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The Beauty of Mathematics

We all agree over the notion that ‘ beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’. Painting, sculpture, music and poetry are the well known form of art that depicts beauty by creating an essence. Thus, it can be regarded that beauty is more a response of the human brain and perception. In lieu to the same consideration, it is my strong belief that mathematics is an art. However, the culture of the society is not aware to differentiate between math and other forms of art such as painting and music. The society regards them as working artists. The question is why mathematicians are not perceived as artists even though they create sufficient charisma. There are certain reasons for the understandings which are discussed below in detail.
I believe that the core point of of consideration is that in general, people do not understand mathematics easily. It is regarded as a subject of scientists only for making and solving complex problems. The divas of maths and logics are also judged from same opinion. Even some people consider that Einstein was used to dig oblivion! And Newton should have realized that an apple is to eat not for developing the concept of gravitation. Such absurd thought poses mathematicians as rational thinkers,far away from the edges of beauty and art.
Beauty is apprehended as art such as poetry which creates charisma that is apprehensible by mass, unlike mathematicians. Maybe, it was the reason that Van Gogh, Mozart and Shakespeare were regarded amazing and unforgettable seekers of beauty; however, the similar group of people never considered the work of Pythagorean or Euler amazing and beautiful.
Nevertheless, I believe that on earth, there is nothing as beautiful, realistic, directive, psychedelic, subversive and radical as mathematics. Math allows more freedom of expression as compare to music, painting and poetry because they wholly depend on the physical universal properties. When a lover of logic studies thousand years old examples of maths in terms of geometry, trigonometry and algebra, he/she enjoys these classical models.
G.H. Hardy gives an awesome description of mathematics’ beauty. He states that a mathematician is a shaper of a shape like a poet or painter. Nevertheless, his product is more rational than a poet or composer’s patterns because a mathematician’s creation is based on numeric estimation. So, mathematicians make ideas’ patterns on grounds of calculations. Since calculations are not apprehensible by mass, hence, its beauty is not conceived by the general public, as well.
In particular, the primary idea of mathematic is simplicity. Hence, a mathematician, always comprehends the simplest things with definite demonstration. However, unlike other publicly stated art mathematic draws conclusions with logic rather than aesthetics. This quality cannot be determined through any form of artistry and eloquence; yet, they are beautifully only for those who understand mathematics and they do not hesitate to appreciate them.
Scholarly researches have established the findings that are granted to the outcomes of brain scanning, in mathematical formulae, an intricate string of letters and numbers can evoke the similar sense of beauty as an aesthetic composition of music or piece of art can suggest. Thus, when people start thinking and understanding, the beauty and the proof reveal themselves and the two different ideas become interwoven like a piece of music. Precisely, it can be stated that people usually do not understand the beauty and relation of logic with creativity in context to mathematical studies and evaluation. However, to those who can conceive the power of rational creativity, mathematics reveals charismatisc beauty.

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