The Report To Be Broadcasted Through Television As The Medium Report Example

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Report and critical evaluation

Republicans pushed a lawsuit against Obama on powers
Republicans filed a lawsuit against President Barrack Obama on Friday, accusing him of using his powers exceedingly in enforcing the Affordable Care Act. The legal action was taken against the Department of Health and Human Resource and Treasury Department. The lawsuit came hours after he made severe changes in the immigration system, rattling the conservative lawmakers. He set a stage for war between the republicans and himself on the limits of his powers as the president. The lawsuit threatens his health care overhaul and could change the executive powers forever.
Democrats claimed it was simply a stunt by the Republicans to rattle the conservatives who want Obama impeached. House Speaker John Boehner claimed he had no intentions of doing so. However, the supporters of the lawsuit stated that they were interested in making a statement about limiting presidential power and not the specifics of the lawsuit.
Democrats have capitalized on it, by making funds appeal to its supporters. The committee chairperson made a link available to all the democrats’ supporters so they could make donations to the democrat party.
Republicans are hopeful in keeping their present House majority after the November’s elections and gain control of the Senate. They claim that the House’s legal action was on the right footing as Obama has abused his constitutional rule to implement the laws faithfully. They said that instead he has enforced laws as he wants to, shifting power to the presidency from the Congress. “For the purpose of preserving this country hence the separation of powers and the regulation of law," the Republican Representative Virginia Foxx said.
The lawsuit main focus was on how Obama had carried out his health care reforms and overhaul, a 2010 law that is identified as his most prized and laudable domestic achievement that every Republican lawmaker was opposed to. Republicans claimed that Obama illegally changed the law by using executive powers. Both the White House and the Democrats said that his actions were legal and within what he has been empowered to do as chief executive. Obama stated that he did what he had to do as a last resort when Congress refused to partner with him on the Affordable Care Act.
Specifically, the Republicans have objected that twice Obama has delayed the law’s employer mandate, and illegally handing federal funds to insurance companies through the cost sharing program in the Act. The act requires organizations with 50 or more workers working at least 30 hours weekly to offer health care insurance coverage or pay fines while the organizations with fewer than 50 workers are excluded. Republicans claimed that move without the congress approval was an example of how Obama is using his presidential executive powers exceedingly.
Republicans claimed that there were other examples where Obama had abused his powers. Inclusive of not alerting Congress in advance when he traded five Taliban members that were imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, for captive Bowe Bergdahl, an army sergeant.
Republicans said that if their lawsuit for Friday were successful, the low-income earners wouldn’t lose their insurance covers but the insurance companies would have to pay for their health care in full. With that happening, the health care costs were expected to hike across the board.

Critical evaluation of television as a broadcast media

Television has been very popular since the 1950s, and nothing has stopped it from becoming one of the best news medium today. TV news is highly engaging and has the ability of making immediate connections with the audience in an instant. Not mentioning that it has a very huge reach. TV news uses audio and video to make everyone listen. It is the most powerful than any other broadcasting medium. It significantly affects one's news through establishing a way to reach and communicate to one’s audience. And since news reporting is about reaching one's target then TV ensures that is achieved.
Television has some disadvantages that the press does not but TV has a natural attribute that is identifiable though not understood. That is the personal and graphic effect it has on viewers that written word doesn’t come close to matching it.
The close relationship with the viewers is not confined to entertainment on television but occurs as strongly if not more so on news reporting. Television comes very close to putting the viewer physically at the scene where everything is happening. It is at its very best as a transmitter of experience. It has elements of emotion and involvement in its chemistry of connecting to the audience. The involvement ensures that the audience is informed and educated by what it hears and sees. It also provides the reporter with a potent catalyst that ensures he/she draws and holds his/her audience toward the end of informing and educating it. The rapport which is between the reporter and the audience is almost total.
Very early television and politicians realized that they were made for each other, and now politics eats up most of the television time especially if it is broadcast live. A live broadcast commands as much time as the length and import of the news dictate, almost the opposite of the scheduled report is right. The day to day live of a reporter is defined by restrictions of time and the necessity of condensing the newsworthy material.
As a viewer and a listener, the same loss of freedom to choose and must accept the reporter’s selection. The differences between broadcast news and printed news are basic to understanding the nature of the scheduled news. The reporter is dependent on the limited time and has to think of the limits on his viewers’ attention span. When he is through he will not have satisfied everyone and would not have given as much news as the printed mediums. For the television, cannot provide satisfaction to everyone all that is required is to keep the public well informed.
News reporting on TV provides an opportunity to communicate with both local and international audiences. It is done in just a very short amount of time. The use of audio and visuals convey the news that catches the attention of your audience.
The primary disadvantage of TV as a medium of news reporting is a mistake can’t happen. If the script needs changing you, are forced to redo everything that becomes very draining both emotionally and financially. Compared to other mediums making changes for them is a lot cheaper.
With all the references above acting as the reasons why television is the chosen as the medium of broadcasting the above report.


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