Good Racism Against Arabs And Muslims Essay Example

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Racism has always been a contentious issue the world over. It involves many negative aspects towards people of a certain race. Many countries have experienced racism that has led to the loss of many lives. It dates back to the earliest centuries and, unfortunately, continues to be experienced even in the civilized eras of today. Some people are openly proponents of racism, and they discriminate other races with the intention of degrading them. Racism has been widely condemned, and it is mostly a criminal offense in most countries. It spans many areas of life that include workplaces, sports, entertainment, politics, church and institutions of learning. Racism can be described as prejudice, discrimination, inadequate treatment or violence against a particular section of people because of their race. Some people belief that race is the primary characteristic that shapes traits in humans. Therefore, they tend to think that some people develop some characteristics, both behavioral and intellectual because of their race. Research by Babbitt and Campbell (1999) shows that the mindset of an individual about race affects their ethical standards either in workplaces or the society. Therefore, people should desist to harbor these thoughts about race and embrace the idea that all people are the same.
Many people exercise racism because of superiority and dominance because they believe that their race is the most superior of all races. Every race can experience this vice. Muslims and Arabs have been the subject of this heinous act in the recent past. The media has also perpetrated this subject by leaning to or taking sides albeit not openly. Muslims and Arabs often face racism because of their religion. Many people all around the world don’t understand about Islam and regularly try to degrade their religion without any profound comprehension. Many Islamic sites, places of worship and congregations have been the victim of violent attacks. The fact that people also attack and threaten to destroy the Koran shows the rising tensions against Muslims and Arabs. The Western world is the most predominant area that has expressed these unfortunate acts.
There have been recent attacks and incidences that have been against Muslims. After the purported attacks on Paris offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine, there have also been widespread attacks and anti-Muslim backlash. Some world leaders have unfortunately used this incident to further their political and repressive agenda. More than a dozen attacks were reported just a few moments after the attack on the magazine offices. The prejudice and discrimination against Arabs and Muslims have been on a steady increase in schools, workplaces and also in sports. An article in New York Times by Greenhouse reported that there was rising tension that involves Muslims and Arabs at their workplaces with fellow employees calling them terrorists and employers barring them from wearing head scarves. Many people also conflict with Muslims primarily because of their religion. It is often misunderstood, and people make fun of the prophet even in the media which is gracefully wrong and uncalled for. The recent events that have rocked the world that are against Islam are attributed to this notion. Another recent event against Muslims is the hurling of a grenade at a mosque in the city of Le Mans in France. Many people try to tarnish the name of Islam by stereotyping that they are terrorists but in the real sense it is these people who carry out and perpetrate these acts in order to get an excuse to cast the Muslim into bad light.
It is argued by Peters (1984) that the violence against Arabs by the Jewish militias in Palestine was just a ‘population transfer which was justified’. Such sentiments should also be discouraged because they degrade the Muslims as just mere people. The act of burning Holy Qurans by Terry Jones who is a pastor of a small outreach church should also be highly condemned in the strongest terms possible. It is such acts that should be rebuked and castigated because they give rise to racism against Muslims. His acts have already sparked violence and rage in Arab countries and from all Arabs and Muslims all over the world. Jones believes that Arabs are responsible for the violence and terrorism that has rocked the world, an assumption that is not true and completely baseless. Sentiments from authors of books should also be discouraged because they disgrace the Arab and Muslim society. In his book ‘American Sniper,’ Kyle (2013) who was an American sniper fighting in Iraq asserts that he wishes he could have killed more because they hated them because of not being Muslim. Many Muslims have reported that they feel those in the West do not respect them. It is time Muslim sentiments should be respected and highly regarded.
Racism has long been a contagious issue or subject in the society. It goes beyond race, religion and even color. People discriminate and express prejudice to others on the basis of numerous fundamentals. Racism has been documented to be expressed on grounds of social lines and status in the society. Some people discriminate against people of a certain race who are poor but regard their wealthy counterparts highly. It is not only on grounds of religion also that people express bias over others, but also on grounds of gender. The form of prejudice against gender is also rampant in the world today. Some people hold in low regard a particular gender and they in turn alienate and exploit them on this basis. Many women have been raped and killed by people who think that they are lesser humans and should not exist. Acts like this perpetrated by people who don’t want to recognize a certain group of people leads to mass hatred among these particular groups.
In the twenty-first century, people are more civilized, and it is expected that they should respect each and every person irrespective of age, gender, religion, race or beliefs. The Arabs and Muslims have never expressed negative sentiments about other religion and, therefore, they respect each and every person’s religious beliefs. The rest of the populace should follow this example, and it will lead to a peaceful world without any prejudice or discrimination. All people are the same, and each and everyone’s status and standing in the society should be given utmost respect.


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