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Largely, during organogenesis in utero and briefly during adult life, bone marrow is responsible for the supply of lymphocyte precursors. The cell population in the thymus is transformed into T-Lymphocytes under the effect of environmental factors. While unlike birds, mammals are devoid of bursa and B Lymphocytes transformation is exclusive to liver in utero and bone marrow after birth. These processed T and B Lymphocytes then migrate to the lymph nodes from their respective originating tissues. Morphologically it is impossible to differentiate T and B Lymphocytes but pertinent cell membrane markers are used for identification. B cells then further segregate into Plasma cells and Memory B cells, while T cells gives rise to Cytotoxic T cells, Memory T cells and Helper T cells. ( Barrett, Brooks, Boitano and Barman, 70)
Barrett, Brooks, Boitano and Barman (71) enlightens further about the role of T and B Memory cells. Exposure to an antigen leaves a very small number of memory B and T cells. Repeated exposure with the same antigen leads to conversion of these cells to effector cells which is a characteristic feature of long-lasting acquired immunity. From lymph nodes, lymphocytes reside in high risk areas with the help of chemokine, like mucosal membranes that are at constant exposure to invaders. Levinson (1095) further clarifies the role of memory cells stressing on the longevity of the immunity provided by memory cells. The memory response against any foreign invasion has few core features; cell lineage is massive to increase the quantum of secondary response as compared to the primary response. Primary response has few cells in action. Secondly, memory cells are long-lasting and have the propensity to last for decades and can procreate. Thirdly, memory cells are stimulated with little effort and without the need of co-stimulants. This is present in inactivated and naïve cells. And lastly, activated memory cells gives rise to interleukins in greater amount than naïve T cells at the time of their first activation.

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