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Collective bargaining entails a process through which employees negotiate contracts with their employers through unions (Chamberlain & Kuhn, 2014). Typically, the contracts cover terms of employment such as leave; safety policies and approaches balance family and work, pensions among other benefits. Moreover, workers determine in unison the bargaining priorities. Because the contracts ratified becomes binding for both the employers and the employees, it is essential to construct competent and dependable bargaining committees.
According to Beal, Wickersham & Kienast (2012), representatives of employees in bargaining committees ought to understand that solidarity is a pillar for meeting their objectives. In essence, solidarity thrives where unions constitute committees with full consideration to accommodating diverse interests. Notably, the bargaining power of a committee increases when the members can support the interests of diverse groups in a given organization. Selection of committee members entails identifying of individuals who conversant with basic elements of group behavior and organizational dynamics. Concisely, understanding group behavior is pertinent to assuring the committee of bargaining power relative to their employer because of solidarity that thrives in the membership.
Primarily, the organizational constitution and the by-laws are crucial for the selection of members forming the representative bargaining committee. While some organizations elect members into the committees, others prefer appointees or ex-officio members (Chamberlain & Kuhn, 2014). Regardless of the criteria of constituting a committee, all members of such a committee have an obligation to represent the entire bargaining unit and not just a particular group within the organization.
In conclusion, collective bargaining is a paramount process for both the employees and the employers. The bargaining process is crucial for addressing all the employee concerns to create optimum working conditions and meet the interests of the employees. Objectively, organizations must select members of bargaining committees in a manner that accommodates competence and diversity to build solidarity and enhance bargaining power. Therefore, even if not all groups can be represented in the bargaining, the selectees must ensure that all interests are accommodated, and no voices are missing.


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