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Gordon's Functional Health Patterns

According to Marjorie (1987) other are 11 categories of health patterns that assist in making a systematic and standardized approach to collection of data. The categories also aid in enabling nurses in determining the aspects of health as well as, proper human functions. The essay endeavors to make health assessment of McCain’s Family by using the eleven functional health patterns. This paper analysis the health habits of the McCain’s Family that consist of two teenage daughters, a son of ten years, a father and a mother both of 45 years. The assessment will comprise asking two or three questions that are open ended and that follow the 11 Functional Health Patterns (FHP).

The health pattern findings about McCain’s family using the FHP

It is paramount to note that Jackson family does not have a set of regimen for exercises to its members and the father is often left out of activities do to many responsibilities. Chronic diseases have been identified as major threat in the society today. Most of these diseases emanate from inactivity. In keeping with Appleton and Cowley (2008) physical activity is a fundamental prevention factors. Physical inactivity Appleton and Cowley (2008) note to be detrimental to normal healthy function of organs. Being an inactive father makes McCain to be exposed to various chronic conditions including; erectile dysfunction , accelerated biological aging, low cardio respiratory fitness, insulin resistance, metabolic symptoms, coronary heart ailment, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, peripheral artery ailment, type 2 diabetes, congestive heart failure, colon cancer, constipation and gallbladder diseases among others. The body rapidly maladapts to unsatisfactory physical activity that may result in considerable decrease in quality of life, as well as the number of years of life.
McCain’s wife has greatly been affected by lack of sleep. In keeping with Pillitteri (2007) total lack of sleep affects ones health. There are several causes of chronic sleep deprivation like stresses of everyday life that intrude upon a person’s ability to rest and sleep or play. In addition, there are mental health conditions that interrupt sleep. Nonetheless, it is important to note that sleep deprivation is caused by unrecognized sleep disorders.
Lack of awareness about sleep disorders compounds consequences since majority of people suffering from the situation remain undiagnosed for many years. In most cases, poor sleep is seen as an individual problem although to some extent it becomes a public health issue. People who lack sleep can be involved in accidents and workplace stressors and mistakes. There are also social consequences associated with poor sleep. Other thing s that associates with sleep deficiency is family troubles and cognitive impairment.
Cognitive impairment is caused by problems of thought processes. The impairment that seems to be apparent in McCain’s son includes loss of higher reasoning, difficult in concentration, forgetfulness, and learning disability. Pillitteri (2007) argues that cognitive impairments may start from birth or can start at any point in an individual’s life. Pillitteri (2007) further affirms that early causes of impairment include genetic syndromes, chromosome abnormalities, prenatal drug exposure, hypothyroidism, neonatal jaundice, and trauma child abuse.
According to the data collected in the questionnaire, elimination was not a major concern in the family though it can be termed as an occasional problem. According to Pillitteri (2007) constipation happens when stools remain in the colon for an extensive period. Pillitteri (2007) note that colon absorbs a lot of water a factor that causes the stool to be waterless and hard. Constipation is not caused by any specific problem and maybe therefore hard to identify its exact cause. Some of the causes identified with constipation include; lack of enough fiber in the diet, ignoring urge to pass stool, not taking enough water, lack of exercise, fever, depression, anxiety, change of lifestyle, and being either underweight or overweight.
Each family relates differently among its members in regard to family dynamics. The family dynamics are influenced by things like structures, number of dependants, adults and the personality of each member of the family. Arguably, it can be very helpful to understand the cultural background, personal or family experiences of every member in the family. There are several alignments in every family where members relate differently to one another. The prevailing predicament in McCain’s family is having too much power imbalances whereby the teenagers seem to have too much power to the level of the parents. Arguably, the bond between parents ought to be strong and with much authority.
It may at time seem as stress is unavoidable in a normal family life, after all the bills will continue to flood, there will never be enough time to work of projects and to fit family and career objectives. However, just a simple realization that one is in control of everything round them bring s an assurance to an individual. This then becomes the primary step towards stress management. Stresses due to financial problems are evident course of stress in McCain’s family. Having only one breadwinner in a family of five is an enormous task that yield stress to Ms McCain, nonetheless, knowing that there is a potential relieve as McCain awaits a contract with the federal government is a foreseen solution. Health wise, McCain family is able to cope with stressors through engaging in other involving excises except for McCain himself who is suffering from overweight related complications.
Anxiety disorder is the other family health related problem in McCain’s family. LeGrow and Rossen (2005) notes that treatment of anxiety disorder may involve cognitive therapy, counseling, attention training, exposure therapy, exercise and diet, as well as, the use of techniques like assertiveness training and relaxation. LeGrow and Rossen (2005) also indicate that anxiety disorder can affect an individual’s ability to work, participate in social functions or even study.
Arguably, there are different types of anxiety disorders; specific phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. In McCain’s case, anxiety has been distressing and debilitating and has contributed to loss of employment opportunity, hardship in the family and social relationship. In keeping with Kaakinen (2010) recovery from anxiety is possible and appropriate treatment and a sequence of anxiety management techniques useful in managing anxiety related symptoms. Kaakinen (2010) also notes that it is fundamental that anxiety related medication is seen as a short-term measure. Kaakinen (2010) further indicates that psychological therapies i.e. cognitive behaviors are more efficient compared to drugs in anxiety management for long term cure.


Values, health perception
How often do you go for medical checkup?
Do you go to the hospital or you buy your drugs from a chemist?
Do you eat from fast food joints or you cook in the house?
Do you observe balanced diet when you are taking your meals?
How many hours do you sleep in a day (24 hrs)?
Do you work overtime or during the weekend?
What is the approximate time you take before you visit the lavatory?
Have you ever had a problem with constipation?
How often do you urinate? Do you have a deep coloration in your urine?
When did you last visit the gym?
Do you exercise? If yes what form of exercise do you do?
Do people repeat one thing several times before you here?
Have you ever experienced loss of functions like hearing, or blindness?
Self -Perception
How can you rate yourself among you colleagues in the work place or school?
Have you ever acted in any role as a leader or do you lead in any of your social functions?
Are you bothered by someone touching you lightly (gentle touch), rubbing you face, leg, hand or back?
Do you dislike splash or going to shower?
Do you smoke Cigar/
Role Relationship
What is your role as a member of the family?
How often are you involved in family chores like cooking and laundry?
Has a general practitioner ever asked you about your sexuality or sexual practices? (no) (yes) .
Are you satisfied with your sex life?
How do you deal with pressure and anxiety?
Do you use drugs or addictives when stressed up?
Values and Beliefs
Which values do you uphold as a family?
Are you stern religion followers? If yes which religion are you in?


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