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The first step in empirical investigation is always the designing of the hypothesis. A hypothesis refers to the assumption that is taken up by a researcher just as a starting point. The research here will base on it and use to go looking for material that will go on proving it using the data from the data collected and analyzed (David & Torrance, 28).
The use of hypothesis is meant to give the researcher a sneak peeks about what to look for and what it is that one is to try and prove. The identity of the s the majorly about the expression identify its application in the context and relative to the reader's position.
It is utterly vital to identify the three features that are applicable to the empirical reasoning. The applicability of the empirical reasoning and explain the steps in an empirical investigation.
According to (David & Torrance, 31), the arguments used in expressing the empirical type of reasoning include the statements that are meant to describe the particular forms of hypothesis. There are some hypotheses that do behave in a certain way, and the description is in different ways according to the hypotheses.
In the textbook, there are six examples given so as to arrive at their hypotheses. The examples are from the six different subjects. The six examples are partially complete, and they are illustrations of the measurable and proper manifestation of the hypothesis. In addition to this, the each of the statements has to have additional statements that will make it complete by clarifying and making it complete. The exact conditions which are at play in this sort of scenario. In any of the statements made here, a proper clarification will be made available for the expansion of clarifications and it will be more explained in meaning and more descriptive.

Reader’s log.
Domestic dogs, like their pack animal ancestors, behave in accord with a social hierarchy. The lesser animals in a pack will follow the lead of the dominant animal. Obedience and subservience are expected, and violation of the pack is punished. We can expected that this the dog owners displayed more __________seniority _______________, then their pet dogs would____be more willing to follow the lead of their owners_________________.

Empirical study

The three paragraphs below explain the empirical study of the readers log as selected above.
In the above statement, it is very evident that there the whole statement is based on a background of sorts. In this case, the discussion bases on dogs. The statement introducing that argument lies in a fact. The observation at the beginning of the statement is that, dogs have a close resemblance to the other animals in the jungle that have a system and a distinct way of life. In fact, the statement asserts that dogs have a type of social hierarchy that they base themselves on in contrast to other animals. The most dominate of them will automatically wield more powered, and appeal and others will have to follow its lead. It means that they are always sure of having a leader in all circumstances.
The statement above has a missing link. The statement leaves out the possible relationship that may exist between them and their owners. This way it means that the through the use of empirical reasoning, one can deduce something from the statement. The deduction is that, the same inference can be used in the other part of the scenario. With that an agreement reached to assume that the dog owner can also pose and the dog will look up to him as a leader. The assumption is not far-fetched. The assumption anchors on the statement of fact. The dog owner, it is assumed, is the individual who feeds the dog and will be the one that provides for the dog. The social hierarchy, therefore, will guide the dog to realize that the dog owner is in a position of powered and influence. The dog has no other way other than to obey him and look up to him as a superior figure.
The context leading to the conclusion of this statement shows that the dog is still an animal regardless of whether it is a domestic animal. The dog still behaves like an animal; meaning that there is no way that it may be expected to change much of its instinct just because it lives with people. Therefore, the dog will be able to notice the power that the owner yields and this way it can notice that it cannot survive without the owner. The statements indicate that the dog sees the owner in a position of seniority and that the dog expects to follow the owner’s lead.
Conclusively, the case of the dog is a very good example of applying the empirical way of reasoning. This way of reasoning needs a person to base the argument on a smaller set of facts on a bigger span of information. The perfect example is the statement that expects dogs to behave the same towards their owners, basing on their natural instincts.

Work cited

David Olson, Torrance Nancy. “Modes of Thought: Explorations in Culture and Cognition” Cambridge University Press, 1996. Print.

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