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Companies, business people and other stakeholders in the business world have realized that social media is an excellent tool for their company growth today. A lot of these companies command massive online presence with a large liking and following on Facebook and Twitter. The businesses and the other stakeholders in the business world are crafting measures that can help them in improving their online presence. With a successful implementation of these measures, these stakeholders will start enjoying the benefits that come with this. In the business world, a concept similar to participating in live Twitter chat could be used to bring forth positive results. According to Erik Qualman in his book Socialnomics (2013), the C.E.Os, managers, and other concerned parties can have a one on one chat with their customers. They can ask them about the quality of their products, the firm’s customer care relations and other general business suggestions that the customers think are important. With this approach, they will be able to sample out a few views and draw conclusions from them. It will be therefore easier for the businesses to make the necessary corrections where necessary hence being of good to them. Additionally, it can also be a marketing tool for the products. It is also cheap as it involves only data charges that mostly are significantly less (Qualman, 2013).
There are various benefits that business realizes from usingTwitter as marketing or a customer relation tool. First, it is a cheaper marketing tool. The costs involved in using Twitter are small. Other internet service providers even offer Twitter for free. Second, Twitter provides instant updates and one on one conversation or chats. The business is, therefore, able to update any changes available and have a guarantee that there has been a good reception of information. Third, Twitter has most people who are active in business. Potential customers of companies go to twitter to see anything new from the companies. These prove the benefits that one can get when using Twitter as a marketing tool (Schaefer, 2012). There cannot be benefits without countering challenges. Businesses, that use, Twitter for marketing also get some challenges. Cyber criminals could sometimes hack into a large multinational’s Twitter account and post irrelevant and provoking things. They could be insults to the competitors, the government or any other thing. This issue may reduce the number of customers of a certain business thus reducing its profits. Additionally, this approach of marketing does not reach every client. Those customers in the developing countries, who lack access to the internet and social media, cannot see what is going on in the company. It poses a significant challenge thus forcing them to exploit other avenues. Also, using Twitter to market can sometimes not be complete as the word count is always limited to 140 characters. It cannot thus explain in detail what the advert is about. This way is usually with the case when the company’s URL is too long (Prodromou, 2013).
Twitter has changed day to day activities many ways in the world of business. First, if a company wants to unveil a new product, it first does so, on Twitter. Secondly, companies can now spend less placing their adverts on twitter. They don’t have to pay heavily for their ads on TVs. It is now easier for customers to have a one on one interactive session with C.E.Os and high-ranking managers. They can directly talk about what they feel about the company without necessarily writing letters to the enterprise. Responses are given immediately without any delays among many other revolutionary features (Schaefer, 2012).
In conclusion, people are currently living in the information age. They should be ready for even better innovations and inventions that are coming. Business is going to be over such social platforms thus a good projection for the future. Twitter seems to be taking over the business world.


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