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My primary goal is that of a Counselor, and I believe that judging and feelings contribute positively and negatively on my career. It is a basic requirement of a counselor not to judge the clients as it may harm the feelings and sentiments of the clients. Feelings can be right and wrong depending on the situations, and during the counseling process it is required not to play with the client’s feelings, as it may result in jeopardizing the professional relationship with the client. As a counselor it is important to recognize the emotional motivations behind the changing aspects of actions and emotional impact. The intuitional ability of the counselor must know to assume the working principle of client’s mind, emotions and desires of the clients. This ability allows such people to carve a career as a prophet or a seer. Introverted intuition allows me to perform actions naturally and provide solutions depending on the situations of the clients. The counselor is capable to feel people’s emotions and motivations, and has the ability to understand how the other person feels before that person knows it himself or herself. Counselors trust their intuitions about others and have complete faith in their capability to read people. They can be reserved and sensitive because INJF is a private sort, and they are very selective about sharing their personal ideas and feelings to everyone. The other strength according to me is that, counselors normally seem gentle and aloof, but they amaze others with their strength if one of their morals is in danger or called into question. Their calm external nature contradicts with the complication of their inner worlds.
According to the results of the personality test, I am eligible to build a career in social work, education, law, or as a librarian. However, the jobs such as the Law, and Librarian surprised me, as these jobs require a person to have a strong personality, and be comfortable in public speaking. People in these jobs must be very confident and must have the capability to argue to prove their words. These jobs require a person to be dominant and fearless to stand to their point. As a job in Law, the lawyers must consider increasing vividness by using more expressive language, and by including information that enriches the testimony, or by creating visual representations . Librarians are required to build relationships with public, and assist in learning needs and community groups. I believe my personality does not suit these requirements because of introverted intuition and extraverted feelings.
The jobs that I find comfortable are social work, education, psychology and arts because I am always passionate and I desired to study arts and psychology. I have always involved myself in social work to help people. I also believe that education is another area that allows me to serve people in need. I have always given importance to education and social work as I basically love to help people.
My personality as an introvert can have negative impacts on my career as a counselor. In order to improvise on my skills, I must be more social to seek consultations and be ready in case if there is any problem with the clients. Involving in a lot of society work, workshops, and volunteering for the betterment of the society will improve my effectiveness in being successful and achieve my primary career goal. I must learn to connect to people in a personalized manner. In general, I recognize that a counselor is seen as an expert, highly qualified, and a specially prepared psychologist. As introverts, the counselors do not divulge information and keep the content in their inner world even if they are forced to leak information in a gentle manner by the external world. When there is a question of maintaining relationships, counselors must choose quality over quantity. In order to achieve this skill, I must build close and intimate bonds with a chosen few and capitalize more in this selected group of people. With these skills I can focus on future, and build pleasant relationships to drive the world-changing engine.


Brewer, N., & Williams, K. D. (2005). Psychology and Law: An Empirical Perspective. Guilford Press.

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