A Report On Start-Up Company Delivering Development Project In UAE Report Examples

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The purpose of this report is to stipulate a precise analysis on how establishing an eco-tourism company is possible in UAE. In this case, the focus will be on Victorious eco-tourism Company, which will depend on the research done in this paper. The article will prove that eco-tourism companies are required to be uniquely established to coop with the market competitive strategies. It is by ensuring it deals with traveling to visit unique natural environmental phenomena which are the attractive features as ecotourism is concerned. The company has various functions which it has to engage in order to ensure it is stable in the market and increase its competitive degree. It has to provide a reliable transport means for the tourists, establish luxuries lodges which can attract the eyes of the clients, conserve the natural environment and respect local cultures and finally provision of environmental awareness. Victorious company will deal with both domestic and foreign tourists. It will provide affordable and high-class services to its clients as means of winning their attention.Literature Review United Arab Emirates will be experiencing 7% ecotourism growth after a period of approximately six year. The study that was conducted by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) shows that there are future expectations as far as this industry is concerned. It is the appropriate time to establish Victorious Company because the market is expecting random growth and expansion as years goes by (Information Resources Management Association, 2014).
Below are similar business initiatives located in Belize. Hamanasi Eco-resort is an ecotourism based resort in Belize. The firm is located in a strategic place which attracts many tourists. It is established at the shores of Caribbean Sea near Maya mountain. It provides affordable and quality services to its customers. It has comfortable rooms which attracts more clients. The environmental status of this area is good and tourists enjoy interacting with it. The management of the hotel is well established and sustainable.
Jaguar Reef lodge is another example of an ecotourism based company which is also located in Belize. It is a close competitor of Hamanasi because they are located in the same country. The lodge is well established and has a good management team which has facilitated to its success. The lodge provides high quality services and many tourists like it. During its start-up phase it faced a lot of challenges which include; structuring a business plan, implementation of marketing strategies and insufficient working capital.
Victorious Ecotourism Company will be established in Dubai because it has attractive natural phenomena which interest many tourists. It is the reason for why the company is established there, since it will catch up fast compared to the other countries in United Arab Emirates. Uniqueness of the services that they will offer will be considered, and this will enable it compete with other already established firms in UAE. There are many enterprises of this kind in the market, thus there competitive means and market should be analyzed. Low pricing strategy is necessary in order to attract customers. Offering of quality services to clients should be established with a comfortable environment. Customer sustainment methods should be put in place to ensure the continued cooperation with the company. The firm’s potentiality will increase if the above factors are put into considerationMethodology Data was collected through online interviews which were done to tourists in UAE in order to gather adequate information on the service. Questionnaires were also used to get information from the local communities who are core stakeholders in the business. All these activities were done early this year by interested parties in the company venture. It was important because a good enterprise and marketing plan had to be plotted. Articles and journals were also incorporated in the entire event in order to collect reliable data that can be used to structure some guidelines to follow in coordinating the entity (Carayannis, 2013).
Secondary data then collected from survey websites like Survrymonkey.com, where the targeted clients were of any age. The information gathered is important since customer requirements and expectations are of concern. Those factors include; offering of quality services, good customer relations with the employees, well -structured transport schedule to ensure clients work under no pressure and cleanliness in accommodation places to avoid contamination of infections.Legal Structure, - The company will be registered in the office of the registry of businesses to ensure it operates under the competence of the law of the land by the companies Act. A capable and qualified board of directors will be recruited to ensure the firm objectives are achieved in time. According to secondary research and primary data collected, a well- structured plan is all what is required for the success of Victorious Company. Its registration will enable it to be a legal entity and clients will be free to associate with it. Registration allows it to be able to enjoy some preferences which a normal partnership entity cannot access for example loans from banks (Islam, 2008).Organizational structure In the organization, power will be divided accordingly to avoid unnecessary conflicts in the personnel. It will start from the manager to the accountant and finally to the normal staff. Thus, ensures there are coordination and cooperation among the workers. Poor division of power can result in pitiable performance due to the competition amongst workers, but when well stated it ensures harmony and unity (Carayannis, 2013).Marketing plan Victorious Ecotourism Company is well organized in a way that it will compete with other similar enterprises in Dubai. Uniqueness of services and products offered to the clients is a strategy that is well stipulated in the marketing plan to ensure a high competitive degree. Heavy investment in the advertising sector of the company will enable it to promote the name of the enterprises in many places hence increasing its marketability. The targeted clients are anyone who will be interested in the company’s products and services. Its location will be strategic to ensure easy access by the customers, Low pricing strategy is embarked and well planned in order to attract more customers when it is introduced in the market (Oxford Business Group, 2008).Conclusion The Company will be objective based, and good organizational structure is the backbone of its success. It should appreciate all the stakeholders involved in assisting the creation and improvement of its potentiality in the market. Unique marketing strategies will be an exciting thing to embark on in order to coop with the competitive pace of the tourism industry. In UAE specifically Dubai, there is a potential market in which the enterprises can coop with difficulties. As per the previously conducted research, the tourism industry as a high growth degree as years go along, and this clearly shows that the company will have the potential market to embark on. Recruitment of capable and qualified personnel is a strategy that will enable achievement of goals and objectives.


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