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Describe the different perspectives from which psychologists examine behaviour and mental processes and explain their complementarity; Neuroscience, Evolutionary, Behaviour Genetics, Psychodynamic, Behavioural, Cognitive, and Social-cultural.
Psychology basically is the scientific study of behaviour with most importance being given to observation and measuring of these behaviour. It is a science where the behaviour along with rest of the evidence are utilised to study and understand the internal processes which teaches people to behave the way they do with rest. The same technicality works out for rest of species as well.
Some psychologists conduct the basic field of psychology and some may go for applied research. With its perspectives ranging from the biological to the social, and settings from the clinic to the laboratory, psychology has become a confluence point forvarious other disciplines (Gaughan, 2011).
The psychologists adopt several approaches to understand and imply human behaviour and the approaches undertaken by psychologists exists because any human behaviour is an combination several factors such as

Genetic drift and combination
Specific stimuli
The social and cultural experiences
Early life experience and personal characteristics
The approaches that a psycholgy leads us into are biological, cognitive, developmental, social and individual along with abnormal psycholgy fields. Psycholgists those who specialize in learning and the mental part usually examine what people do when they face emergency or disaster and how they remember these.

Scope of psycholgy

The scope of psychology is limited as the study is outward for both behaviour and mental as these are completely dependent how the respondent resolves a given set of task. There is hardly any scope for psychologists to understand derives a fool proof formula for human mental condition.
Whatever little information are available for psychologists revolve around physical and mental health, their perception, the dream sequence, and finally the motivation people derive out of specific incidents (Lewis, 2013). The field of psychology is receptive to a variety of viewpoints and their individual approaches. The behaviour and mental processes encompasses not only what the respondent do but these takes into account thoughts, feelings, perceptions the reasoning methodology the memories of incidents, the biological conditions of respondents which keeps the person well and sound.

The subfields of psycholgy:

The basic research which builds psycholgy knowledge base help in exploring other down the line many other steams like biological and neurological which concentrates more on personality psychology giving insights into the persistent traits and how we view or affect one another (Massey, 2007).
The applied psychology which helps in tackling practical problems that we face day in day out. These help in making the workplace in any organisation to pick chose and train specific employees for future challenges, boost morale of employees and overall productivity, design products finally to implement systems.Each level of this field helps in providing a vantage point for viewing a behaviour or even the mental aspect of such process but these are individually incomplete unless they are studied in respect to each other. These sub fields are all complementary to each other and are not complete without input from other segments.

Complementarity in psychology

The unique relationship forms that this field explains in part what the intuitive hypothesis works out for one could become complementary for others. Winch in 1958 formulated that persons with a particular need might get attracted to someone who has a low need of the same. This is Type I complementarity. Similarly people with similar low and high need would get attracted to eachother epending upon what works out between them.
A person who has a high nurturing attitude and would like to take care of others would definitely get attracted to someone who needs a helping hand and taken care of or a combination of nurturance and succorance. This is Type II complementarity (Snyder, 1997).

Neuroscience psycholgy

Anyone who is into the field of neuro science perspective might go for a field of brain circuit that would cause embarrasment and perspiration which basically shows “ red in the face” and “hot under collar”.

Evolutionary psychology

Anyone working in the field of evolutionary perspective might analyse how the anger facilitate the existence and carrying on with the ancestral genes (Levy, 2013).

Behaviour psychology

Someone working in the field of behaviour genetics perspective will seek to study how the heredity and acquired traits or experience could influence the individual temperament differences (Overton, 2006).

Psychodynamic psychology

Anyone from the field of psychodynamic perspective might experience respondents coming out with occasional unconscious hostility usually with outburst (Walsh, 2011).
Behaviour psychology
Anyone who is in the field of behaviour perspective would attempt to determine all the available external stimuli which usually trigger anger as an aggressive response.

Cognitive psychology

Someone who is in the field of cognitive perspective may come across situation which affects anger and how it affects individual thinking pattern. This might be interpreted in accordance to the situation it faces.

Social cultural psychology

Anyone who is in the field of socio cultural perspective would explore the anger expression of various cultures and society across the world.
1. Behavioural vs Social Cultural
Behavioural culture is culture closly depends upon the behaviour of the person whereas socioal culture is something which says that the behvaiour of a person changes only because of society. Psychology helps in study of behavior of a person from day to day and everyday. It is important to study psychology to understand if the person is of sound mind. This also depends upon the self-interest of an individual and he also has lack of understanding and lack of trust in management and do not want to change his routine. In today’s competitive world technology has changed to such extend that the systems can be modified according to the individual himself hence there is low tolerance for change in the minds of people.
2. Neuroscience vs Evolutionary Genetics 
Nero science is basically the study of nervous system. Here they study how the bahavious of the person is directly dependent upon the nervous system where as evolutionary genetics is the broad study of genetics, here the study is done to check wheather the behavioural changes are due to genetics or not.Scientific and behavioural management is a process where the human resource management try to understand the behaviour of the employees in the organisation. Behaviour management is more effective today because it is important to understand the emotions and behaviour of an employee. Every individual is different and have their own expectations and thinking power hence scientific methods are not very effective every time.


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