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When it comes to snacks and desserts, one of the most beloved brands is Oreo. It is a sandwich cookie that consists of two chocolate wafers with a sweet creamy filling in between and is known as as "Chocolate Sandwich Cookies".  It is now the best selling cookie in the United States ever since it was introduced in 1912. It is distributed worldwide through a variety of sales and marketing means. Based on its success, we look at how it fared in the Brand Report Card by Kevin Keller.BRAND REPORT CARD FOR OREO(On a scale of 1 (lowest) - 1 (highest) per statement)The brand excels at delivering the benefits customers truly desire - 9The brand stays relevant - 9The pricing strategy is based on consumers' perceptions of value - 8The brand is properly positioned - 8The brand is consistent - 8The brand portfolio and hierarchy make sense - 8The brand makes use of and coordinates a full repertoire of marketing activities to build equity - 9The brand's managers understand what the brand means to consumers - 7The brand is given proper support and that support is sustained over the long run - 8The company monitors sources of brand equity - 8
Customer's Desire Oreo will always remain as one of the best snacks in the world. We have known Oreo since we were kids and most of us have brought it until we are already adults. Why? Because Oreo managed to make themselves the snack for all ages. If you have noticed, most of their commercials show everyone how they can enjoy Oreo in many ways, whether you are a kid, an adult, or a senior. It has captured to different audiences by introducing basic  flavors that kids would love or more complex flavors that adults would love.Relevance Whether it is the old generation or the generation today who are so techie, Oreo managed to be loved by all and is one of the snacks that can be eaten anytime. Whether you just need a light snack or you are creating a dessert that requires a big pack, Oreo will always be relevant and needed by everyone. You will never stop eating Oreo, even if you just want a few cookies.Pricing We have to admit that that Oreo is a bit expensive, but the brand has managed to based their prices on consumers' perception of value and make it affordable to most of us. Oreo is more than a snack and can be used in different ways. For instance, you can buy a small pack of Oreos that contains only three cookies if you are into light eating and it does not cost a lot. So Oreo considered this kind of value and developed the 3-piece-cookie pack. Brand PositioningOreo has always maintained its position of being a family brand. With this always in mind, Oreo's communication stresses on a "special way of enjoying Oreo cookies 'Twist, Lick, and Dunk ritual'" (milksfavouritecookie, 2014). They never wavered from this position and always make ads that portray a mother and daughter or a father and son enjoying a piece of Oreo and a milk. And they always make it fun.Consistency Oreo has been consistent in being a snack for all ages and a promising product that is always there after more than 100 years. It has depicted itself as a strong leader and shows that they can never be taken down by other similar brands.Brand Portfolio and Hierarchy The brand has a big portfolio where they already created a wide variety of Oreo flavors. While they target consumers of all ages, there are times when they have specific target consumers in mind when creating these flavors. If I am not wrong, they even have flavors for the health conscious.Repertoire of Marketing Activity The marketing activity of Oreo as they have a wide distribution network. Wherever you go, you will always see different flavors, styles, and colors of Oreo in groceries, convenience stores, cafeterias, malls, and more. Plus they have social media ads and traditional adsInternal Branding This one is scored 7 in the Brand Report Card because I feel that it still has not given everything to its consumers. I am sure there are still those who are looking for something different from Oreo (maybe a new flavor or a new style) and Oreo still has to find that in order to last long to everyone. I know Oreo can do that and be even more successful in the future.Sustainable and Support Marketing Programs If there is one thing Oreo is good at, it is creating various marketing programs---whether online or offline. If you are following Oreo's FB page, you will notice that it is always filled with promotions that are not eyesores. The Oreo marketers are taking advantage of the social media hype by creating innovative pictures and marketing campaigns. Despite Oreo's appearance as being black and white, they have created a colorful world that makes its consumers more happy to eat the snack.
According to Hayes, "Over the past few months, Oreo has hit more than a couple social media home runs. Their tweet during the Super Bowl, the 100-day “Daily Twist” Facebook campaign, the "Cookie Vs. Cream" videos on YouTube, and their spur-the-moment Twitter banter with their arch enemy, Kit Kat, demonstrated true mastery of social media". Basically, they create marketing programs that are relevant to things happening in our country. They shapes their cookies like Elvis Presley in Elvis Week, the cream filling is red to commemorate the Mars Rover Landing, and created rainbow fillings to celebrate gay pride. It is small and simple, yet very important in catching the consumers attention.Monitoring Sources of Brand Equity One thing that Oreo is good at, it is building brand equity and they do this through seasonal packaging. Every season or any holiday, Oreo changes their packaging to match the holiday but still remaining things they are known for. One example is on Halloween, Oreo's brand color was matched to the season. "They successfully leveraged the iconic Oreo color to set the mood for a playful witch's lair" (The Dietline, 2013). Oreo still maintained the brand voice and still weave the seasonal opportunity into the brand story. Their designs are just right and they are still the real seasonal message.


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