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Brian Christian’s book, ‘The Most Human Human’, explores what it means to be human. He takes the context of the Turing Test and outlines his preparations as a human ‘confederate’ whose job is to convince interviewers that his responses to questions flashed on the screen are human and not originating from a computer. Within the overarching framework of the Turing Test, Christian explores deeper ideas about what makes constitutes the human experience, and whether the incrementally reducing margins of what humans can do while computers cannot should make us depressed or otherwise. He stresses the importance of authentication and intimacy in human conversation. He explores the meaning of the human essence by trying to pinpoint the location and essence of the soul (Baggini).
In the book, Christian quotes Aristotle when he says, “the human arête lies in contemplation” (Christian 44). This forms the backdrop of most of Christian’s voyage of discovery of what makes a human being truly human. Human beings are different from machines and computers because they can read the context of situations. Unlike computers, human beings do not need to exchange words to communicate. Every conversation and situation leads to deeper layers of understanding, which is ‘beyond the box’. While computers may know how to start and end exchanges in communication, they stumble in areas where the flow of ideas meanders and fresh leads are required to guide and direct communication.
Technology has been progressing at a rapid pace. Moore’s Law, regarding the doubling of computing power every six months, remains unbroken to this date. As a result of the enormous computing power available, computers are becoming exponentially more capable to perform calculations every day. The computer, therefore, represents the essence of technological development in the modern age.
One major benefit of the computer is its ability to hold information. No more do human beings require remembering data. One only has to tap into a computer or a database to retrieve information. This leaves human beings free to find ways and means to innovate and to apply information towards human progress.
With increased computing power, humans are becoming increasingly reliant on computer technology. The need to know is reducing. The realms of what is the essence of being human are being redefined everyday. Amidst increasing dependence of the computer lies the danger that humans may descend into laziness and indolence. Unless human beings strive against challenges and innovate, they would have slipped on the path of evolution. Therein lies the greatest danger from computers: lulling human beings into a sense of complacency and triggering their decline from their status as masters of the world.
There are many books and films about technology and the future. One of the most remarkable books in this realm is HG Wells’ ‘The Time Machine’. Written in 1895, Wells looks far into the future where human beings can travel forward in time. His protagonist moves forward in time to find that the earth is dying, and discovers two radically different beings on earth, representing the positive and negative of the human race. Wells’ conception of time travel and his philosophical take on the essence of the human race remains relevant to this day.
While there are imaginative movies and books depicting technology and the future, a few make major logical flaws in their attempt. The movie ‘The Core’, released in 2003, is one such futuristic film. The film depicts the efforts of a team going down to the center of the earth in a vessel made of unobtanium to restart the core of the earth. The film shows the vessel getting punctured by diamond and getting heated as a result. In reality, any puncture in the vessel would have filled it with magma and killed the occupants. This critical flaw diminishes the film and underlines the need for better research and purer extrapolation while looking at technology and the future (Ebert).

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