Policy Issues On Affordable Health Care Act Essay Example

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Effective and efficient service delivery is the key motivational factors for more clients seeking the medical service in selected health institution or facility. Delivering high service quality has a significant relationship with the customer’s satisfaction. Health practitioners who are employed in public hospitals are materialistic oriented than the quality of service that they ought to offer to their client. Many patients who valued their health life will always opt to seek the medical attention from specific private hospitals which are after quality service delivery than the cost of the service offered (Oberlander 615). Money is always their second alternative upon serving the life of the patient. In the long run, they end up making double profit than public hospitals which have become the center for the hopeless. The negative perception of the patients and the customers which they get during their interactions session with the doctors and other health practitioners has continued to worsen the reputation of many public health centers.
There are many failed attempts by the concerned government institution to help in rehabilitating the worsened situation of poor services delivery. This could be attributed to the limited information on factors that ail the service quality in the public sectors. The mission can only be achieved when these determined institutions collaborate with customers and the public domain to better acknowledge the ideal situation in the public hospital.
There has been no known study that had exceptionally investigated the factors those effects have on the cost and the delivery of services in the public hospital sectors. It is, therefore, the concern of this work to provide a full explanation of the key factors that make the situation of the public health institution deteriorate. The factors to be explored are employees' capability, financial resources, communication, and technology.

Communication channels

Communication started long time ago before the emergence of the universe. It is most convenient way of conveying information to one another. Proper communications skills are, therefore, necessary for the development of any organization. Clear system and channels of communication should be put into place for quality service delivery in the public hospitals just like in the private entities. The communication system should be made clear from the top management officials in the facility and transcends down to the clients via subordinates staffs within the sector.
Proper communication between the client and health providers is one of the major key components in quality service delivery during the treatment process. The hospitals staffs ought to take their time and respond to the question of concerns from the patients. This helps in improving and soothing the patients' psychology as you are all aware that the healing process starts from the mindset. Most doctors are not keen to respond on the progress when questioned by their clients. They instead keep quiet or deliberately respond to them with little etiquette. Patients are left with psychological stress and problems which sometimes proceed in more damage on the patients’ anatomy. Healthy communication between the health providers and the clients help in alleviating the feelings of uncertainty that could probably be developed by the patients. This influences the patients’ satisfactory levels significantly.
Poor communication systems within the hospitals have remarkable effects on the quality of the service delivered. It negatively impacts on access to treatment, participation in preventive measures, quality of the care process, patient follow up and safety among others (Brux 98). Among the staffs, communication challenges could lead to replication of tests done in other laboratories, spiral the utilization of emergency services and reduced use of primary care services which will finally lead to the wastage of resources.
Having good report with the client on the first time enhances disease diagnostic processes which would have been tested in the labs. The actual diagnosis of the disease is stated by the clients, and immediate action is then taken on the spot thus improving the quality of the service delivery. Patients who are unable to speak for themselves should be assisted by their immediate caregivers.
Implementation of healthy communication should be practiced by both the management staffs and other health practitioners in the facility. Calm and tease environment are not recommended in the hospital set up. Employees in the public hospital should put aside their pride and bend low to the level of the patients to better understand their problem better.
In cases where there is a language barrier between the health practitioners and the client, they are asked to deploy their professionalism and their work ethics (Oberlander 187).

Financial resources

The management of any organization requires funds and other resources to be in place for the facility to run. In the hospital set up, procurement of drugs and any other medical staffs require ready capital without which the business might collapse. The required capital can sometimes be provided by the national government or comes from the humble pocket of the patient.
Embezzlement of fund has encroached into many public institutions. The cost of seeking medical attention has been trending upward day and nights so that the meet the demands of some corrupt staffs within the facility. For instance, the cost of affording basic requirement for first aid may fluctuate very high that the customers may be incapacitated to afford.
The ruling government should then come out strongly to stop such political and bureaucratic leakage, fraud, abuse and corrupt practices that have been deemed to be the order of the day when one is admitted to the public hospital (Tate 365). The staffs should also practice behavior change against the vice which has influence the cost of hospitalization in public hospital.

Employees’ capacity

This is concerned with the qualification and the vast experience gained by the health practitioners in their field career. The expertise acquired by the staffs directly affects their services delivery performances. Most qualified health practitioners are critical to providing high-quality service but at relatively higher rate compared to other junior levels staffs.
Private hospitals are better than public hospitals in their managerial skills. They are interested in hiring and recruiting vastly experienced staffs that have enough ethics in their work. These personnel are experts in handling and management of patients with any critical conditions. They help in improving the quality of service delivery compared to the workers retained in most public institution. The government should consider hiring this personnel in public health sectors and pay them honorable salaries.


Embrace in technology has globalized the whole universe. The quality of health treatment depends on the level of technology that various institutions deploy. Hospitals should invest much in technology for assessment of conditions. With a proper technology in place, time factor is best management by the staffs. It takes fewer minutes to compute the laboratory analysis than analog analysis of the same (Brux 287).
The government needs to deploy systems that could allow all the caregivers to have access to relevant as soon as the results are available. With limited advancement in the technology, high-quality delivery of services will always be a dream.
Having understood the relationship between the communication, technology, employees capacity, and the financial resources and service cost and delivery in the hospitals sectors, it is therefore advisable to cope up with the little available that we have waiting for the unknown blessings. We can incorporate the limited resources available to achieved better results realizations.

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