Why The “Diet Center” Franchise? Case Studies Example

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A franchise involves the agreement of two parties, the franchisors and the franchisees, to sell and purchase the business rights and standards, and to operate like the original business. The article focuses of the “Diet Center,” franchise and its net investment requirements. It focuses on the initial fees, the royalty fees and the operation methods required by the business. The franchise focuses on the techniques of healthy weight loss by selling products that help with losing weight. It also offers techniques of losing weight by the use of four unique programs that are effective in losing weight . The profit opportunities also include internet sales under that brand name. In addition to that, the new branches are supported during the launch party and the to give them a good customer base.

The reason for choosing the franchise is the increased health awareness among Americans and the rest of the world. Doctors and other health specialists have raised an alarm on the relationship of obesity and a number of diseases. As a result, more people are conscious of the weight now than they were a decade ago. For instance, about 65 million Americans are usually dieting at one particular time. The dieting is driven by the desire to look good or health purposes. The franchise also has a reputation in weight loss techniques and products for the forty one years it has been in operation. The franchise also offers a business system that is complete with training and supports with the grand opening of its branches.
Diet center has been in operation for forty one years. It was incorporated in 1992 and incorporated in 1994. The franchise licenses and operates the location of all related diet centers. It is the franchise that sells all the products related to weight loss and healthy living to the clients of their branches. Only qualified personnel are allowed to be franchisees. It also offers online training programs that must be completed before beginning the certification course.
The franchise has been experiencing constant growth because of the increasing awareness on the health of people. Competition was posed by other weight loss companies that came about as a result of the popularity of slim bodies. However, most of the diet options were not safe and many people were left with negative effects of using various drugs that had not been tested for safety. As a result, many people became keen on the products they ingest to attain the ideal weight, and the most professional dieting website. Diet center is known for its authenticity because of the long time it has survived without scandals of the distribution of harmful drugs or advice. However, the profile of the franchise gives it an advantage over many upcoming weight loss franchises and companies because it has established a loyal customer base with the online and physical activities carries out. It also has more than 350 branches. That is an indication of its reliability ad popularity. Part of its success is owed to the innovations and technology adaptations used by the franchise.
The focus on health and weight loss instead of focusing on weight loss exclusively ensures that Diet Center remains at the top. People’s awareness on the importance of smart and reliable weight loss techniques makes them keen on the products and the origins of the products that are offered by weight loss companies and professionals. All franchisees are offered training on the methods and procedures that the mother company that they hope to adopt from the company. The reason that Diet Center offers training from the initial fees is to ensure that the products and services that the other branches offer worldwide meet the standards of the company. The food products and diet supplements that the branches offer are also distributed from the franchise.

The Requirements of the Caring Transitions Franchise

The minimum investment requirement of the Diet Center Franchise is $ 100,000. The franchise requires the investor to have a net worth of $ 50,000, liquid capital of 16, 400 and a royalty fee at the rate of 8% of the monthly net income of the branch. The business also requires an investment that ranges from $ 16, 400 to $ 34,900. That includes the opening stock that should not be less than $ 8000. The franchise is worth $ 61 billion and continues to grow at . The franchise also incurs continuing fees. For instance, it requires a license fee of $ 950 per month. It also requires quality assurance funds of $ 149 per month on the lower end. The quality assurance fund is also used for advertising and development. The franchise also requires commissions made from the sales that amount to 10% of the program sales and 3% of the sales of the products. There is also an insurance initial fee of $ 500 and an transfer fee of $ 4000. The initial and continuous trainings are not charged. That is an additional advantage of working with the franchise. In case of closure, the termination fee is usually $ 10000.
The franchise offers free online marketing and training services that are available to all owners of the franchise. It also offers training of the workers that are expected to work at the franchise. The franchise offer training for all the programs and processes that it has developed for dieting, health and weight loss. In addition to that, there is assistance with the selection of the most suitable site to set the business. Planning and budgeting are also catered for whereby product ordering for the franchise is done online with the help of the enterprise. It offers an extensive manual of operation. Diet Center also helps a new branch with the opening procedures that establish the branches with authenticity. That ensures that the branches begin making progress almost immediately because of the connections that are made with the help of Diet center. It is important to note that the Diet Center does not offer financing of any kind.
In conclusion, the Diet Center franchise is one that is likely to bring in the profits that all business people hope for. The good reputation and safe products is a sign of social responsibility on the part of the business. Diet Center caters for all classes and age groups and getting a customer base is not difficult, especially with such a reputable logo as that on Diet Cater. The services offered such as regular training besides the initial major training also ensure that innovation and technology are up to date with the world’s trends. The support with the first launch is also a point of encouragement for a new entrant into the market.

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