Racial Issues In Modern British Society: The Case OF Legal And Investigative System Report Examples

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Published: 2020/09/20


The social norms and ways have the tendency to receive great levels of influence from the channels of religion, culture, and collective worldviews of the societies that exist on the face of this Earth. However, the Whites have the psychological illusion of supremacy in this regard, and therefore, one can see that the social system of the country is disintegrating with the passage of time. The governmental role needs to be enhanced so that the legal system can view every social member as an equal to others regardless of his or her ethnic background. The legal system has the responsibility to uphold the perspective of justice and equality in the country so that no one can feel neglected. However, a law enforcing official does not have the option to judge or presume beliefs about a particular sect of the public. In England, presumptuous development of thoughts and attitudes is happening, and the police is of the view that Whites are civilly right, and they are law abiding citizens of the country whereas, ethnically dispersed populations are not working along the legal lines of the constitution so they are believed to be criminals in their basic and fundamental nature as humans.
The suspects are identified in the light of their financial, social, and regional backgrounds rather than in the light of evidence. The Americans are leading the show in this regard, they have developed scientific ways to investigate the crime, and they do not consider racial profiling as an admissible investigative technique in the court of law. The English legal system in apparently promoting the notion and prevalence of injustice and inhumane values in the community that stands against every rule that provides the philosophical basis for the presence of law enforcement in the first place. The English culture has its social basis in the concept of color and racial discrimination. However, the surrounding world has assumed that the nation has grown out of these distasteful concepts years ago when the inclusive society has entered into the globalized age. The advent of globalized age has played a significant role in terms of nullifying the abovementioned social thinking styles at least in the developed parts of the world. The news of raging social and racial differences in the English society came in as a shock because the researchers were not ready to listen about that kind of a development in enlightened regions of the world. Additionally, the English community has the historical account that proved it to be a gentle nation, but from the look of things, one can establish the fact that the gentleness of England is limited for those who are carrying white skins on their bodies. The social and civic outlook of the educated economies differentiate them for the delinquent ones, and one can infer that England has a long journey ahead of itself before reaching to the objective of being a just society.
The racial discrimination is killing the idea of merit in the society, and therefore, in due time, the members of suppressed sections will emerge as criminal leaders in the near future. The police will complaint that the public has gone crazy, and they will have to take militarized action in order to manage the futuristic crime rate in the society. The legal mechanism of their country is creating the next generation of crime managers because they are not following the evidence, and they are going after those racial groups that they have supposed to be criminals beforehand, and the element of biasness is coming into the play as well in recent years.
The basic level of human psyche values justice and equality, and if the criminal investigative process is respecting the direction given by evidence then, everybody will be satisfied from the results because the case is constructed by applying objectivity. The racial aspects of police work add the element and chapter of subjectivity in the procedure that needs to operate by using scientific rules and regulations. The police are following the well-defined roadmaps of criminal investigative process in England, but they are not identifying suspects effectively because they narrow them down on the basis of their racial affiliations. The generation of probable cause is faulty in this regard, and as the abovementioned operational concept forms the very fundamental nature of the case, the suspect needs to be identified in the light of evidence and logic. The criminal justice system of England does not value the philosophical importance of probable cause, and therefore, the defense attorney has the legal privilege to challenge the ethical quality of the case in the court of law. In this way, they may give a criminal leeway that he or she might avail in terms of walking out clean.
The English police have to relearn the process of objective criminal investigation from the scratch because it appears so that they have forgotten the teachings that they received in the training schools. Furthermore, the operationality of the English police department is aligning significantly well with that of law enforcers working in the developing and underdeveloped regions of the world. They do not take and go through the pain of collecting evidence, but they prefer presuming someone guilty, and then, they grow the case against him or her. However, the modern criminal justice requests the officials to follow the evidence rather than their gut feelings and judgments. The investigative work is based on objectivity, and it supports the conjuncture that truth exists independently, and human intellect does not have the power to influence the facts. In other words, words, the humans can discover the presence of truth, but they cannot create it. The police know that criminal is presently dwelling in the society, and they can uncover him or her. However, they do not have the power and authority to create one. In the given set of circumstances, the English investigators are engaged in creation of suspects on racial and social grounds, and therefore, they are creating criminals in the eyes of justice instead of finding them.
The term “creating criminals” is of the critical value in the course of this paper because one can extract a philosophical belief from the aforementioned set of word that can impress the readers to ponder on the lines, what if the English justice is trying innocent people who might not have anything to do with the alleged charges whatsoever. They might be convicted as well or if they are set free because of some technical reason, and then their mindset will go through dramatic changes to say the least. He or she might engage in criminal activity in order to seek revenge from the society against his or her false prosecution and resultant imprisonment as well. The previously discussed case stands in the favor of the claim that states that faulty criminal system creates more felons and murderers than, those who it takes off the streets.
The current state of the English legislative system is doing more harm than good because its is causing the residual of trust that is present in the immigrants to vent away with the passage of time, and that is leading to the unprecedented growth in the crime rate. The foreigners are developing the viewpoint that they are not safe in the England as far as their legal, financial, and social identities are concerned. They are not getting proper and lucrative jobs in the country as well because the Whites have hijacked the top ranks in both government and private sectors of the economy. The disadvantages portions of the society have to find some other innovative ways in order to sustain their existence in the challenging set of circumstances. The humanistic and optimistic values are dying out in the communal system of the nation that was once considered as one of the ideal social systems in the world. The England as a nation is left out by the global community of nations because the country did not welcome the trend of internationalization, and took that cultural and social shockwave as an invasive technique designed to integrate Americanization in the localities of the England. However, it was not the case because many nations such as China, Germany, and France are participating in the global affairs along with sustaining their cultural and social identities as well. the England could have done the same, but it did not, and therefore, it is going through economic ramifications of the decision right now. The Europe gathered their forces in order to preserve their identity, and formed the institution of European Union (EU). However, England let that golden opportunity to pass by under the pressure of America because the formerly mentioned one is a close national alley of the latter one so US did not want its friend to strongly connect with the surrounding countries due to potential political consequences of England’s positive response in this regard. However, Americans could not help their English friends during economic recession because both of the countries were facing similar conditions.
The England remained alone in the global community, and the Americans formed socioeconomic ties with China and India. The American corporations outsourced their production units to developing parts of the world, and therefore, built the capacity to offer cheaper products and services to their local customers. The England did not have that kind of national strategic choice at its disposal, and therefore, its international business ties withered away when time passed. The country presents the last governmental system that is operating with the help nationalistic values. The England is more of a kingdom than a democratic nation because the Whites are ruling the public while, the colored people are forced into corporate slavery. The income disparity is growing substantially in the country as well because there is a lack of localized and internationalized investment in the featured national system. Thee saving trend in the public is growing as they are facing growing number of economic challenges such as inflation and unemployment. The upper social and economic class has sufficient financial resources stashed in their bank accounts that they can survive through distasteful monetary conditions. However, the lower ranks of the society are made up of immigrants who belong to Africa, and South Asia, and they are having marginal level of financial power that needs to be replenished on a consistent basis.
They cannot find lucrative jobs, and they do not have the financial assets that they can invest in order to earn the return. However, they have domestic consumption needs to fulfill, and therefore, they use illegal means in order to survive in the toughest social conditions. The Africans and Asians are no doubt involved in the crime, but they should not carry the whole blame because societies produce criminals when they do not entertain the civil rights of the lower class of the population. All the issues are emanating from single central source that is a disbelief of the immigrants with reference to the governmental ability to safeguard their rights. The immigrants from less advanced nations do not get into good schools, and they cannot develop competencies that a local student has. The difference in intellectual capabilities translates into income disparity in the favor of local people. The economic pressures have tighter and stronger influence on the lives of immigrants, and as they do not have good jobs, they tend to join criminal force because otherwise they will have to die of hunger, cold, and various kinds of diseases.
They ensure their basic level of survival through working as the criminals. However, it is the time for the English community to consider the reality that they are indeed producing criminals by providing unhealthy social climate to healthy individuals. According to positivist school of thought in criminal justice, one can say, humans are basically good, but they behave improperly and inappropriately because of their external environment so the prisoners have to receive `education. The receipt of training and education will transform them into better human beings, and therefore, they may develop or exert their normal personalities in order to rejoin the society as a contributive part once again. The educational department of the country has to be forthcoming in terms of providing equal quality of education to immigrants and locals that will aid them regarding development of similar traits. Additionally, the government has to drive down the cost of capital in order to stimulate economic growth that is linked with the trend of investment in the society. The social entrepreneurial endeavors will create an immediate balance between socialistic and corporate economic goals. The resultant organizations have to house professional training centers that can harness the competencies of those who have not received high quality education.


This paper has a philosophical design to highlight the problem that the English society is facing when they have to deal with growing level of crimes in the country, and they have an assumed belief that illegal and legal immigrants are somehow having a part in the life of crime. However, they do not have the mental realization that they are having a larger role in destroying the social setup of a progressive country because they have not valued the human capital.


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