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Gun control is a hotly debated issue in the United States. That is so because there have been several cases of mass shootings that have taken place in the recent past. It is sad that it keeps dividing Americans right in the middle because either side does not seem to agree on the way forward, especially when it comes to the issue of controlling guns in the American society. But all the same, it is believed that if only there were stricter gun control rules, then there may never have been some of the horrific shootings witnessed in the American society. But at the same time, it is only good to look at the issue from societal morals and other aspects except gun control. Even if there was gun control, most of the shootings seen in the American society would take place. Gun control cannot prevent criminal activities because criminals can always seek alternative means of committing crimes.
Crime rates are not going to go do down simply because their supply is controlled or regulated. Nor everyone who possesses a gun or who wants to possess a gun is bad. Good people who properly use their guns are in possession of them and if the guns are to be regulated and controlled, then it means that they will be denied the chance to use them for useful purposes such as hunting, target shooting and self-defense (Carter 2006). But again, if bad people are going to be denied the chance to own them, then they will use other means to propagate their activities. In the place of a gun, they might end up using knives or a bat. All they need are tools to commit a crime. If guns are to be controlled, crime rates will not go down simply because there will be fewer guns in the streets. One will be surprised that in case of the regulation, crimes will go high because crimes will be committed by the use of other tools other than guns.
There is no concrete reason that is given as to why law abiding citizens should lose their rights to gun ownership simply because a small section of the population uses them for all the wrong reasons. It is a proven fact that a lot of people are still alive today because they were able to defend themselves from criminal activities and immature deaths all thanks to the guns in their possession. Guns play a very vital role in self-defense. The rate at which people get assaulted or mugged seems to be rising and it is not right that people just walk in the streets or be in the confines of their homes knowing that in case of robbery or illegal home entries by robbers there is nothing they can do (Wuest 2010). Most people will always be helpless in the eyes of criminals, more especially women and children. It is very important that they are in possession of guns even if that means that it functions as a tool to scare criminals away.
In fact, it remains the prerogative of parents and other caregivers to teach American children the right thing to do and avoid doing the wrong things including improper use of guns. When children are brought up well and taught good morals concerning how to be good citizens, they will grow up into morally upright adults who will always do the right thing as expected by law. That includes avoiding violence and other criminal activities (Carter 2006). Such are the children who will know that the gun in their possession is meant for self-defense and other recreational activities. But if caregivers and the wider society fail to teach their children what is right, these children will turn to crime and engage in other illegal activities. Children and the wider American society need to be educated about the dangers of guns if they are not properly used; the solution, therefore, is not gun control but proper knowledge on how to use them.
Having more guns in the streets does not translate to high crime rates as many would want to believe but instead will lead to fewer crimes in reality. That is so because if every criminal who is about to commit a crime becomes well aware that there are more people nearby who have guns, then the chances of them causing disorderliness will go to minimum levels (Bruce & Wilcox 1998). It calls for a simple psychological reasoning, where they will be fearful of any harm coming their way. When handguns are safe in the hands of law-abiding citizens, there will be no criminal activities in the streets, and if there will be, there will be very high chances of cornering the criminals. Criminals will at the same time fear engaging in crime because they will not know where a gun can be pointed to them. There is no good reason guns should be wiped off the streets if they are going to bring more good to all American communities.
The Second Amendment states that “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” That statement says it all, and the right to own a firearm is the right of all Americans, and there is no way anyone can sneak in the issue of control of the issuance of the same. Unless the law and the American Constitution is going to be changed any time, anyone feels like making laws that suit them and those that they feel will benefit a section of the population. Own a gun is the fundamental right of any American, who so wishes to own one, and there is no one who is going to change that. It is for that reason that those who are calling for the control of gun ownership should just let the whole issue be and respect that amendment. Putting in place laws on gun control goes against an Amendment that has stood the test of time (Carter 2006). There is no way that Amendment is going to be broken now.
Only those people who are negative on the issue of gun possession are the ones who want them to be controlled or regulated. And they are not matching the other section of the population who are comfortable with guns in their possession. Because an incident has taken place and some lives lost does not mean that other Americans possessing guns is wrong. What they forget is that most of those who have been forced to shoot and kill others have been wronged and offended grossly. Instead, they should call for people to be helped in anger management and other programs that will make people come out with their problems in order to be helped (Crooker 2003). It is useless to withdraw guns and still have a myriad of other crimes. One problem will have been addressed while leaving so many loops that will allow those crimes to continue in society. In fact, purporting to want to eliminate crime by introducing gun control measures is addressing the whole problem from the top instead of beginning with the bottom or root.
Perhaps another issue that the pro-gun control group does not consider is the effect gun control will have on the American economy if at all there will be anything like it. If the country is going to introduce strict rules on gun possession, it will mean that very few people if any are going to be in possession of guns. In countries where there are strict gun control rules, gun manufacturing companies have shifted their companies to friendlier climates and countries, and that has hurt the economy of those countries a great deal. The same will happen to the United States if the country is going to introduce gun control laws. What that means that several people will lose their jobs and no one knows how many households will suffer just because section of the population thinks that gun control is the only solution to the improper shootings that have been witnessed in the country (Valdez 2003).
Gun control is not the only way forward in the effort to lower crime rates especially those associated with shootings. The mere fact that criminals are shooting people all over the country is not enough reason to change a law that has guided the country for over a century. Only a few people are wrongfully using guns and, therefore, not every citizen is going to suffer just because a section of the population is wrongly using a gun. All that needs to be done is just punishing the offenders and protecting the rights of all law-abiding citizens. It is also important that society embraces morality and parents teach their children to do the right thing and avoid crime. That way, there will be no citizen taking a gun to shoot another for any reason whatsoever. All the laws need to be protected and the citizens of the united states to be protected by all means.


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