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As evident from Reading 2-14A based on The Heritage Source Reader as written and edited by Cohen, it can be safely inferred at the outset that the history of the Jewish people is largely marked by religion and spiritualism. It comes out clearly that the Jews tradition was mainly marked by observance of religious ceremonies and observances. At this time in history, it is also clear that the history of the Jews was riddled with wars and attacks by enemy states that interfered with the peaceful worship of their God and destroyed their worship sanctuaries. However, it is also brought out ion the text reading that the historical context from which the document was written is a period of victory for the Jews against their enemies. It was an aftermath of fiery war with their enemies in which close to everything had been burnt down to ashes with every religious place in ruins. It was a time of mourning and sorrow in spite of the victory against Jewish foes. Judas was the Jewish leader at this historical moment in the Jews lives and history. It was a time for religious cleansing and rebuilding what had been torn down to resume normal religious life by offering sacrifices to their God.
The main themes, conflicts or attitudes expressed in the document seem to be the religious nature of the Jewish and the constant threats of war and attacks that were meted out on them by the surrounding enemy nations. At this historical point in time, it would be safe to argue that the world was marked by instability and attacks among nations.
The Jewish religious history and nature has been written by various authors of religious texts over and again. According to Hallo, Ruderman and Staislwki, the historical modernization of the Jewish borrows to a great extent form the Biblical context, during which time the Jewish history was marked by a plethora of challenges ranging from political subjugation, oppression and wars by enemy states (135). They believe it is these events that shaped the Jewish religious civilization process.
On the other hand, writers like Scheindlin (102) observe that the Jewish history and religious traditions that shaped their history may be traced to the times of Abraham as the founding father of the Jewish nation. According to him, it is Abraham who inculcated in the Jewish generation the conviction and religious belief that there was only one God to be worshipped and paid reverence to such that allegiance to other gods was frowned upon (Scheindlin106).
Yet still, it is reported that the historical background of the Jewish is their descent from the Israelites and that their history began mainly from Jacob who bore the twelve sons of Israel (56). After their settlement in Canaan, the Jewish, according to Adler, majorly engaged in religious practices that permeated a greater part of their historical lives.
Critically, while the text by Cohen and similar religious books written about the history of the Jewish all point out only their religious nature and background, the history of the Jewish is more than this. As succinctly observed by Adler, the history of the Jewish was marked by other important historical events that seem to be overlooked by religious pundits. The writer points out that apart from the religious background, political upheavals and Kingship succession struggles also marred their history (Adler 78). However, the author concedes that it is the Jewish religious background that significantly shaped their history and civilization.
In conclusion, it is clear from the thesis critical analysis that the main themes that run through the texts are religion and civil strife between the Jewish and neighboring states during a better part of their history.

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