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Description of the hunger relief social program

The Arkansas` community faces a variety of humanitarian problems that affect the daily lives of its people. The fact that Wal-Mart has its headquarters in Bentonville located in the state gives the company a social responsibility to give back to its community. A corporate social responsibility is a way of integrating economic and social concerns of the people in a transparent and accountable manner. The company will thus require a detailed plan on ways of effectively carrying out the project and the means of implementing it. This is a detailed account of how it will operate and the involvement of different stakeholders in the project. Different frameworks in the implementation process get used though the company may choose to leave out particular aspects depending on its sophistication (Massachusetts, 2006).
The primary outline of the whole process involves understanding the company`s profile in terms of funds that are available for the project. Consideration of the employees number willing to participate and the time base that will not cripple operations of the company. In this preliminary stage, the company also sets out to form a partnership with local stakeholders willing to support the project. Other parties may include government organizations or charity institutions. The support of the community in the area of this project is ultimately the key to its success. The persons involved in planning the outreach program will have to make the necessary links with the community through the authorities. They have to get the necessary approval and ensure that the people accept the work as a goodwill project.

Operation of the program

Rolling of the program will involve a CSR assessment, strategy development, formation of commitments towards the project, integrating the decision-making structure and implementation of the identified commitments.Wal-Mart will kick-start the project by assembling a team that should at least include experts in the field or those with experience. Selection of the leadership of the group and every member allocated duties. This will ensure that there is no confliction of roles and that there is adherence to projected period. The leadership in the CSR program will conduct an extensive assessment of the Arkansas population affected by the hunger tragedy (Massachusetts, 2006).
A team of analyst will collect the data from the state after obtaining a permit from the relevant authority. Different data collection methods used depends on the nature of the population distribution of an area. The data analysts will focus on what percentage of the people is affected by the hunger problem. Extensive consideration of the distribution of the marginalized communities mainly affected by food inadequacy is necessary to guide operations of the company in the CSR program. Wal-Mart will base its plan on the statistics as a means of ensuring that the company absorbs minimum cost with maximum benefits to the community.
The team should identify legal requirements through consultation with the legislative arm of government. Leadership should review corporate documents, activities, and the internal capacity of Wal-Mart. The decision process must involve all stakeholders. Formulation of CSR strategy on the hunger relief program to ensure the goals remains in focus. Team members research what other companies in the state have done and assess the value of their contribution. Senior management and the employees involved in developing ideas logically related to the hunger problem at hand. There is identification of approaches, which include relief food distribution, and education of the people on healthy ways. Management sets boundaries, and the gives direction of all process. Wal-Mart`s CSR project will focus on the children and thus have to involve the parents. The issue they wish to tackle is the food crisis within the Arkansas state and thus the boundary and involvement of the state`s authority.
Commitments define the entire CSR. (Haerens & Zott, 2014).The project team develops a preliminary draft, giving details of the viability of each. Senior management and major stakeholders discuss the list of proposed commitments, to filter out a final commitment. Most of the commitments for Wal-Mart project relate to nutritional issues affecting people of Arkansas.

Implementation of the project

First step in the implantation process is integrating a decision-making structure. This works to eliminate all forms of confusion in undertaking the project. The leaders will device business plan before effecting the project. The budget should detail the amount allocated to regulate the cost and prevent overspending. The company will provide a working definition that entails what activities to partake in distributing food to the hunger stricken. The objectives include increasing the percentage of children accessing healthy food through creating an extensive nutritional program. Quality regulations are listed to ensure the nutritional quality of the food provided meets the standards (Massachusetts, 2006). This may require involvement of quality assurance bureau. A short-term approach would involve first feeding the extremely malnourished children in the state. This is declaring Wal-Mart`s intention to eradicate the hunger disaster.
The project should target feeding pregnant women and infants. Research shows that what happens before birth affects how the child develops into adulthood. CSR program will promote nutritious diets during pregnancy and educate the women on the need for exclusive breastfeeding for six months (Massachusetts, 2006). The biggest plan to ending childhood hunger will involve engaging the schools. The institutions hosting the marginalized children will receive food donations for their meals. Targeting childcare and early learning program will impose a reduced cost as compared to home-home visits. Persons effecting the CSR program will train the educators on how to improve nutrition quality of meals they give to the children. They are encouraged to use low fat milk, more of whole grains and other healthy foods.
In the implementation process, internal and external means of communication are established. The people involved in the project will understand whom to consult on the different issues of the project (Simpson & Taylor,2013). Problems arise in the administration of the project to people of Arkansas, hence the need to implement a mechanism that addresses problematic behavior. Constant reviews of the project will ensure the team remains on track and can identify new opportunities that will improve its service delivery. The performance is regularly measured to assess the working of the project and its retention of the allocated timeline. The team should continuously report the progress to both the company and the external community (Massachusetts, 2006). The media may, at will, report the progress made by Wal-Mart in performing a humanitarian program.

Ways of reducing cost of the project

The company focuses on the means of providing a high-quality CSR pprogram that imposes minimal cost and does not require an enormous workforce. Effective cost management and budgeting will ensure that the personnel working on the project focuses attention on processes that are beneficial. With consideration of funds allocated by Wal-Mart for the project, priorities are set since the company cannot solve all the presented issues. In providing relief food to feed the hungry children, the organization has to make bulk purchases of the food stuffs. Partnerships with food products manufacturers would work in cost saving while ensuring prioritization of quality.
Educating the people is the most cost effective approach to the hunger problem. The people may have suffered from the food crisis because of ignorance and lack of education. The company should work to make sure the community is aware of healthy food processes such as saving and storage in reserves for the dry season (Simpson & Taylor,2013). Human empowerment will make the locals more self-reliant and thus capable of taking care of their families. Wal-Mart will employ a team of nutritionists who will educate the parents and the children on proper nutritional habits. They can then make healthy food choices.
Providing local farmers with crop varieties that do well in the area as a long-term strategy, is another cost saving critical approach. Agricultural officers will work to implement the plan and educate the people on best farming practices. Their agricultural agents demonstrate means of using limited resources for maximum production.

Benefits of the hunger relief program

The implementation of such an outreach program by Wal-Mart will have significant strategic advantages that will work to improve its operations. The organization`s public image will effectively improve so that the outside world views the company as one with a focus on enhancing and touching the lives of many (Haerens & Zott, 2014). The image of a corporation is always at the mercy of the corporate social programs that it undertakes. The consumers are basing their loyalty to firms that have a positive impact on the communities. When Wal-Mart participates in feeding the poor children in the Arkansas neighborhood, the likelihood of consumers taking products marketed by Wal-Mart will immensely increase. The fact that the program is voluntary base and an undertaken obligation will work in getting the attention of the public eye (Hunnicutt, 2009). Consumers feel good making purchases in institutions that help the community.
The company may also receive immense media coverage, which is essential for any business. A good coverage by the media, where it highlights the contributions of Wal-Mart, will work beyond the Arkansas community. The world will get to know of the existence of the organization and are willing to associate themselves with its activities (Hunnicutt, 2009). New customers may shift their loyalty to Wal-Mart after they learn of its contribution to the society. They will no longer view the company as a for-profit only organization. The highlights by the media will market the brand, and this is more efficient than making adverts.
Involvement of employees in the child-feeding program will ensure that they have a sense of contributing to the local community (Haerens & Zott, 2014). During participation, they meet new people and understand more of the challenges faced by the public. The young and skilled persons in the community will want to work for the company because of its good public image and positive highlights by the media. The fact that the employees are content with what they do and are happy will primarily increase their performance and positive output.
In the implementation of the hunger relief program, Wal-Mart may forge partnerships with other organizations that have similar objectives (Massachusetts, 2006). These may include charity organizations or different government institutions. They can form strategic partnerships that will work to improve public limelight and outreach to a new clientele. Corporate social responsibility is the best way of engaging with the customers in a broad way (Haerens & Zott 2014). The program will work with the mission of the company, which is to improve the lives of the people and the whole wider community. The responsibility is worth the company`s while.


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