
Companies are also vibrant as social medial is concerned. Many companies use social media to check profiles of those they intend to interview for jobs through LinkedIn. This is a more proficient social network and corporations can see the kind of experience individuals already extended at other occupations. A lot of companies use social media communicate their messages to everybody else, both internally as well as external. A social network profile enables a company can keep their workforces and other concerned people well-versed of the newest news in and round the company.
In conclusion, the paper has analyzed the paramount features that social media has that enable each and every one to have an easier and enjoyable lifestyle both personal and socially. The paper has also analyzed that without social networking the world would be dull with no element of making life fun and business would be affected adversely.

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