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This essay seeks to examine three activities that are mathematics oriented and are attributed to the general knowledge that one can gain by practicing the activities in various sceneries. The activities are critical in learning and developing ones’ understanding of mathematical concepts. In addition, of importance, is the aspect of gaining knowledge on how the mathematical concepts can be applied in the real world issues.

Activity one

With the puzzle under activity one, it is a challenge that is intended to open up one’s mind in terms of calculating by using the mathematical operations particularly the division and multiplication. In my opinion, my initial opinion over the activity is that after solving the puzzle, I will be able to solve related or other problems that reflect the real or practical life. It is imperative to note that mathematics plays an important role in the field on knowledge and this will expand my view on issues. The puzzle as it appears as follows can be solved in the following manner


Since there are ten boxes which should be packed into three crates with a capacity of 25kg each. The total weight of the boxes is 75kg. This is a calculation, which requires the essence of the interpretation of the puzzle in the sense that, the crates are to be filled with different quantities of weight which will add up to 25kg. The diverse denominations of weight will be sued in filling the three boxes, however it should be noted that, the bottom line of solving the puzzle is that each crate should be filled with 25kg of the boxes. Consider the following illustration will help in easy simplification of the puzzle
= 15kg +10kg = 25kg
= 13kg + 11kg+1kg =25kg
= 9kg +8kg+2kg+2kg +4kg = 25kg
Having filled the various sizes of the boxes into the three crates the puzzle is fully solved. This kind of thinking which helps in breaking down a problem into a solvable equation is important in the general real life since it helps individuals to make wise decisions to even their own lives (Nutting, 2013). It is notable that, the real life issues or problems are mathematically oriented and a knowledge or understanding of this science is critical, since it opens up the people’s mind and skills of interpretation, analysis and evaluation. In general, this kind of problem solving process followed in this problem reflects the process in the article “How to Think Critically and Problem Solve” where numerous steps are followed. For instance, the following steps were followed in this problem are as illustrated in the article. They include

Identifying the problem

Analyzing the problem from various perspectives
Thinking and coming up with various suggestions
Making a decision on the best solution that fits the problem
Taking action by assuming the decision decided upon
This brings us to the other activity, which indicates the use of the base 10model.
Activity 2: Use of base 10 model
Non-standard form
Using base 10 materials
Subtract 6, from the original number
Subtracting 60 from the original number
Ninety one million, ninety thousand and nine hundred and ninety
This activity is challenging in using base 10 Materials to write numbers into non-standard form and help in opening up the mind in using this kind of computation in real life situations. In the general perspective this mathematical concept, the essence of partitioning a number into various levels of significance numbers is to learn the number of significant values are in a particular number. The concepts of using the base 10 values, significant values, addition and subtraction of various numbers from the primary or original numbers is a critical aspect in learning the simple computation skills that can be required in any work or assignment that needs one to add and subtract (Baroody &Ann, 2003).This brings us to the next activity

Activity 3: Using a broken Calculator

This activity is a computational challenge that requires one to think of options, which can serve well as the primary way. This activity is critical in opening up the mind of individuals to think on the best ways to solve a problem in the event that the well-known option is absent. Successful computation is an indication of problem solving skills, which are fundamental in one’s life (Nutting, 2013). Consider the following the problem
Calculate 23 x 4. How can you complete the task on the calculator if the 4 button is broken? Can you think of 2 ways
A broken calculator that does not have button digit 4 implies that digit 4 will not be used in the computation. This means that an option that will bring the same answer should be explored and the following criterion is followed in this computation (Stuart, 2013).
23* 4= 92

The fist option of getting 92 from the problem above is consider subdividing digit 4 into 2 equal values of 2 as follows

23* 2* 2= 92
The second option needs a more detailed thinking of increasing digit 4 and then reducing it using the mathematical operations as follows
23*8/2 =184/2 = 92
The two methods of solving this problem represent a sure way of solving real life situations. The options that are used in solving the problem were not directly created, however, a bit of thinking was needed which is critical in solving real life situations (Gregson, 2007).
In solving the problem 23*21 with a calculator that does not have a button for digit 2, we need to think how the two numbers in the problem can be reduced or broken down. In this case, 23 cannot be broken down into any two numbers, however in the case of 21, it can be broken into 7 and 3 and this can be easy to compute the problem using the same calculator. Consider the following illustration


23*7*3 =161*3 =483
The solution of the problem has been found without using the button 2, which was missing. This is an indication that, a problem can be solved suing a different option and mathematicians need to learn several ways of solving the numerical problems and the real life situations (Skemp, 1964).

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