Sample Essay On Making Ethical Decisions In Today’s Workplace

Is there such a thing as TMI on a team? Explain.

While working in teams there is a need for the participants to ensure they engage directly with each other to share the available ideas. The viable ideas are implemented in the group to solve existing problems in the long run. Too much information does not exist in a team setting. Ideally, every team member is encouraged to ensure they contribute to the discussions so that they can provide sufficient information.  While working in a team setting, every member is expected to ensure they contribute to the agenda of the meeting without withholding any kind of information. Ideally, the TMI would not be applicable in a team setting since every member is expected to contribute by sharing information that could be crucial in decision making.

Making Ethical Decisions In Today's Workplace Essay Sample

What team benefits/drawbacks arise from sharing personal information like this?

Information sharing within a group is important as it helps the members to know each other better. When there is cohesion among the group members, the rate of success achieved is higher eventually. Members of a team are encouraged to share personal information so that they can achieve better goals and objectives. However, too much information sharing may have drawbacks such as prejudice from team members. When prejudice exists, there may be hindrances in the accomplishment of short and long term goals.

What are the ethical implications of sharing personal information in the workplace?

While sharing personal information is important in a team setting there are ethical implications which may include but not limited to misuse of personal information, breach of personal information by hackers and lack of privacy to information by the individuals handling them.

How can/should team leaders deal with this?

Team leaders should ensure they create a guideline of the kind of information that should be availed by each individual in the team settings. The limit of information that should be availed should be indicated clearly for each member of the team to create a more conducive environment.