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Narration of Process

The Simple Art of Shaving:
Narration of Process
Even though shaving facial hair is a normal daily activity for men all around the world, it is actually a rather complex and detailed process. This includes a variety of products that are used to achieve a smooth and clean shave. Depending on the person, there are a variety of styles to facial hair, but as far as shaving is concerned there are a few basic steps that all men use.
First of all, there are several different items needed before the shaving process can begin. These products are a razor, a shave cream or gel to lubricate the skin, and an aftershave to soothe the skin after contact with a razor. Quality is generally determined by brand and that choice is up to the person shaving. Electric shavers require fewer products and often don’t produce as clean of a shave as does a bare razor, which is why the bare razor requires the most steps.
The first step to shaving requires the person shaving to have a water source nearby. This is useful in rinsing off the razor after each pass along the face. Once the water source is located, the next step is to spray a small amount of shave cream or gel into the palm, lather up between the two hands and apply to the area of stubble to be shaved.
Once the gel is applied, the shaving process can begin. It is usually best to begin at the cheek or upper lip area and always pull the razor down towards the chin. This will help to avoid cutting the skin and causing abrasions. Slow, even strokes will provide the best shave. The jaw line marks a special place when shaving because once the cheek and jaw area and sideburn area is shaved, the next can be shaved. This can be done by dragging the razor down towards the neck, or up towards the jaw line. Dragging the razor up the neck towards the jaw line provides for a closer and cleaner shave.
It is necessary to do a “touch test” following a complete pass of the entire face in order to make sure no hairs were missed. This can be done with the bare hand. If there are any stragglers, another pass along that area should take care of the problem. Once the shaving process is complete, it is important to rinse any excess shave cream and gel from the face and pat the wet face with a towel until it is dry.
The final step in the process is to apply the aftershave gel to help cool and soothe the face and heal any potential razor burn. A small quarter-sized squirt of aftershave spread between the two palms and patted on the recently shaved area generally suffices and heals the skin while providing a nice fragrant aroma. With the application of the aftershave, the process is complete, at least for another few days. Then the process can be repeated to great success.
Shaving is a very common and normal activity for most men, but there is certainly a process and artistry involved. However, by following the correct steps and exercising care and caution, the close and clean shave is possible in no time.

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