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Unlike every organization in the market, Ford the global automobile company specifically focuses on its major objectives from time to time. Ford has its business all around the world and it applies different major strategies to gain the goodwill in the tough market all over the world. Ford mainly focuses on applying different major strategic plans to gain momentum and achieve its business objectives. The major objective or the goal of the Ford automobile company is to produce major cars with better performance from time to time along with customer satisfaction and better service. The organization mainly heads into a strategic apply of a major plan during the timeframe. In the upcoming 2 years the major strategic plan on implementation of their wide range business objectives is to produce major high-yielding engines for their cars within low price to increase the efficiency in the world market to survive and continue competition along with the other automobile companies (Askegren, 2005). To accommodate the market the company basically will focus on producing major super engine cars within the estimation of the customer’s budget along with good free servicing.
Apart from the accommodation in the market the company will also focus on major environmental shifts, the major initiative is to bring the company’s prospective much more active which will prolifically help the company to take basic and major roles of the employees. The environmental shifts will not only boost the company’s prospect but also will help the employees in the long run with great motivation and dedication towards their job.
Ford being one of the most prolific automobile companies in the international market, it has to basically focus on the key strategies to maintain proper service for its customers. Ford mainly aims at customer satisfaction along with major innovation in technology. Basically ford focus on some of the strategies like:
Ford basically intends to continue deploying the intelligent innovations and technologies to become one of the most prolific leaders in quality and customer satisfaction.

Key customer satisfaction is one of the key strategies to the company’s long term success.

The major goal is to increase the unit sales by more than 10 million high technique vehicles within the forth coming years.

Ford intends in a long term return on sales to ensure company’s solid financial position.

Ford aims to be the most efficient and most attractive employer in the automotive industry in the upcoming years. To build the best vehicles within the customer estimation, Ford needs the best team in the sector; fit and highly qualifies and most importantly motivated.
In addition the company also made a prolific and secure step to enhance the service by providing major shifts of the environment which actually focuses on the motivation and determination of the employees to provide the best results and make the company’s goodwill and service much better in the coming years.

HR Department Vision

Human Resource is one of the most important departments in any organization as HR department plays a key role in the innovation and the future vision of a company’s growth. In the case of Ford the HR department has totally planned out a major strategic plan by which the company’s vision and the future prospect are dependent on. The HR department has carved out the strategic plan thinking according the company’s growth. The HR department has mainly concentrated on the part of the bringing out the best resources along with the best servicing intending the customer satisfaction. Along with this the HR department has fully encored the way of bringing on major new innovative technologies by which the growth of the sales will grow more than the previous years. The most important role that the strategic plan has totally put its focus to put a check on the cash outflow on unnecessary costing that is incurred and putting a major focus on the cash inflow by increasing the sales unit per year (DeCenzo & Robbins, 1996).

HR Environmental Analysis (SWOT)

Strengths: Being one of the early market entrants and oldest car manufacturer, Ford also emphasized on strong senior leadership team which actually plays a key and emphatic role in boosting the motivation of the employees which helps to grow the company’s future prospect. Including this the churn rates of the employees are comparatively less than available in the market by the other competitors. The culture of the company is of great importance and Ford basically is the best in the industry. Ford actually propagates for providing the best culture oriented team to bring out the best service for its customers and it also provides major exclusive features of the products taking into consideration about the targeted segments.
Weakness: Along with the strengths the company has some of the major weakness that must be taken into consideration. Some of it is like there are a lot of open and void positions which must be filled up to avoid major in house problems arising. There is no in-house recruiter available for dividing any major work or recruiting any specialists for any department which is of a great concern; which can actually tend to create a confused scenario in the industry. There is no availability for any training plan for new recruitments, neither any leader development structure is available and most importantly the company has no budget on advertising which directly can hamper the sales unit of the company leading a loss in the profit (Ford, 1757).
Opportunities: Ford is such an automobile company that always believes in opportunities. The best use of opportunities is used by Ford. Ford always outsources the existing services related to non strategic services which help them to gain the momentum of servicing and opening major wide-ranged services for its customers and retailers with major payroll. It always keeps the track of major knowledge of the industry and its capital to implement major strategies for the in-house employees for betterment. It also lures away the top talents available in the market to make its company’s growth much higher.
Threats: A major threat that is faced is the government regulatory regime which can certainly feel like a burden for its administration. New competitors in the market can actually tempt the employees to leave for a better salary package which can actually diminish the growth of the company and most importantly the general hike of gasoline etc can reduce the per unit sales cost.

Annual HR Objectives

Objective 1: To maintain consistency in providing quality and customer satisfaction.
Objective 2: To increase the unit sales by 10 million in the coming year.
Objective 3: Long term return on sales to build company’s solid financial position.
Annual HR Strategies
Growth: The HR department plays a key role on the growth of the company. The HR is the main body who strategically finds out major issues and takes them into concern to bring out a major plan to handle the situation. Downsizing operating cost, controlling the cost outflow, screening, hiring etc actually helps to build company’s growth with rationale strategies (Mathis & Jackson, 2000).
Legal and Ethics: Ford annual strategies seek major legal and ethics role in the company. Abiding by the legal ways and ethical build-up it plays a key role to bring out the main strategies so that the company may not seek any future issues.
Organizational Capacity: Another major prospect is to think on the capacity of the organization in every scenario whether it is in case of work or roles of the management. Every organization works under a prolific strategy to keep intact the major capacity of the organizational work. So, does Ford.
Knowledge Capital: Knowledge is important. It actually helps to know about the ways to work in the industry. Ford enhances major planning and experience in providing knowledge to its employees for better outcome.
Training and development: Annual HR strategies must seek two things that is training from time to time for the new and the existing recruitments and the existing employees. This actually helps in development of the company. Development from these comes in different ways like new benefits in technology, sales etc.
Business Repositioning: Ford emphasizes on luring away key talent from the market. The HR strategically planned strategies holds a key prospect of getting new recruiters along with outsourcing existing services etc to boost the company’s goodwill and growth.


Providing more consistent service along with quality of the vehicles for the existing and new customers.
Increase of sales can be done by carrying on the goodwill in the market with proper services.
Huge sales of the vehicles to the customers can create huge profits which can build up the capital of the company.

Things to consider when identifying strategies

The strategy of being the best in the market with superior leadership strategies and focusing on the products with great quality actually will help to boost up the financial prospect and the growth of the company. It has been seen Toyota has been ranked no.1 in the previous year so; to gain the secured top place the strategy has been realistic which aimed better servicing and quality along with consistency in customer satisfaction. The strategy has been opted by keeping in mind about the major resources available for the company with suitable allocation. The strategy implies more on the costing of the resources and focusing on reducing the costs incurred in the strategy apply. The strategy that has been opted of bringing together better quality along with customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction has brought the sense of responsibility and ownership within the HR management (Mondy, Noe & Gowan, 2005). The strategy actually has prolific target dates by which the allotted work must be completed which will actually make employees much responsible and dedicated to its work. The strategy of implementation has been clearly measureable that will help to achieve the strategy quite easily without any burden and problem.


Constraints and challenges are the apart of the automobile industry so the major plan that needs execution is the strategy of overcoming which actually relates the challenges. The challenges or the constraints must be dealt with ease by the leader of every department. The leader should lead from the front to solve out any further issue that can hamper the work. If the constraint or the challenge is of high intensity it should be referred to the HR for assistance. This should be clearly stated in the strategic plan report.
Every work must be divided in group with a leader to lead from the front. Every work must be divided according to the strategy to build up a good work environment to complete task. The applying of this strategy will help in good bonding with better results. For every work part communicating with the HR or the in-charge is essential. So, every major project must be communicated with the person in-charge. The strategy has been implemented to get better results which actually help the stakeholders concern in the organizational growth and structure of Ford.

Measurement and Assessment

The strategy has been specifically made to bring major momentum in the market of the Ford automobile company. The strategy has been made keeping in mind about the major growth and success prospect. The company can potentially earn huge profits by ensuring the strategy that has been in calculated by the method. The aim of being in the top can be easily be fulfilled by applying these stated strategies. The strategies basically operate quality, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and profits. By applying of thee strategies it will bring forward major different ways to take Ford in further heights (Rimmel, 2003).

Reports needed to be followed from time to time:

The distribution must be progressed with following ways:
Analyzing the needs of the customers.
Channel objectives must be analyzed.
Major channels must be identified (Worland & Anderson, 1989).
Major channel alternatives must be specifically evaluated.


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