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Business: Communication Methods

Communication Methods
Communication is transmission of information or ideas between two people through the medium of verbal, written or by using any sign or body language (Donald Clark, 2013).It is a two way communication in which a sender sends a message and receiver receives and understands it. The objective of this paper is to understand organizational communication and its different types. The paper is divided into three sections. The first section discusses the organizational communication and its different types. The second section deliberates that which communication method is most suitable for the given scenario. The third section concludes the paper.

Organizational communication is the study of successful transmission of information or ideas internally in the organization. Following are the five different kind of organizational communication methods:

Face –to-face communication

Face-to-face communication is verbal or non-verbal transmission of messages from sender to receiver in person (Sandeep Patil,2013)
Advantage: Face-to-face communication is one of the most efficient forms of communication in respect to other methods of communication. Since this is one to one communication, people gets immediate feedback and can come up to the appropriate conclusion at that moment. This form of communication is the best when one needs to find urgent solution of an issue.
Disadvantage: One of the disadvantage of face-to-face communication is that this not suitable if the different departments are situated at different locations.

Telephone and voice mail

Telephone and voice mail is one of the verbal communications where information is conveyed through phone or voice mail.
Advantages: One of the advantages of the telephone and voice mail communication is one can call or send mail to anyone in the world irrespective of the location.
Disadvantage: It is possible that the other person might not be available to take phone or voice mail at that moment. In that case feedback might get delayed.


Meetings are an occasion where management meets the group of employees to discuss an issue or seek ideas or views.
Advantages: Meetings is a platform of brainstorming where all the employees give their input, hence it promotes teamwork (Lynda Moultry Belcher,N.D).
Disadvantages: Generally discussions in business meetings is very long, hence it hampers work, since all the employees get together at a same time for the meeting.
In business, email is considered as one of insignificant tool of written communication (Rick Suttle,N.D.).Email memos is used to convey information like salary structure or other policies within the organization
Advantages: One of the advantages is that memos are generally written to the point and simple in form, thus saves precious time.

Disadvantages: One of the disadvantages is that there is lack of secrecy in email memos.

Blogs are the written form of communicating employees in which employees get connected through a website.
Advantages: Blogs is one of the positive way of getting ideas and feedback from the employees (Gerry McGovern, 2004)
Disadvantages: In long run, not many people follow the blogs.
There are few other communication methods as well which is used to convey messages to internal employees of the organization. These are meetings, video conferencing, organizing special events for employees and internal publications.

Most suitable communication methods in the given scenario

 Scenario 1
In scenario 1, an employee in the organization is constantly late; also leave foods and drinks at the workstation. In this scenario, there is a concern with a particular employee’s habit. Hence, face-to-face communication would be most suitable for this situation. Since this type of communication is the personal communication, also the feedback from the other party comes instantly, hence the reason for this habit of an employee and resolution will come on the spot.
There should be formal and polite one to one interaction in which the reason for late coming should be asked ,also the employees should be informed about the consequences of leaving foods and drinks on the workstation and then politely should ask not to do so.

Scenario 2

In second scenario, all employees need to be informed about the company special event. In this case, email memos would be the best communication method, since this is the written communication and also can reach to all the employees within seconds.
The form of communication in this case should be simple and to the point .No additional details should be mentioned other than the event details.

Scenario 3

In this scenario, one of the client is to be addressed who is about to sign the contract with the organization’s competitor. Face-to-face communication is considered to be the most effective way of communication. Since in this case client should be met personally to discuss and collaborate with the client to get him back. Hence face to face communication is considered to be the best in this case.
The form of communication in this case should be very professional and include all the additional benefits which he would not get in the other company.

Scenario 4

In this case, a management decision is required for the final decision of purchasing equipment. In this case, the method of communication which should be used is telephone. This is the best method because management would need a brief detail of all the three bids as well as the personal opinion of the employee in consideration of the bid that which bid is the best as per him and why.
The form of communication which should be used in this case is professional, detailed and accurate, then it will be easy for the management to take decision early, since taking longer time in decision could hamper other‘s work.


Thus, organizational communication is the transmission of ideas or information within the organization. Communication can be either verbal or written. Verbal communication includes meetings, face-to-face communication, organizing special events and video conferencing. Whereas, written communication includes email, memos, blogs and internal publications. It is also to be noted that choosing correct method of communication is very important in an organization for proper understanding of employee and to handle the situation in much better way. However, opting a particular communication method is totally situation based and could be vary from person to person and there is no ideal mode of communication for a particular scenario, it is totally dependent upon the person and how he is handling the situation.


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