Example Of Martha Mccaskey Case Case Study

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Published: 2020/10/15

Seleris is undertaking a complex project termed as Silicon 6. Martha McCaskey is the project leader. She was promised that upon the completion of the project she would be promoted to group Manager. However, like any other project Silicon 6 has experienced some difficulties and challenges in the production of a new range of chips. After being advised that the organization needed to develop a new chip, McCaskey was entrusted with the role of obtaining the cost structure and completing the project in a timely manner. However, the chip to be used by the organization is relatively expensive, and its production process is very complicated. Additionally, the new chip to be produced by Silicon 6 is currently being produced by one of the competitors. The unnamed competitor was Seleris Client. However, one of the colleagues that work with McCaskey, Phil Devon worked for the organization under Seleris and can provide the information needed to start the manufacturing of the new chip.
The main challenge that McCaskey faces is the infringement of the property rights of their current client by using the information acquired to develop competitive chips for their new client. The main problem that McCaskey faces is assessing if it is worth it to ask for the information in the first place. However, several underlying factors are likely to influence her capacity to make decisions. Primarily, her individual stake in the project is the key factor that will influence her decision-making choices. Another key determinant likely to affect her decision is the client’s promise to double the price for the project. The additional funds would help steer the growth of Project Codename Silicon 6. These factors are the underlying secondary problems of the issue at hand.
McCaskey has several alternative approaches. Primarily, she needs to assess the legal ramifications associated with the obtainment of the cost-structure of developing such a plant. Understanding the possible outcomes of such a decision is vital for McCaskey to assess what Seleris has to lose if the information obtained is used to design and execute Silicon 6. Devon appears to be willing to give her the information. However, her morality and consciousness compromises her ability to use the information from Devon for the Silicon 6 Project. If she assesses the legal ramifications and finds out that they are bearable, then she can use the information to execute the design for Silicon 6.
McCaskey can also use an entirely different approach. In the second option, she can forego using Devon’s message and use other means to obtain the information. For instance, she can seek a former employer of the client who understands the cost structure of undertaking such a project. Additionally, using a different contractor is another option. If there are other competitors in the industry who have developed the chip that Silicon 6 still seeks to produce, it is possible to obtain the information using other means. Using Devon’s information would compromise client relations with Seleris and might have worse implications on McCaskey’s career and future in the organization.
As evidenced, by Malone’s sentiments about the procedure used to obtain the information, the first approach is not a viable option. Additionally, if Devon undertook any of the suspicious courses of action that Malone is afraid he might have taken, Seleris would have more to lose than gain with the Silicon 6 project. As such, the best alternative would be using a different source of information and ensuring that Devon was willing and persuaded to keep the interview contents confidential. As such, before the predetermined deadline, McCaskey needs to have obtained a different source of the cost structure of developing a plant to produce this new model of computer chips.
One of the best remedies that Seleris would take would be to pay off Devon in exchange for his confidentiality. With Devon being an erratic and unpredictable individual, his possible next course of action is unknown. As such, before undertaking any more activities and objectives for Silicon 6, McCaskey should be directed to contact Devon again. The organization, Seleris, needs to fix the issue before it becomes blown out of proportion. If such information leaks to the public, despite the minimal legal ramifications, the publicity would have an injurious effect Seleris’s reputation and its future business prospects. As such, before implementing the proposed approach, it is crucial that the issue is addressed with a sense of urgency. With that situation fixed, McCaskey should mobilize the necessary resources and business units to undertake the estimates of the cost structure of developing such a plant.
One of the key reasons that make this the most applicable approaches is the fact that it not only avoids the violation of any laws or destroys any customer relations. Also, it will give Silicon 6 a variety of information pertaining to the cost of executing the project. Seeking other alternatives will most probably result in several prices and invoices. With a large number of potential suppliers – offering different prices for the material required in undertaking the project – Seleris can lower its cost of production and development of the project. Hence, it allows the residual capital to be injected in other projects. The use of a variety of sources of information might be time-consuming, but it is the quickest and risk-free approach to obtain the cost-structure of executing silicon 6.

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