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Knowledge management is a business process, not a technology. Discuss.
Knowledge management is not a technology but a group of processes that effectively captures, use or reuse, disseminate and publish knowledge in any entities. This knowledge is explicit, tacit or implicit and considered as critical assets in any organization. Assets such as policies, documents, databases, transactions or even current and previous knowledge of workers are example of information that, if organization efficiently exploit, will improve the effectiveness and productivity of its process. Different organizations are now proactively adopting this discipline and embed knowledge management effort to align with its business strategy. Organizations take advantage of this effort in order to effectively incorporate gained knowledge to its products and services and implement a more efficient and shorter sequence for product development. Firms also intend to capitalize on knowledge management to facilitate and expedite organizational learning. With captured and disseminated knowledge and information, organization can capitalize on the expertise of their workforce and instigate it across its process. Eventually, the maturity of these organizations in adopting knowledge management will yield productive network connectivity among internal and external experts and lead to continuous innovation. An organization must take into account various perspective to understand different possibilities and purposes. These perspectives must include the business, the management and the practical operational perspective. The business perspective must explore how, why, to what extent and where knowledge can better serve and contribute to the company’s services and products as well as its acquisition. On the other hand, the management perspective should emphasize the executive sponsors and champion’s commitment to facilitate, organize and monitor the activities related in the adoption of knowledge management. Meanwhile, the perspective on the practical side of the operation must concentrate on how expertise within an organization can assist in enhancing the knowledge-related tasks.

Describe various ways that knowledge management systems could help firms with sales and marketing or with manufacturing and production.

Knowledge management (KM) system refers to an application that automates the management of captured knowledge, its storage, it’s processing to produce sound information as a basis of decision-making process and disseminate this information via a related accessible portal within the company. Implementation of KM system generally allows everyone within a firm to have access on the information elicited and captured from documented-based transactions, policies and other solutions.
In the field of sales and marketing, KM system will play a critical role in ensuring that knowledge gathered, not only from its sales force but also from various clients, runs through the system and have it available for everyone’s use. Sales and marketing representatives are extremely mobile that they spend very few hours’ right in front of their computers or speak with different individuals in their organization to solicit information. KM system, especially those that uses web-based technology, hands the information needed by the sales representatives from their smart phones or tablets. Being able to provide an almost accurate data real-time is critical among these agents in order to offer their clients on-demand information. On the other hand, the sales and marketing manager of a sales team can utilize the KM system to share information and push for vital information via their emails. KM system will also allow the sales and marketing team to categorize the sales information that the company currently have. For example, a drug company that just recently deployed its KM system can categorically manage its drug products and information, sales learning such as rules for providing contracts to the client or techniques in closing sales, as well as lessons learned where every member of the sales operation can acquire learning.
Implementation of KM system is also beneficial for manufacturing companies to enhance the flow of information and knowledge through the organization. KM system develops and improves the communication line and collaboration of different units among a manufacturing company, especially if the location of its satellite offices is all over the world. A manufacturing company can also capitalize on the functionalities of the system to capture and store its rules, standards, facts and figures as well as modeling knowledge. The manufacturing team of a firm can leverage on the KM system to coordinate all relevant activities concerning a production and job order from its preliminary log, to supervising of inventories down to the shipping of the finish products. Likewise, manufacturing managers may need to track lessons learned from previous production issues as well as monitoring and tracking problem of the goods.

What are the Ethical dilemmas associated with using facial recognition software? 

Facial recognition software is an application that utilizes the facial features of an individual captured as digital image and stored in a facial database to detect and verify a person. Mostly, the usage of such computer application is for security purposes whose principle works almost like the behavior of a biometrics. Airport facilities use this technology as part of its identification procedure where the software engine compares the image on the ID picture such as driver’s license against a database in order to discover if there is an identity deception. This deception or fraud is in the form of identity mugging, fabricated identity or duplicated names. In the criminal justice system, the police enforcement uses this technology to capture mug shots of the suspects and store it in its country-wide database. Despite the benefits that facial recognition software and other similar application has brought into various organization, civil rights groups and privacy activist contest that such devices compromise and invade the privacy of an individual. These applications not only can recognize and identify and individual, but can also associate the facial information to uncover personal information. Curious individuals can use the photos captured from the facial software for linkage to other photos feature a specific individual such as in social media profiles, travel models as well as blog posts. Government agencies also use the same technology to protect the public; however, some people find it distressing about the fact that there is an assault of their privacy by the fact that their face is personal information. On the other hand, individuals will not have many choices on how they can protect themselves from facial recognition tracking unless they literally conceal their faces. Such technology may lead to identity theft and cases of stalking especially if offender gets hold of its database.
Similarly, individuals post various pictures through their social media network like the popular Facebook, and this may lead perpetrators to capitalize on these sites to perform attacks against the person. As a result of this advancement, civil and human rights group think that in the event that facial recognition application become a typical equipment in a building, school, hospital or any public places, this application will now dictate the social movement of a person. The paranoia remains that an individual identification is always at stake and compromised because his or her digital image is available in different facial or photo database. Unfortunately, facial recognition also relates to social hierarchies. Worst-case scenario, an expert hacker successfully taps into this database and utilize information to create harm and offend anybody. Facial recognition software is a technology that supposed to assist various agencies secure its members protect the citizens and community against crime and recognize offenders and suspicious looking characters. The same technology, however, if not appropriately secured will become the cause of different crimes.

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