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Published: 2020/10/06

1. State the rationale behind the policy.
The rationale for the policy is to ensure that single undergraduate students less than 20 years of age live in organised groups recognised by the university so that students have adequate support from their peers and academic staff. The transition from other institutions to university can be daunting for many students as there are many pressures and responsibilities that they are unfamiliar with. ‘The Freshman Live in Rule’ attempts to address the difficulties that students experience during this transition. For example a student that has come to the university from a large family may struggle with not having interaction and people to turn to for counsel. Organised groups and student support services ensure that such a student is not affected by the loneliness and isolation of being alone at university. It is also a way for students to network with other students from around the world. In the future this could assist one with their chosen career of further academic studies. Another benefit for the ‘Freshman Live in Rule’ is having people to talk to about the university requirements. For example if it is late at night and a student is finishing an assignment but is having difficulties creating a reference list for a research assignment despite checking the style guides and websites they can talk to a fellow student to get some guidance. It also offers students way to communicate and that do not involve just academic subjects such as clubs and societies.
2. State an outline of your plan to comply with the policy
I will make a formal application for moving out of campus and will pass it on to the advisor. I will also talk to the people that have been affected by my actions and give a sincere apology. I believe that I have good reason for moving out and there are circumstances that would prevent me from participating fully on campus. This is no reason to move off campus without going through the correct process and therefore I will be going through the correct process and do the required forms and other supporting evidence.
3. What could you have done to avoid this violation?
I could have been much more thoughtful and saved myself and everyone around me lots of hassle by reading the ‘Freshman Live in Rule’ properly before moving out. I should have asked other students and considered them before moving off campus. Most importantly it would have been much simpler to at least talk my advisor before moving off campus. They would have been able to give me the correct information and given advice before I made a decision.
4. What have you learned about yourself from this experience?
I have learnt that my actions can have a profound impact on my experience not only as a student but also on the people that support me including my friends and family. I have learnt that one must consider the ethical implications of an individual’s actions and to consider as many other people and reactions as possible in my daily life and in my university experience. I have also learnt that the stress and confusion that I have been through because off not considering the rules and obligations that I have as a student could of been dispelled by simply confronting my fears and talking to the correct people before taking any action. Making a compromise and doing things properly is a valuable lesson that I have learnt from this experience. It is something that I will be able to reflect on when in the future when making decisions on and off campus.
5. What have you learned about university expectation from this experience?
I have learnt that the university is an institution with a number of people and stakeholders to consider. It has to consider the views of many different people from ethnic and religious backgrounds, socioeconomic areas and sexual preferences. It has the responsibility of ensuring the health, lifestyle, safety and security of individuals are considered at the university. It also has to consider the reputation of the university and the legal responsibilities it has to individuals at the university. Like many institutions that one has to come in contact with during a person’s life, it is important to reflect on how the individual’s action can have a profound effect on others. One must often compromise their own world view and behaviours to ensure that others are considered and that the individual can have a positive experience with others around them.
6. What long term impact will this experience have on you?
This violation could have a long term impact on my reputation, education and contact with other students and staff at the university. It is of the utmost importance that a person learns from a violation. If a young university student is unable to reflect one their actions, they will become arrogant and inconsiderate. They will not be able to relate the actions of not only themself but others to the greater good. Many other people that involve themselves with my actions will lose respect. If one does not consider others, this will cause resentment and constant conflict with others. It may also lead to emotional, personal problems and eventual loneliness.
In our daily lives we have contact with many different institutions and people with different world views. It can often be confusing and difficult to relate our own experiences to these and therefore one most compromise so that everyone can have the benefit of being able to make free decisions and to interact with others without causing resentment from others. I believe that the long term impact of this experience will be very important in the future and when I look back on how to deal with new situations that are confusing and difficult.

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