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Whitaker has been writing for a number of years and some of his best writings have received many accolades from renown professor. One of his is the “Creative conflict” articles where he analyses the fight against racial segregation. He analyses the struggle by two individuals Lincoln and Eleanor Ragsdale. This review delves deep into this piece of writing, trying to bring out some oft he issues he highlights such as the struggle to end racial segregation and women’s involvement in the whole struggle.
The fight against racial segregation took the center stage in the 20th century. After decades of discrimination, many activists took to the road and fought tirelessly to bring about racial equality. Some of the great icons are Lincoln and Eleanor Ragsdale. Their efforts to end racial discrimination were greatly articulated in article Creative conflict by Mathew C. He analyzes the contribution of these two individual in their quest to end racial discrimination in Phoenix. This excerpt reviews Whitaker’s article. Whitaker, 2003 argues out that despite women’s contribution to the struggle to end racial discrimination, it is only men who get the credit. As well, he shows the struggle that has been advanced in the years on ending racial segregation and how segregation has always disadvantaged the Blacks, the Phoenicians, and other minority groups.

Major arguments

Whitaker clearly demonstrates that racial discrimination has existed in Phoenix for quite a long time (pg. 173). Even before the Lincoln and Eleanor Ragsdale moved into the city, discrimination of communities basing on their race was already at its pick. Not only were the Blacks discriminated, but also the Phoenicians and other communities were also facing the same problems. When Lincoln and Eleanor Ragsdale moves to the city, they are confronted with the harsh reality. Mathew and the family find it hard to get a house in the residential area designated for the Whites. Such happenings are common in the city since Mathew clearly shows that discrimination does not only end in residential places, but even in schools and in social places. Apart from demonstrating the depth of racial discrimination in Phoenix, he also points out how women's role in the fight against racial discrimination always goes unnoticed. Basing on Eleanor’s role in this quest, it is only Lincoln that takes all the credit. The fact that women only take the secondary role while men take the masculine and confrontation, role makes many people only to concentrate on the men’s role. Whitaker tries as much to show that the patriarchal system of the society has always put men in front while women only take the back seat. It is clear that Eleanor’s role in the whole struggle is equal if not greater than that of his husband, but fewer credits are given to her.

Critical review

His presentation of the idea is quite clear and elaborate. He clearly shows the role that Lincoln Ragsdale played in the whole quest of ending racial discrimination. He builds his argument by first providing a background about his early life that plays a vital role in demonstrating how he ended up getting involved in activism. Mathew also shows how Lincoln Ragsdale collaborates with other activist and other human rights groups to champion the quest for liberation and equity. The incorporation of one of his speeches in the text (pg. 179) clearly makes his point more vivid. Whitaker demonstrates a clear understanding of the problems in Phoenix and goes out of his way to make the readers of these articles understand it. He delves deeper to show some of the problems that the others race, face at this time and the role that Lincoln Ragsdale takes in this entire struggle.
His argument on women’s roles in the fight against racial discrimination is a clear demonstration of the societal perspective on women. Over the years, the struggle to have equality on the basis of gender and issues revolving around feminism have always taken the societies center stage.Whitaker’s highlight that in 1950's women were still actively involved in changing the society, though the society rarely recognized their efforts. Eleanor’s role is one that reflects how much women have achieved in the whole quest. (Whitaker, 2003) gives quite a good argument on this and in a good way presents a case in point.
(Whitaker, 2003) insight into the issues of women’s role in the quest to end racial segregation is an issue that requires more research on. Over the years, the focus has always been on men, but very little has been done to recognize women’s contribution and it is time that research devote efforts to research this issue.

Works cited

Whitaker, Matthew C. Creative Conflict: Lincoln And Eleanor Ragsdale, Collaboration, And Community Activism In Phoenix, 1953-1965'. The Western Historical Quarterly 34.2 (2003): 165-190. Print.

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