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Part 1

Well through the mid 1700’s most colonists were happy to be subjects of the British Empire. Yet by the 1770’s the British North American colonies were moving towards rebellion. Why were the British unable to retain the colonists’ loyalty in the period leading up to the Revolutionary War? Trace and discuss the ways in which the British lost their American colonies.
Predicting the American Revolution in the 1700’s would be difficult since most colonists accepted the British Empire and would most likely to travel to England. However, there are British policies that angered the American colonists which started their unity to revolt against the British. These British policies were believed to be threats to their liberty as well as unequal to all people. The gradual resistance of the North American colonists became the most important factor for the emergence of the American Revolution. They saw themselves as unique to the British colonizers and they found a need to separate them from the Empire in order to retain their own liberty as an American.
The beginning of the American Revolution started with the slow rise of the Republican Ideology. Colonists started to believe that they need their own liberty and they need to be represented in the political sector. There are many factors that brought up these ideologists such as the increasing corruption of England and the emerging political theories of enlightenment. These ideologies were magnified when the colonists realize they need to protect their own rights. When the British Empire started to anger the colonists with their unequal policies, the North American colonists started to think about the ideologies of liberty and equality. The changes in the British Empire policies could be traced during the imperial wars between Britain and France.
The changes in the policies during the imperial wars started to anger the American Colonists which later resulted to the American Revolution. Since the Indians and the French became allies during the imperial wars, the Indians have enough courage to strike a rebellion against the British Empire. The British army quickly stopped the rebellion which started in Ohio and they implemented some policies to avoid rebellious acts. However, these policies angered the American Colonists which mainly started their unification. The British Empire lost many large amounts of money during the Imperial war and they increased the tax to the American Colonists so that they gained what they lost.
The two British Empire policies that angered the American colonists were the Sugar act and the Stamp act. The American Colonists believed that these policies took away their liberty such as the right to have an equal trial by jury and the right to control the taxes. Although the British Empire only wanted to raise more profit and to avoid smuggling of goods, the burden of the policies was experienced by the colonists. There are other series of acts and policies that the British Empire has passed and most of these angered the colonists. The American colonists which are originally supporters of the British Empire started to form organizations which led the American Revolution in the 1770s. They form congress to boycott the force and policies of the British Empire. They also demanded to remove taxation since they are not represented equally. In general, the British Empire policies and the rise of the republican ideology became the initiators of the colonists to establish the American Revolution.
Explain and discuss what you might describe as radical elements in the Declaration of Independence. Do you believe the Revolution was radical or conservative, and why? 
The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 by the congress formed during the American Revolution. It is an official statement of the colonists to separate the 13 states to the British Colonial Empire. The declaration of independence was also a declaration of war against British Empire. The Declaration also established the American Revolutionary government and Army to fight the British army in different parts of the North America. The main purpose of the declaration is to form the government as well as trying to obtain international aids to oppose the British Colonial Empire. There are many radical elements that could be observed in the Declaration of Independence. However, it could also be considered a conservative act since it was based on the traditional needs of the American colonists.
One of the radical elements of the Declaration of Independence is that it was declared during the American Revolution. They wanted to secure the rights of every American colonist even if they have to use violence to their enemies. It could be argued that the policies and the ideologies used to promote the Declaration of Independence could be radical. The ideals of the founders originated with the philosophies of John Locke. They promoted the ideas of enlightenment and fight against their rights as well as their equality. It is a radical element since they will remove the ideals set forth by the British Empire which they supported in before the American Revolution.
Although the Declaration of Independence did not follow the traditional views of the American Colonists, it is also safe to argue that the declaration is conservative. One major reason is that their policies and their actions are based on their anger towards the policies of the British Empire. They wanted to abolish the taxation without representation and they want to have a proper trial by jury. It means the founders appeal to the past events and made the revolution to be conservative. Although the concept of equality and right is new to the American revolutionists, they based their policies in the past.
What issues led to the war between Britain and the United States in 1812? How did each issue contribute to the outbreak of war? Finally, why do some historians refer to the War of 1812 as the "second war for American Independence?" What events after the war give proof that this war for independence was successful? 
The Second War of Independence in 1812 was due to the two major issues which are faced by the new American Federal Government. The War of 1812 started with the conflict of the new American Government and Britain. The conflict of the United States and Britain was caused by two major issues. The first issue is the attacks of British Naval forces to the American ships which would trade to European countries especially in France. Since Britain and France have a war, British Naval forces tend to stop any ships that could reach to their enemies. The politicians during the 1800s started to promote the war against Britain. Some historians believed that the American Government also wanted to declare war to Britain because they have plans to invade the British nations as well as its colonies such as in Canada and Florida.
Another issue of the War of 1812 is the conflict of the new American Government with the Natives. The Indian Natives believed that they should be separated and continue their own cultural traditions. Since they knew about the conflict of the American Government and Britain, they tend to start an alliance with the British forces. The tension between Britain and the United States grew with the alliance of the natives with the British forces. Although the war only ended up with the Southerners and the natives, the conflict between the British forces and the American forces grew especially in the seas.
Some of the historians refer the War of 1812 as the Second War of Independence since the war could test the nation’s ability to become independent. Uniting the whole nation is very difficult especially when there are conflicts with the natives or the Indian Americans. The split decisions about the Declaration of War also mean that the nation is divided. In general, the War of 1812 did not become a war between Britain and America but a War between the Americans themselves. In order to show that they could be united and they have the ability to become independent, they should overcome their difficulties as well as their issues. Uniting with the Natives and showing to Britain that they could be united is very important to the new American Government. In the end, The Americans and Britain both agreed to end the conflict.
The Second War of Independence of 1812 was successful since it has lasting consequences. First, they show to the other countries that they have the ability to become independent and they should not follow the demands of Britain. They also ended the conflict between the natives and the American Government which creates the unity all over the nation. After 1812, the united States show a remarkable growth which could be good evidence that the War of 1812 was successful for them. Gaining independence for the second time means they gained their unity and showed to the other countries about how America could become a strong nation.
Hamilton and Jefferson represented differing views of revolutionary ideas and ideology. Compare their views. Include a discussion of their influence today.
Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson both wanted to improve the nation’s political power as well as the sense of liberty and independence among the people. However, they have very opposing views for the political decisions that the American Government should do. Hamilton wanted to have a strong centralized government. He wanted to have stronger Federal government to improve the economy and business interest of the nation. The idea of centralized power came from the developed European nations which Hamilton also wanted for United States. Aside from the strong federal government, Hamilton also wanted to have a strong army that could protect the nation from the international conflicts and other interests.
On the other hand, Jefferson wanted to increase the local government’s power since Western states have more potential to develop than the other states. For Jefferson, improving the local state government is the key for American development and not the centralized government. He has less concerned about the nation becoming a strong international power since he wanted to improve the whole nation. Jefferson believed that the federal government could not solely improve most of the parts of the United States. Centralized government could limit the liberty or freedom of American citizens and it should be dispersed on local governments.
The separate views of Jefferson and Hamilton have different influences in the modern times. In general, their separate views formed the political parties which have opposing views about American politics especially foreign affairs. However, Hamilton’s ideas influenced the policies to make the United States as one of the greatest powers in the world. Improving the military is one of the greatest influences of Hamilton’s ideologies. On the other hand, the ideas of Jefferson influenced the development of State government. The contradicting views of Jefferson and Hamilton influenced the equality of the Federal government and the State government.
Trace the development of political parties in the U.S. from Washington's to Jefferson's election.
Liberty among them is what the early politicians in the new American Government after the American Revolution believed in. They believed that people should not be restricted to their loyalty on one group or one party so the American Government started without political parties. The early politicians view political parties as a negative aspect of politics and it could destroy the liberty of every representative. Being united as one federal government is what the early people wanted in order to have a strong independent nation. However, ten years after the signing of the first constitution, political parties emerged. The political parties were result of the conflict between the early politicians during the term of the first President which is George Washington.
The early politicians believed that the government with several political parties could result to divided government. However, it also has its advantages. Political parties could help the government in organizing the actions taken by the three branches of the American government. Political parties started with the confusion of the elites on which side to vote. It became an advantage to the government since these political parties helped in organizing the average voters. However, proper representation should be made in order to maximize the liberty and the right to vote for all citizens. During the administration of Washington, political parties have difficulties in proving that their decisions or arguments are best for the nation and not only for themselves.
There are two major political parties which emerged during the administration of Washington. It was established due to the conflict of ideals and concept between Hamilton and Jefferson. In 1796, political parties are in place during the presidential elections. It was Washington and Hamilton that supported the Federalist Party. The Federalist Party believed that there should be a strong Federal Government and they support the plan to have a good international relationship with Britain. Although they wanted to have a strong army to enforce the federal policies, they have a conservative view of society. They do not want to provide too much power on the same person or people since they believed that there are always people who are superior to others in terms of leadership skills.
On the other hand, Jefferson and Madison established the Democratic-Republican Party. The Democratic-Republican Party does not want to have a strong federal government and they do not support international affairs especially on Britain. They view the Federalists to be aristocrats which could threaten the essence of the American Revolution. The conflicts between the two political parties were very strong even after the administration of Washington. Since both of the political parties view each other as a threat to the liberty of the nation, they tend to have personal attacks to their leaders. Both of the political parties have strengthened during the election of Jefferson. Each group became united due to the debates that occurred in the presidential elections. Part2Part three of the exam will consist of a brief passage from the primary source readings. You will be asked to discuss American independence and to describe its historical significance (what does it teach us about the past?) and place it in the larger historical context (what larger historical event/movement is it part of ?). As a rough guide, your answer should be somewhere in the 200-300 word range.
The American Independence or the Declaration of Independence is very significant to the American people since it led the separation of the United States to the British Colonial Empire. It justifies the right of every American colonist and started to provide liberty to all. The American Independence guaranteed the rights of every Americans which is deprived by the British Colonizers. The American Independence is significant to all people since it states the certain ideals that the revolutionists fought for which is equality and liberty. It teaches the people that liberty and equality is essential to all society and it should always be fought for.
The American Revolution is also part of the larger worldwide event of fight for equality and liberty. The American Declaration of independence inspired many international revolts such as the French Revolution and the Venezuelan Declaration of Independence. The American Revolution influences the worldview of liberty and equality. It serves as an example that fighting for own right is always good and it should always be done. Aside from the influence to other countries, the American Declaration of Independence also influenced the American people themselves. They learned how to fight for their own rights which resulted to the other revolution.

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