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Question 1

The survival of Samsung as a company is premised on several denominators. In the industry today, competition increasingly forces companies into innovations and inventions. The research component of many of these companies remains the fulcrum of their existence and success. Samsung in that context has recently invented a new watch which it hopes would help it in dominating the market. The objective remains that of profit making. In the first section the paper discusses the main features of the watch and its expected contributions in the overall company success.
Samsung gear s smart watch has several unique features. The unique features are likely to make it popular in the potential markets. The same affords the brand an edge over other brands. It would necessarily place Samsung ahead of other market players. In essence, the watch has additional features that intend to serve unique interests within the clientele base. It must have been informed by the demand and necessities of the market. The watch essential combines the aesthetic and functional components into one product. For purchasers to be interested in acquiring a new product it has to be demonstrated to them that the new product will add some value to their life. To achieve this end the innovator has to convince the customers that the product he has introduced is unique and offers a new experience different from that which is offered by the already existing competitors in the market. In other words, the product must muster new features which impress the targeted market. This can only be achieved by availing a product that addresses the unique requirements of different customers. The Samsung gear smart watch addresses precisely these factors.
Samsung gear s smart watch has the physical appeal to the customer. It has an elegant curved design which gives it a special appeal. It also has a customizable screen clock faces and changeable traps. The customization enables the customer to personalize their watch and give it a personal taste allowing them the opportunity to personal expression in the best way possible. Apart from being lavishly prestigious the users enjoy some rich views with a beautiful and easy to use user interface which will allow access to relevant information and notification at ease.
Samsung gear s smart watch also brags of some high-end properties. These include an AMOLED touchscreen, a speaker and a pair of microphones. The same will enable recording and also playing back video content. The watch has the capability of communicating with a caller via an inbuilt dialer. It works with an app in a galaxy device which is connected to the watch. The watch has enough source of power as it comes with a 315mAH battery. The processor is 800MHz, which is a high-quality processor. The additional accessories touch on both the aesthetics as well as functionality. Achieving such a blend as often been problematic for most industry players and it is wonderful that the watch attains the same.
Evidently, Samsung has made its product of relatively high quality. In that context, it has set itself apart; this way it can fight off competition from other producers. In other words, when it hits the market there is a high likelihood that it will be able to gain acceptance and control a significant market share. The marketing team needs to go out and work at convincing the target customers into buying the new gadget premising their promotion on the exceptional characteristics that the watch possesses. They should give what the customers will get from the new watch and not from any other brand. This is very essential to value creation of an inventor’s product. While at it, the marketing team may be contended with the fact that product is likely to be received well in the market. The paper arrives at such a conclusion based on the efficiency and aesthetic performance of the said watch. It ranks highly in terms of performance. It equally combines additional and diverse qualities into one product. This is in tandem with the modern trend in which several accessories and services are accessed from tiny gadgets hence reducing on space consumption. It is equally essential to appreciate the fact that current watch is energy efficient. Its disposability is equally alive to the environmental requirements. In overall, the product easily contemplates modern problems and gives solutions for the end user.
Samsung must be wary of the recent trends especially in the technology industry. In that context, it needs to ensure that all its work does not count for anything. In order to protect the company from such contingencies, it is imperative to consider the protective legal framework and operate on a platform that maximizes the organizational benefits. On that strain, Samsung, need to be careful with the patenting of their device and keeping it away from would be intellectual property violators. It must consider protecting its products from fraudsters who make a living from violating the rights of others. Cases of intellectual property theft are not new and have been experienced by people such as Bob Kearns, who was the inventor of intermittent windscreen wiper. Tussles over property rights tend to pull a company back in terms of finances which will be spent hiring attorneys. The public image of a company will suffer dire consequences including the loss of confidence by the public. The battles can also run for many years with the production of companies being crippled to almost zero or the profits not accruing to the original producers who, in this case, is Samsung. Patenting is another critical area of value creation and which must never be ignored by any serious inventor who intends to make money out of his invention.
Value capture simply means an innovator gaining benefit for the work that he has undertaken. Samsung needs to make a good decision to be able to reap the benefit for their hardworking inventing this watch which should be rightly considered a masterpiece. An innovator will gain benefit from his invention by gaining some monetary compensation. Monetary compensation could be through the sale of the product that he has invented. There are, however, other methods through which an innovator may get rewarded for his hard work. These may include renting whereby the innovator may rent out the innovation to someone else who undertakes mass production of the innovated product. The person will after the mass production of the items sell the product as his own. The innovator does not participate in sales but benefits by being paid rent for his innovation by the person who undertakes the mass production. This is for small entrepreneurs who cannot afford large production and will often sell all the shares of their company to investors who have money for mass production. Samsung is an established company and will thus be able to carry out its production.
The tricky part comes in deciding on the best mode of selling the said products. There is a variety of approaches that may be taken. One entails where the customer exchanges money for the full and whole ownership of the product. The other model entails a scenario whereby the buyer may rent out the product for a fee after for certain duration of time. Charging by transaction, advertising, subscription and charging for after-sale support are other methods available for the innovator to make money. Samsung should be keen in selecting the approach they will take.

Question 2

Samsung gear s as an innovation relates to incremental innovation as shown in figure 2.1 of the textbook. Incremental innovation involves an undertaking whereby a feature incorporates changes in components and the architecture of a product. It will draw heavily on the invention which has already been done. What incremental innovation seeks to do is to make a product that already exists to be more pleasant. It builds on what is already known, and it will majorly deal with making the product have more appeal in terms of its appearance. It will concentrate on the aesthetic value and a little improvement in the real components of the gadget. In other words, Samsung cannot purport to have worked on the final product from a vacuum. Inevitably, the company utilized several elements already in place. It then made further improvements to the existing product so as to come up with a novel utilizable product.
The reason the Samsung gear s smart watch in question qualifies to be an example of incremental innovation is because all it does entails improving on the prior models of Samsung smart watches. The Samsung gear s brings to the market watches that existed there before, but this time round it brings it with finer details. All it does is improve on an already existing invention a characteristic of incremental innovation. In that respect, the Samsung wear s smart watch must be seen as an improved version and not necessarily an entirely new product.
The improvements on the Samsung gear s smartphone are mostly ornamental and aim at improving the appearance of the product. The changes aim to have a more personalized brand that has been customized for the different customers. It even gives the customer an option of changing the appearance of the watch to fit different styles. Although there are some little improvements of the components here and there, by and large, the conspicuous concern and concentration is given to the architecture and appearance of the watch. The appearance and architecture are usually a preserve of incremental innovation, and thus it can be comfortably said that the type of innovation in Samsung gear s is incremental.


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