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Destination Research

San Francisco city founded in 1776 and located in California (Alison and Lilly 15). In 1821, the area of San Francisco obtained independence from Spain and became part of Mexico. The result was the end of the mission system and adoption of land privatization. The area became part of the United States after the Mexican-American War of 1846. The city experienced rapid growth in 1849 from the California Gold rush. The city experienced increased population growth as people migrated in search of fortune. Discovery of silver in 1859 also contributed to increased population growth. The profitable business led to the development of banks, including the Wells Fargo and the Bank of California. The city became a center of trade especially after the construction of the Pacific railroad and development of the port.
In 1906, the city was destroyed by fire and earthquake, and only a third of it remained. However, the city was rebuilt quickly and even hosted the Panama-Pacific international exposition in 1915. The city embarked on building its most important infrastructure after the earthquake. These included Stockton Street tunnel, Twin Peak Tunnel, and the municipal railroad. During the great depression, San Francisco simultaneously built the Oakland Bay and Golden Gate Bridges. In the late 1930's, the island of Alcatraz was used by the federal government as a prison.
The city became a center of liberal activism beginning in the 1950s. It became an attraction for America’s counterculture. The beat generation rose in the 1950s followed by the hippies, Summer of Love and Zebra Murders were also in San Francisco. The city saw the rise of peace movements, the sexual revolution and gay rights movement. In the recent past, the San Francisco has experienced the dot-com boom and the social media boom resulting in Silicon Valley companies such as Google.
The climate in San Francisco is characterized by dry summers and moist, mild winters (Golden Gate Weather Services 2). The topography of the city and the maritime surroundings create microclimates within the California Bay area. The area enjoys the same climate as the west coast of Chile and Australia as well as the South Western tip of Africa. Summers in the city have cool marine air and fog. The temperatures range from 50øF to 70øF. The rainfall season starts in November and ends in March with about ten rainy days per month. The winter temperatures in the city are relatively temperate with a range of 55øF to 60øF. Snow is rare in San Francisco city, and there are about 10 documented incidences. This makes San Francisco a great location for meetings almost all year round. The spring and the falls are transition periods in the city and present cloud-free days which are typically the hottest days.
The available entertainment and attraction activities in San Francisco include the Golden Gate Bridge, which is one of the city’s landmarks. The 1.7 miles bridge was opened in 1937 and connects Marin headlands and the city. The Golden Gate Park is another attraction as one of the worlds’ largest urban parks at 1,017 acres. The Pier 39 offers entertainment with amazing views of the bay and the city. The Pier 39 offers different levels of dining, shopping. The Alcatraz Island, which was a federal penitentiary, is now within the Golden Gate Recreational Area. The de Young Museum is an attraction that showcases both the contemporary and the modern art of American and African descent. It is also a great location to view photographs, costumes, and textiles from different locations. The San Francisco Zoo is also a great attraction that offers the visitors with an opportunity to connect with nature. It has about 250 species of animals that include endangered species.
The hotel room tax in San Francisco is 15.5%. The sales tax is 8.25% while the meals tax is 8.25%. Tourism is an important economic activity in San Francisco with visitors mainly from New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Washington and San Diego. The city receives about 16 million visitors annually. The visitors spend about 9 billion dollars in local businesses in the city. The county benefits by getting about 607 million dollars as tax and free revenue. The tourism industry supports more than 3% of the jobs in the city.
The city of San Francisco has held many conventions including the Oracle Open World, which had an estimated attendance of forty-seven thousand people. Other conventions include the Dream Force with about forty-six thousand people in attendance and the SEMICON West with about thirty-one thousand persons in attendance. The city holds the San Jose Jazz Festival in August with over a hundred thousand attendees. They also hold the San Francisco Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Gay parade in June. The parade is the largest in the world with about five hundred thousand people in attendance. The city also holds other festivals such as the Octoberfest by the Bay and Bay to Breakers in October and May respectively.
The high season in San Francisco is from May to October. The hotels occupancy rate is highest between July and August. September and October are busy months because of the many and large conventions in the city and related business travels. The shoulder season is from November to April.
San Francisco is a great location for destination planners to schedule their meetings because it offers favorable weather al year round. The planners can choose the months to plan their meeting depending on other aspects without the limitation of the weather. The city also offers many forms of attractions and entertainment which the attendees can enjoy in their free time after the meetings. In addition, the city has many hotels that can provide the preferred accommodation to those attending the meetings. Finally, the infrastructure of the city is well developed and getting to and around San Francisco is easy and convenient for attendees.

Venue Research.

The Hotel Nikko San Francisco has a grand ballroom that can hold up to 650 people. The Grand Ballroom has over 6,600 square feet (Hotel Nikko San Francisco). The hotel also has the Golden Gate Room that holds up to 120 people. The total meeting space in the hotel is about 20,000 square feet. The hotel offers restrooms that are wheelchair accessible, catering services, lines and silverware, tables and chairs. The hotel offers 510 guestrooms and 22 suites. The hotel has great views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Marin County and the Wooded East Bay hills. The hotel charges start at a minimum of $90 per person. A deposit of 10% of the total event cost is required for booking, and 50% percent is due three months prior to the meeting. The Hotel Nikko provides an indoor heated pool, and a fitness center equipped with a hot tub, steam room and sauna.
The San Francisco Airport Marriot Waterfront has a total of 27,991 square feet of meeting space. The great ballroom has a maximum capacity of 1,600 people (Marriot International, Inc.). There is a maximum of 25 breakout meeting rooms with capacities of 100-600 persons. The venue has Wi-Fi internet access and a full-service business center.. The hotel offers catering menus and expert catering options. The hotel has a fitness center available to the guests. The hotel has 685 luxurious guest rooms and 24 luxurious suites. The prices begin at $149 per person. Recreational activities near the hotel include golfing, sailing biking and hiking. The Marriot hotel has a fitness center with cardiovascular equipment, lifecycle, and free weights. The Marriot is also equipped with an indoor pool and a sauna. Finally, the hotel also provides recreational activities such as jogging and bike rides.
The Intercontinental San Francisco offers over 43,000square feet of meeting space (Intercontinental San Francisco). The Intercontinental hotel has a broad range of accommodation that includes, 550 guest rooms, 41 suites, 288 king-bedded rooms, 42 queen rooms, 195 double-bedded rooms and ten queen/queen rooms. The intercontinental hotel has a business center available 24 hours. The Intercontinental’s meeting rooms are equipped with high-speed internet advanced security and independent climate controls. The hotel provides computers, printers and other business meeting equipments such as LCD projectors. The price per the night per person starts at $300. Facilities at the Intercontinental hotel include a fitness center, a spa, and a heated pool. The hotel offers a restaurant, bar services and cleaning services.
The Moscone Convention Center offers the Moscone South 60,580 square feet of meeting space and Moscone North with 53,410 square feet of meeting space. The convention center offers event management services, sound and projection, the internet. The center also works with Savor SMG that provides all catering services. Accommodation can be arranged in the hotels near the convention center which include Hotel Stratford, Villa Florence, Hotel G San Francisco and Dakota Hotel. The accommodation prices range from about $89 to $250.
The Scarlet Huntington Hotel has a total meeting space of 80,000 square feet. The largest single room is 3,165 square feet. The hotel has 135 guest rooms and 20 meeting rooms (The Scarlet Huntington). The hotel offers a health club, spa and massage parlor, hot tub and indoor and outdoor pool. The hotel has Wi-Fi internet access and wheelchair access to common areas. The charges begin at $230 per the night. The guests can enjoy nearby activities including horseback riding, golfing, sailing and indoor and outdoor tennis. In the case of overflow at the Scarlet, Huntington hotel guests can be accommodated at the Nob Hill Inn or the InterContinental Mark HopkinsOne Nob Hill.

Food and Beverage Operation

Guests at the San Francisco Intercontinental can dine at the Luce restaurant. The Luce restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. The Luce restaurant additionally serves brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. The Luce offers American style breakfast and lunch and destination dinners. The restaurant also caters for business meetings. Guests can enjoy the bar 888 which provides services 24 hours every day.
The guests at the Scarlet Huntington Hotel can dine at the Huntington’s Big 4 restaurant. The restaurant offers both contemporary and sophisticated menus. The attendees have the option of choosing the sitting arrangements, either in large groups or small groups. The bar is also available to the guests 24 hours.
The guests in the San Francisco Airport Marriot Waterfront have the option of dining at the Hangar Steak. The steak house offers premium steaks, fresh seafood, and other innovative menus. The Flights 101 Lobby Lounge is a restaurant overlooking the bay. The Lounge also has bar facilities open to the guests 24 hours. The third option is STARBUCKS, which is conveniently located in the lobby of the hotel.
The guests at the Hotel Nikko San Francisco have the privilege of dining at the Restaurant Anzu on the second floor. The restaurant serves five meals per day including happy hour and sushi bar. The menu in the restaurant includes California cuisine with a touch of Asian flavors. The guests also have the option of the Feinstein’s at the Nikko which is a 140 seat nightclub. The club provides great music for their guests. The final option at the Hotel Nikko is the Kanpai Lounge available to all guests. The guests can also dine at the Starbucks just outside the hotel.
Off-site locations, where the planner can host meals, include the 5A5 Steak Lounge, which offers two private rooms and three semi-private spaces. The Lounge can accommodate up to 280 guests. The guests will have many options including vegetarian and different types of meat. The Bar Agricole offers two distinct spaces that the planner can choose. The restaurant can hold 175 guests at a go and comfortably serve them with different menus. The Bistro Boudin can provide the planner with the flexibility of choosing one of their many private dining rooms for 150 guests or a buyout for 300 guests. Finally, the Bubble Lounge offers menu selection options for between 25 and 300 guests. If the group is interested, the planner can book them at the Shabu House which will provide them with Japanese cuisine and the hot pot. The meals are moderately priced at between $11-$13.
The meeting attendees can visit different hotels and restaurants on their own. The choice is dependent on their preferences and how much they are willing to spend. Some of the available restaurants include the Azucar Lounge, which offers Mexican breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They can also visit the Codmother Fish and Chips which has moderately priced menus of British foods, seafood, and fish and chips. The Ike’s place is another option that specializes in sandwiches and chips. The attendees can get Brazilian food at the Espetus Churrascaria as well as other dishes.


Attendees from the world over can of use the San Francisco Airport, which the primary airport in the region (San Francisco Travel Association). The attendees have the option of choosing from the broad range of international and domestic flights on offers. The Airport is conveniently located only 14 miles to the south of San Francisco. The attendees, who use this option, will have a short distance to travel to the meeting venue. The participants can also use the Oakland International Airport, which the regions secondary airport. The airport is about 19 miles to the southeast of San Francisco and is a major hub for Southwest Airlines. The attendees can choose this option and enjoy discounted flights, although they might have to travel longer distances to the meeting venue.
After arrival, the attendees can catch the AirTrain for free from the different terminals that will take them to the Bay Area Rapid Transit station. The BART train will take them to the city within 30 minutes. They can also use the SamTrans bus services from the San Francisco airport to San Francisco city. Some of the hotels offer shuttle services from the airport to the hotel that the attendees can benefit from if the meeting was book in such hotels. They can also use shuttles at the airport or taxi/ cabs to travel from the airport to the hotel where they are being accommodated.
The attendees can also travel by train and have the option of using the Amtrak trains or the Caltrain trains. The Amtrak trains do not serve the city directly, and the attendees have to use the Amtrak timed buses from the Emeryville and Oakland stations to get to the city. The attendees can also travel using the public transit or taxis to get them to the meeting venue. Attendees, who use the Caltrain trains, will get to the city and alight at the San Francisco Station at the 4th and King Street. The attendees have to use the public transit or taxi to get to the hotel of accommodation.
The meeting attendees will use shuttles to transport them around the city. The shuttles can also be used to take the participants to recreational sites. The attendees can also catch bus tours, and go for sightseeing around the city. Similar services are also offered by the motorized cable cars that offer a tour with stops at most of the attraction sites. Attendees, who wish to move around on their own, will use cabs or taxi that offers the convenience of flexibility.

Sales Kit Critique

The information provided by the Scarlet Huntington Hotel was incomplete. The hotel only gave sketchy information in the form of short sentences about the services they provide. The bits, that were available, were helpful because they provided an insight into what the hotel had to offer. The information provided did not meet all my needs. For example, they only provided square footage of only one meeting room and omitted the rest. They also did not indicate the additional services that they offer to support business meetings. I would have preferred to find information on how many rooms are available for meetings and the maximum capacity of each. I would have wanted additional information on which services they offer directly to business meetings such as projectors, sound, and event management. I would have improved the site by having a particular section that provides information on meetings and events and all the related services.
The San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront provided helpful information concerning planning a meeting in their premises. However, the information was incomplete and in most instances too generalized. The information provided did not meet all my needs as a planner since I had to make some assumptions. For example, the information just indicated they have a business center without showing what services are offered and at what days or hours. I would have preferred to receive additional information on the number of people that the smaller meeting rooms can hold. I would have improved the site by having sub-sections in the meetings and events section. I would have had the information fall systematically under different categories to create clarity and avoid ambiguity from the generalizations.

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