You Have No Friends Article Review Example

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Published: 2020/11/13

This article is mainly about Facebook itself, it impact on the society as well as its main advantages and disadvantages. The author starts with criticizing Facebook by mentioning the quotes of different people explaining that they would rather do something useful than stare in the screen for hours hoping that something interesting will happen in life which belongs to someone else. The author also presented some research why people decide to avoid social networks and the stories behind their decisions.
Nevertheless, I enjoyed the style the author uses to talk about Facebook. He refers to the readers as if he knows them quite well and talks to them as he would talk to close friends. This helps the reader feel like he takes part in the conversation and is not just a mere observer.

Facebook: nowhere to hide

The article is mainly about the privacy of Facebook users. The main point of the article is that the users of popular social networks can never be sure about their privacy since it can be violated any time. Especially disturbing is the fact that the users of the most popular social network Facebook do not have any other choice but to indicate their personal location when logging in. unlike Foursquare, where showing one’s location is the purpose people register, Facebook users have no other option. Also, another issue raised by the author is the fact that their personal information is being shared with the people they have no idea about.
As for this article, I find this one more informative than the previous one. It clearly shows how and why the privacy of the network users is violated. The social-media companies can claim they share users’ private information only among their friends as much as they want, however fact stay a fact that the majority of “friends” we have on Facebook are just random people we add to our friends list just for the sake of having more friends shown on your profile. The article criticizes and ridicules the reasons and excuses the social-media companies give to their actions and encourages people to think twice before they post anything since it will most likely become public.
Personally I enjoyed the straightforward style of writing the author uses and talk about the things he finds important or worth discussing. He based his thoughts on certain events and incidents and gives his own, unique opinion of what is happening in social networks nowadays. He makes the audience believe he is serious because the situation is getting out of control and the readers unconsciously become more aware and concerned about the privacy issue.
The third article mainly analyzes the issue of our addiction to technology and its gifts to the humanity. It criticizes the fact that people have come to be more into online communication instead of a normal, live friendships and relationships which will not end when you log out from your account. The article raises awareness about the damage modern technologies cause to normal human interactions and that soon enough we may forget how to meet or even talk to new people. The author begins the article with certain examples and then, step by stem explains his point and ends it with a conclusion which basically sums uo his thoughts.
If I had to identify the main goal of this article, I would definitely choose “call to action”. While reading the article, you can almost feel how desperately the author is trying to draw people’s attention to the problem of human communication. He even started his article with a direct example of the problem he is going to discuss in the article. Personally, I have to admit that I enjoy when authors start articles with live examples we can observe every day around us. It makes the reader feel that the problem raised in the article concerns him personally.
Staff is literally asking people to look around and try starting a conversation with a stranger who is standing right next to you in a line instead of staring at your phone or have your ears plugged by headphones. I do share his opinion, therefore, this article seemed the most interesting among the three of them. I should say it is less informative than the second one, but definitely more personal and “closer to skin” than the first two.
In conclusion, I should say that the articles are on different topics and talk about different aspects of human life, but in the same time all of them make the readers think about the roles social networks and technologies play in our lives and whether their existence is really essential.

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