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Novo Nordisk and Google are two companies featured in the Fortune 100 list Best Companies to Work For. The two companies made to the list to their effective and innovative human resource practices and policies. The analysis by fortune 100 was based on information submitted by employees from the individual companies. The two companies, though operating in different business environments as well as industries, have strong operation frameworks that replicate even to their human resource practices.

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is hailed as one of the most innovative companies in the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals companies in America and globally. Established in 1923 the company became a pharmaceutical giant in in 1929 through a merger of two Denmark-based pharmaceutical companies. The company is headquartered in Denmark with seven production facilities in seven different nations and 75 offices across the globe. It produces and markets pharmaceutical services and products.
It has greatly specialized in medications and devices for diabetes care. Novo Nordisk has also a number of drugs with various brand names such as NovoLog, Levemir, NovoEight, NovoSeven and Victoza(Becker & Gerhart, 1996). Its target market is mainly comprised of diabetic individuals in need of self-management medication and devices. The company further has had a double digit sales growth since the advent of the new millennium. The company through its core sustainability policy has managed to manage its environmental impact. It was the first Danish company to publish its environmental report touching on emissions, resource consumption and animal use in scientific experiments.

Mission, Vision, and Core Business Practices

The mission and vision of Novo Nordisk act as the pointers to the companies sustained success in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. The company has two mission statements. The first one center on the need to create world-class business results the other one entails the promotion of research in universities and hospitals within the health sciences and biotechnology. The vision, on the other hand, is “to contribute significantly to research and development that improves health and welfare of people” (Lengnick-Hall, Lengnick-Hall, Andrade, & Drake, 2009). All these is ultimately achieved by the company’s core practice of formulating strategies aimed at developing a knowledge hub or environment where innovative individuals can carry out research and also serve Novo Nordisk’s global clientele.


The second company Google is one of the key players in the media-online internet services industry. It was incorporated in 1998 by its co-founders namely, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The company has diversified from a solely internet-related products and services to communication hardware. Its key products and services are the Google search engine, Gmail, Google drive (a cloud storage), Android OS, and Google Chrome browser. It has partnered in the recent years with major electronics companies to produce high quality and affordable hardware. With a global clientele, the company has created a niche for itself as a top internet-products and services company.
The company has an elaborate economic structure that relies mainly on applications and services revenues generated from online platforms. It has also been very active in its corporate social responsibility by raising awareness on various courses and activities online. Through the company has enhanced its philanthropy by funding and raising awareness on various courses. It has also steadily incorporated green energy in its operations with an aim of reducing carbon emissions.

Mission, Vision, and Core Business Practices

The mission and vision at Google offers a corporate focus that guides its operations as a progressive company in the 21st century. The mission centers on the organization of the world’s information while making it useful and accessible to all.The mission and vision statement captures the core business of the company in various frontiers. It focuses on the need to avail information to its clientele base through its various platforms online. The company also tailor-makes its information to ensure that it meets its end-user’s needs. Using technology such as search prediction, Google manages to ensure the client accesses information in his or her particular are of interest (Lengnick-Hall, Lengnick-Hall, Andrade, & Drake, 2009. The mission further transcends to its HR policies that ensure that the company retains the best in its endeavor to manage world’s information.

HR Strategies Recommended for Google and Novo Nordisk

As aforementioned, the HR strategies for the two companies are based on the need to support organizational vision, mission, values and core business practices. Using the two companies’ divergent mission and vision statements, it is apparent that their HR strategies ought to be oriented around these statements.


Google’s recommended HR strategies are;
Talent management is strategy-Due to its emphasis on innovation and creativity in its product and service delivery it is prudent the company embraces this strategy. The approach will be keen on ensuring the company searches, recruits and retains the best talent in the global labor pool. This will be integral due to the nature of the industry Google finds itself in (Youndt, Snell, Dean, & Lepak, 1996). There is heightened competition focused on the creation of content and products on the online platforms.
Employee development and training- The media-online Internet services industry being dynamic requires that key stakeholders constantly update their knowledge and scope of the industry. Through this strategy, Google can ensure that its employees stay updated on the developments and emerging trends on the digital platforms in both product creation and service delivery.
Reward and recognition- This strategy is essential in enhancing employee morale at the workplace. The strategy also enhances healthy competition that is key to the company’s growth both internally and overall external performance (Youndt, Snell, Dean, & Lepak, 1996).
Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk recommended HR strategies are;

Knowledge management: Through the company’s centric approach towards need for studies and research on biotechnology and pharmaceutical platforms, this strategy is key. The strategy is prudent in acquiring, developing and sharing vital information for the purpose of advancing organizational mission and vision, and overall organizational performance (Yang, 2011).
Performance management: Through enhanced transparent practices and performance rating policies, Novo Nordisk can set criteria for performance appraisal and target setting. This strategy can further be integrated into the leadership development HR programs within the organization. The company can pinpoint team leaders within its labor pool.
Global people strategy- Novo Nordisk due to its desire to incorporate more global employees into its labor pool, it is prudent it acknowledges the cultural disparities present in the world. This strategy will ensure that it tailor-makes its human resource to meet its clientele needs in an authentic manner (Yang, 2011). By having local inhabitants as employees, the Novo Nordisk manages to tap into the various market niches.

Rationale behind the Recommendations

Google’s three strategies are geared to meeting its innovative and growth aspects. By having a talent management strategy, the company can tap the best talents that can fit its organizational goals. The second strategy, employee development, and training, aims at ensuring that the organization continuously updates its human resource on the emerging trends within the industry. Reward and recognition foster Google’s need to identify its most innovative and hardworking personnel. This is integral to establishing leadership development programs.
Novo Nordisk’s three strategies revolve around its focus on pharmaceuticals and biotechnology research, globalization, and operational performance. The first strategy captures the role of the company in establishing new finds within the industry. Through knowledge management, the Novo Nordisk employees are provided with key linkages in sharing and developing vital research conclusions. As for performance management, the company will be able to keep the organizational growth at par with its human resource performance. The output of various personnel is evaluated to ensure they continuously maintain high levels of productivity in accordance with the set organizational goals. The third strategy is integral in charting the way forward in the company’s engagement with a diverse labor pool drawn globally. The strategy sets the policies and frameworks to incorporate various cultures into the company’s operational facet.


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