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The two most powerful Greek city-states were Athens and Sparta. Although Thebes was considerably powerful, their dominance was short-lived unlike Sparta’s and Athen’s.
The Romans were famous for building roads and aqueducts. The roads facilitated trade and travelling for ordinary people and especially for the military and government officials.

Augustus established the principate form of government, where power lay with the senate rather than the emperor.

There are many factors that led to the decline of the Roman Empire, many of which are not agreed upon by historians. However, a few factors can be considered as factors that undoubtedly led to the decline: invasion by Barbarian tribes and economic crises brought about by overreliance on slave labor.
Feudalism refers to a form of a social system where the nobility and aristocracy own and control the land while the peasants use the land either in either direct or indirect payment.

The Gothic architecture is evident in medieval cathedrals.

As a result of the crusade, the Europeans became interested in goods that were rare in Europe such as silks, spices, ivory and gems.

The renaissance was principally centered in Italy.

Leonardo Da Vinci painted The Last Supper.
The Lutheran, the Calvinist and the Anglican are the factions that resulted from the Reformation. The Lutheran and Calvinist were the major factions as they were the largest.

The 30 years war took part primarily in middle Europe.

Queen Elizabeth1 was the last monarch of the Tudor dynasty.
The English Civil War was a conflict between Parliament and King Charles 1 of England.
The Restoration in England refers to the period when the monarchy was restored and Charles II returned to England as the King.

Among others, Spain controlled Puerto Rico and Jamaica in the New world.

France controlled the northern fur trade in colonial America.
Colonial assemblies were not given as much power as Parliament as they exercised only as much power as granted to them by Parliament.

It is true that The American Revolution produced an independent United States, but helped bankrupt France as France spent heavily.

The Magna Carta is the document that granted English settlers the protection of English law.
The religious group that dominated English settlement in New England was the Puritans.
In 1805 Napoleon declared himself King of Italy.
The Jacobin Club was the political party that radicalized the French revolution.
The groups that made up the three estates of the French government before the revolution were the clergy, nobles and bourgeoisie.
The first 10 amendments that guarantee individual liberties are called the Bill of Rights.

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