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Press release is seen to be one of the most important aspects that are often used as a public relation method. It is of importance since it serves the purpose of providing news that has worthy information to news media with the aim of gaining access to media space and time. According to Wilcox (2014), professionals use it as a tool for disseminating information from the public relations sources to mass media. It creates publicity around a given product, cause, or event on behalf of a company client. Several factors should be taken into account before a press release is made. These include the structure of the release in terms of how the information is placed, publics, and timing. The most important aspect of all is the information structure, and this should be done critically and in a manner that is of high professionalism. Information should be put in a structure that resembles an inverted pyramid. This implies that the most relevant information should be brought first, that is, should be at the forefront while information that is deemed to be less important should be put at the end. The reason to why information should be arranged in such a manner is to capture the attention of the reporter or editor so that they do not discard the information that you intended to be released. Many editors and reporters will discard one's information if they do not find anything interesting within the first four lines of the news release.
In the Bogopogo public release, the news provided is well structured having the most important information at the top while others follow downwards. This is seen where the release first captures the attention of the reporter directly by stating what it is launching and that is the new FRAMPLE (Free + Sample) plan. That statements draws the attention of the reporter and editor and it makes them want to know more of what is entailed in the rest of the release about the product. Pete Bosse, who is the founder and CEO of bogopogo, ensures that the editors and reporters would look into the release through the first statement that is placed on the news release. He then starts to explain on the main content of the news release which is the FRAMPLE plan in his second statement which is that "This changes everything. Now every restaurant in America can communicate their best deal, for 100% free every day, directly to Americans wanting to eat out more often." ( As one can clearly note, the first statement is the core or the foundation while the second one starts elaborating on it. As such, the press release by bogopogo would be efficient as it follows the inverted pyramid structure having the most important or crucial information at the forefront while other information that is deemed to be of less importance follows. The first paragraph mainly focuses on what the FRAMPLE plan is and presents it to the public.
The second paragraph further elaborates on the FRAMPLE plan giving more details of how it works. The third paragraph also provides information, but we now can note that information provided is not of much importance as of the paragraphs above it. These, hence, show that the inversed pyramid structure is followed to the latter. The last two paragraphs of the news release actually contain information that is not of any importance in relations to the FRAMPLE plan and as such has satisfied the requirements of an inverse pyramid which advocates for less important information to be stated last. Looking at this release, it is more of a primarily rather than a news story since it self serves the organization directly in publicizing its product. Several quotes have also been put in the news release, and they also are of importance in ensuring that the information is received in a perfect manner. An example of such a quote is where Bosse says, "Our new FRAMPLE plan is like fishing. With FRAMPLE, we give restaurants the equivalent of a fishing pole, and they supply the bait, in the form of a deal, to attract new patrons. If the restaurant wants additional help using a depth finder, better bait or a fishing guide, then we have other paid plans to meet their complete range of promotional needs." ( This gives the audience an overview of how the plan is. It gives them a picture of what the plan actually offers. Such quotes are of importance in persuading the audience of the news release to try the product. By designing the release in this manner, the company would be able to publicize its product and give information about it to its customers. This acts as a way of advertising the products to your consumers.
In conclusion, bogopogo’s press release can be seen to be an effective tool for presenting this new FRAMPLE plan to the public as it follows the required structure as stipulated and required. Reporters and editors would thus consider airing and publishing this press release due to the fact that it is appealing.

Distribution Plan

The target population of the Bogopogo press release is huge and as such, it would be of the essence to use a distribution plan that would ensure the information is received by the vast population. The FRAMPLE plan targets all restaurants as well as other foodservice establishments. Some of the media, that can be used to ensure that the release reaches the target audience, include newspapers, websites, and magazines. The following is a list of some of the media they can put as part of their distribution channel;

Time magazine

People magazine
Newsweek magazine
My Network TV
Business and Marketing Current Events (NewsCircle)
The New York Times
These media would be effective in conveying the message to the target population as they are nation-wide and as such would spread the information to each associated individual around the country. In addition, these are the top media channels in U.S and hence the probability of the message being conveyed to the target population is high.
The New York Times is the major newspaper in U.S and its circulation in the country is very high thus putting the press release in this newspaper would ensure that many people would see the news release and the target population would thus be informed on the product. PBS, My Network TV, and ABC are television channels that are watched all over the country and thus serve the purpose of distributing information nationally and placing the press release on such media would ensure that the information would be widely received by the involved parties.

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