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Healthcare product and services become the primary demand by the people. At some point, millions of people need healthcare product and services in order to maintain their health status. As a result, they are needs of the healthcare industry to come up with reliable and available healthcare product to meet the demand of people. For instance, the OneTouch Ping healthcare product is been produced by the University of Maryland Medical Centre (UMMC).OneTouch Ping product designed by UMMC to meet the needs of measuring insulin level in the blood of the patient. OneTouch Ping it has the capability of communicating wirelessly with specific blood glucose meter-remote of the patient to make the observation. This product will enable an individual to calculate the level of insulin in the blood stream of the patient (Lorenzoni & Pearson, 2011). Additionally, OneTouch Ping pump is user-friendly since it provides the patients freedom and more flexibility for using their insulin pump.
The primary aim of OneTouch Ping made to meet the needs of the patients with the problem of insulin. Using the OneTouch Ping, the patient was in a position to calculate the insulin dosage level and make the necessary decision in relation to his health care issues. In addition to that, the OneTouch Ping product as the capability of monitoring the blood glucose level of any person (Rogers, 2005).
The product life cycle of this product, it changes from one geographical religion to another. This because at one place the product can be at maturity stage, and the other place can beat growth stage since the demand is high, and they is mass full distribution of the product globally. This due to the advanced technology used to manufacture OneTouch Ping product and its user friendliness to both the medical professionals and the patients (Rogers, 2005).
The best strategy to exploit in the market mix is the use of the marketing researching technic that includes the production and product. In addition to that, the University of Maryland Medical Center can also, the use price and product promotion to sell his product in the targeted market mix. The benefit of using marketing research technic it provides the actual demand of the OneTouch Ping product in the market. On the other hand, this marketing research strategy it enables the UMMC to place the best market price in the market. Finally, the approach would allow the Maryland Medical Center to segment its targeted market and satisfy the demand market (Lorenzoni & Pearson, 2011).
The advantages of OneTouch Ping product, it meets user satisfaction since the patient himself can use OneTouch Ping to calculate the level of insulin in the blood. Another good example of OneTouch Ping product, it uses the advanced technologies that will enable the patient to use it for a long period. Additionally, the price of the OneTouch Ping product was flexible. That was attributed to the fact that the customers were offered discounts according to market segmentations at the market (Zaoutis, 2007). Equally important, is the fact that the One Touch Ping product was durable and could service the patient for an extended period. Hence, reduce the patient expense towards monitoring blood insulin level.
The OneTouch Ping product has several technological importance to the patients such advanced insulin pump technology management and glucose monitoring. In addition, the accessibility of OneTouch Ping product information online it saves time of the patients from obtaining the physician. Another benefit is that the people can buy this product from online if there are not near any health center. Similarly, the accessibility of information about the health organization with its products enables the patients to make decisions. They will decide if to the access the product and services from the healthcare organization or otherwise (Lorenzoni & Pearson, 2011).
In addition, providing the patients with current technology on the available healthcare product it enables the patients to access the quality health services at the right time. The online survey shows that most of the patients had high expectations and satisfactions. That would be because OneTouch Ping product is user-friendly and flexible for use by consumers at any time. Equally important, the size of this product is relatively small thus can be carried everywhere by the patient when needed to keep on monitoring his blood insulin level (Zaoutis, 2007). Additionally, the according to most of the people, the cost of the OneTouch Ping was high but, the product meets their patients expectation. Similarly, the service this product was offering the patient was of great satisfaction. This information was obtained after the University of Maryland Medical Center carrying out the survey on satisfaction and views of the people about their product of OneTouch Ping.
In conclusion, OneTouch Ping product is one of the best products used by the hospitals and patients to manage the glucose level in a patient blood. The product uses pure advanced technology of wireless that communicates with the meter-remote to calculate the blood insulin level of the patient. Thus, the product was designed to meet the needs of patients who are required to keep by monitoring their blood insulin level.


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