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The movie ‘Frozen’ is an adaptation of the popular fairy tale ‘The snow Queen’. This paper answers the fundamental sociological questions and viewpoints with critical interpretation from the philosophy of C. Wright mills. The paper potentially discusses about the social imaginations, sociological deviance, prejudice and discrimination, agents of socialization, family values and cultural values portrayed in the movie.
There are some crucial agents of socialization mentioned broadly in this movie. The first and very important agent is the Family. The whole story revolves around the relationships of family. Despite of the ups and downs of relationship between the two sisters their ability to maintain the values of being connected with the blood relation is the prime focus of the story. The care and sense of protectiveness for the king and queen for her special princess is also representation of family values of parents. In the end, the curse is lifted by the magic of true love between the two sisters shows the importance of family as a powerful agent of socialization in the movie.
There are various social groups portrayed in this movie. They can also represent various social class and cultures. The first one is the royal family that is the King and his family. This group is the governing body of the town that oversees the multifaceted issues of the town. The king has two princesses, one of them has the special abilities that the king fears to let out of the palace. The king fears the safety of the citizens as well as his own family. That is why he makes a judgment call by isolating her daughter as long as possible from the public eye. The second major group is the local civilization of the town comprising of the merchants, businessmen and farmers. These class of people trust and depend on the good grace of the king and live their life under the protection of the king and their descendants. The third class is the trolls. The troll’s population is governed by their troll king who is mischievous and contains wizard skills. These are the socially backward group depicted in this movie. Next is the Iceman group. The iceman Kristoff who is the major character shown in the movie. These group is brave and caring.
Social deviance is a part of sociology that deals with the divergent nature of the social groups. In every society, there are some deviants always present. There are three major foundations of social deviance: structural functionalism, symbolic interaction and social conflict. The structural functionalism represents the ability of various structurally and functionally different parts of the society come together and work together for a mutual cause. In the movie also various social groups like royals, Icemen, citizens and trolls come together in the time of distress and stand together on each other’s sides. Thus the structural functionalism is represented very well in this movie. Another social deviance in the movie is in the form of social conflict. When both the sisters feels the emotional jealousy and rage toward each other shows the conflict situation that affects the town’s social life also. The family dispute becomes the major conflict of the society.
The social stratification according to C. Wright Mills is classified into three components namely, Class, Status and Party. In the movie frozen, the stratification is very evident in the storyline. The class of royal family and princess is very high above all the other social groups in town. The power and political influence that the king have on the citizens and the economical and legislative skeleton of the town is above all. The highest authority in terms of all the three stratification component is the king and the princess after his death. The king also demonstrates his power through isolating the powers of his daughter from the society.
Along with power and status in the society, the movie also displays the prejudice and discrimination. The prejudice is seen in the terms of various sociological classes in the city. The relationship of the princess and the iceman is also frowned upon by the society in the movie. The institution family as mentioned earlier in the paper is keenly portrayed by the filmmakers. The relationship between the sisters is hugely intimate and affectionate. The rockiness of the relationship is justified by the ultimate true love proven in the end between the sisters that lifted the curse on the sisters. The efforts that Elsa makes to revive her frozen sister is also an example of extraordinary kinship in the movie. The protective nature of the parents about their children is also nice demonstration of the family values.
There are very obvious conflicts and disorganization seen in this movie in relation with the family. The first scene of the movie shows the accidental abuse of the power of Princess Elsa on her sister Anna that injures her. Similarly, the stress is produced between both the sisters when the sudden news of Anna’s marriage is protested by her sister Elsa. This results in her abandoning the town and creating an eternal winter for the entire town. Thus, the familial conflict brings suffering and injustice to the whole town. For the further deep analysis of this movie from the sociological point of view, family value and functionalism is the vantage point that can explain the concept well. This story tells the moral about the family values. The biggest disasters also can be prevented by simple and pure love. Thus, family values triumphs all other barriers of society.


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