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The historical book in question is served the Ming. These books were unique because they served all classes of society irrespective of religion, gender or economy. I believe that the books that were written were equally important. These books include; Treatise of The Most exalted one on Moral Retribution, which aimed at discouraging people from doing wrong. People were made aware that each and every action has its reward. Good deeds have good rewards while bad deeds have consequences (Chow, 899).
Additionally, people believed in punishments that were given by a supreme being. People did not believe that happened according to God’s will, instead, they were fully dependent to the superior beings. Punishments that were given to the wrong doers depended on the crime committed, and they would range from simple punishments to capital punishment such as the death penalty. According to the Morality Book Ledger of Merit and Demerit, morality could be measured. In fact, there was a system that could measure the level of good deeds and level of evil things. Moreover, people could determine their own destinies by both doing good and being rewarded, or doing bad and being punished (Chow, 904).
My thoughts on the Morality Books and Social Change is the people expected that if the morals of the books were to applied to the people in the mings, then a lot of considerations had to be done. To start with the channeling out of money to people on the mings would be considered. For instance, in the song, it was meant clear that people could rise and become sages. This showed clear distinction between the different groups of people (Chow 898). There were the good people, the bad people, the rich people, the poor people, as well as, the high and the people. It was believed that people could only prove themselves in the society by rising to higher levels in life.
The other form of education was the Donglin academy. It is one of the most important books in the morality books. It is very much valued by the philosopher. Perhaps this book is valued because it deals with almost every aspect of life. It touches on different important dimensions of life starting with finances, politics, and human nature (Chow 917). The education of the Dongling academy is mainly practical as compared to others that are mostly theoretic. It emphasizes on active learning of common skills, as well as, human nature. I believe that the people who started this book had every good intention for the people. However, with the many movement groups and hypocrisy, the Morality books lost their meaning. Different people interpreted them in different ways. The different interpretations brought about conflicts between different groups. The conflicts brought about confusion amongst the local people who were dedicated followers of the Morality Books.

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