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Skills possessed by an individual are significant towards performance within both the social and business scene. It is highly imperative that individuals make investment into employability skills that sustain performance across the different avenues. Through a holistic individual in regards to skills proper performance is bound to ensue within the organizational scene. Thus, this paper will evaluate employability skills through an evaluation of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) and Oprah Winfrey as per the case questions.
Once I have graduated I would like to work for in a multinational company in Kuwait that is in the energy. Working for an organisation in the energy industry that operates in the global or diverse regions is a plausible interest due to the evident experience and exposure I will get. Furthermore, a multinational company will generate a challenging environment in which I can operate in different locations. Furthermore, a company that is highly performance centric is the organisation that I would like to work at. I am a highly competitive individual with focus on performance with competitive remuneration as the end goal. If you are currently employed what is your next career move? Not employedwhere you would like to commence your career? I would like to commence my career at Kuwait Oil CompanyIdentify one organisation and discuss in detail how the organisations’ mission and goals, leadership style, reporting structure, culture, physical work environment, geographic location, staffing practices and graduate opportunities align to your personal and professional needs and your desired career path.
Kuwait Oil Company is a large multinational oil company that has its headquarters in Ahmadi in Kuwait, as such the company is a government owned company that is the fourth largest exporter globally, and the company has been investing into plausible market investment with its large market expansion approach. The company believes in an operational approach that is highly guided by its manager Hashim Sayd Hashim. Furthermore, the company has a long history that traces its roots t 1936. The pioneer oil was discovered in 1938 in the region of Burgan. The first and imperative development of the oil industry was in contrast to the end of the British Raj at India with diverse specialists venturing into Kuwait indoor to capitalise on the growing oil industry. Accordingly, the evident growth of the market is a highly and plausible mandate towards setting and ensuring of growth of new cities. As a clear example the city of Ahmadi emerged as a result of the oil discovery. In regards to the diverse pundits, the city ensured an availability of most fundamental employment of individuals across the nation. Throughout the growth mandate of the organisation, it has been highly cantered on effective performance with major emphasis on highly plausible employees to ensure profitability and revenue yield. Performance within a visionary and organisational conformity mandate forms the operational aims and objectives. The organisation aims towards ensuring that it can meet the demand levels of its customers in the global environment.
Furthermore, the company invests highly into the transactional leadership style, hierarchical structure and has diverse locations in Kuwait. Through the transactional leadership style, that makes intensive emphasis on the bottom-line of the organisation, it is a highly advisable option in regards to individual operation. Investment into the performance centric performance leadership style denotes matching reward to performance thus ensuring that I can perform highly. As such, KOC (Kuwait Oil Company) hierarchy structure is mainly concerned on the stability and efficiency of an organization. Clear cut procedures, guidelines and stipulations are laid out for the workers. As such this form of structure is much more efficient in the fast food business or in instances whereby the business of operation is concerned with uniform products. On the other hand, the task culture is mainly concerned with the individual skills and creativeness. Admittedly firms with the aforementioned culture are much more detailed in their workflow and so forth which is highly plausible for me. As such, a structural rigidity exists in a task culture. Structural rigidity as per Muller (2013, p33) entails the incorporation of a functional structure whereby individuals with similar skills are incorporated in team work and departmental setting. Thus, the task culture is highly constructed towards the incorporation of highly skilled competence organisation whereby skill forms a paramount aspect as compared to experience of the various employees.
Reflect on the level of compatibility between your skills, attributes and values and the organisation you identified. Is there a high level of organisational fit? Why or Why not? Please explain your reasons in detail. There is a high level organisational fit. As such, my most imperative plausible skills that are aligned to the organisation include:
Teamwork skills: teamwork is essential towards successful performance. From the individual analysis, I am proficient in team skills with major emphasis on team leadership towards successful outcomes.
Communication skills: communication is significant towards successful outcomes in a oil sector. As such, from the analysis of oil sector, communication is integral towards ensuring sales and communicating with employees effectively.
On the other hand, I am a highly performance centric individual. I believe and value performance and effective management towards successful output of the employees. I value honesty, performance ethics and operational Excellency. Hence, from the analysis of KOC, its operational dynamics are a fit to my skills. Task 2 - Leader Profile Provide a brief overview of their career to date.
First and foremost, Oprah Winfrey has become a revolutionary figure in the talk show market with a highly distinctive and natural approach towards audience capture. As a highly impactful entrepreneur, she maintains the first position as the host of the most highly watched daytime show across the globe. Furthermore, the individual boasts as the first African American woman to own her TV studio. Admittedly, Oprah has risen across the ranks to maintain highly plausible levels in regards to performance and influence in the entertainment sector. First and foremost, it is imperative to acknowledge that Oprah was born in 1954, in a farm at Mississippi. In regards to the diverse pundits, she was supposed to be called Orpah but due to some strange and unknown reason she was called Oprah from birth. Oprah affirms that she grew up in a highly mistreating environment as evident from her sexual abuse while she was stull a toddler by her teenage cousin. As such, the evident hardships that she grappled with played a pivotal role towards shaping her future. As a hardworking female, her breakthrough was in 1976 when she graduated with a degree in communications and theatre from Tennessee state university. The evident contributory aspect in her education played a pivotal role to her success. Her first step towards public awareness is when she advocated her political views pertaining to the four year old girl that was molested. Oprah highly advocated for the protection legislation that focuses on women and their rights. From the evaluation of Oprah, she highly attributes her preference to broadcasting while still in college. As a freshman in college, Oprah emphasizes that she already had offers from Nashville CBS affiliate. The various classmates assert that Oprah was a highly sociable individual with her interaction with individuals highly enviable. Hence her first gig at WJZ-TV played a pivotal role towards her growth as one of the most widely renowned individuals in the broadcasting individual. In 1985, her first Oprah Winfrey show began hence her rise to stardom. Her emphasis on day to day aspects that impacted on both women and men led to her mercurial rise to date. With her retirement from the Oprah Winfrey show, she has been making emphasis on making an impact on the social environment. Discuss why this individual is considered successful and/or inspirational in their life and field of expertise.

The physical and personal attributes of an individual to do something may be termed as the ability. On the other hand, skill may refer to the ability or act that enables on to perform in a certain plausible manner. Hence, DuBrin (2008, p23), states that Oprah Winfrey’s individual ability and skill has an extreme impact on the behaviour of his employee. A person may perform well in the instances whereby his abilities and skill can match to the job requirements. The individual is well versed in a business sector and has managed to incorporate his skills in the field of business. Oprah Winfrey is and has been highly sociable with her immense capability towards impacting the society in a plausible manner.


Personality is defined as the study into the characteristics and distinctive traits of an individual, inter-relations with the social setup and adjustments to the various aspects of the surrounding people. Oprah Winfrey is a highly caring individual with a major focus on people management and impact. She has been involved into diverse projects with a highly emphasis on individual self-belief towards successful outcomes. At minimum please discuss factors relating to financial prosperity, contribution to their profession, contribution to the community leadership style/s, business acumen and work-life balance.
There are diverse factors relating to financial prosperity, contribution to their profession, leadership style, business acumen and so forth. Thus, from, the analysis of Oprah Winfrey, the diverse factors include:

Environmental factors

The environment factors denote the environment of operation. From the evaluation of Oprah Winfrey, the challenges faced in her early and adult life played a significant role towards her development and success. As such, the financial hurdles towards completion of her college education coupled with interaction with her fellow students significantly shaped her perception of the society.

Individual factors

Individual internal and external factors determine the success or contribution to the society. Personal values, culture and attributes are contributory to the success. Thus, as an individual, the personal setting and approaches are key towards successful outcomes. Oprah faced diverse challenges; most fundamental was her rape which she was still young. Through the diverse obstacles, she made an individual resolution towards self-growth and development.
Reflect on how learning more about this leader will impact on your future career planning. How will you make use of the results of this Leader profiling exercise to further develop your own career? Please be specific.
Thus, from the above analysis of Oprah Winfrey, it is imperative that an individual nurtures fairness dedication and focus towards plausible outcomes. Underhandedness especially in recruitment, remuneration and reward should be eliminated as a leader. From the analysis of Oprah, transparency coupled with recognition of employee effort should form an imperative operational mandate. Through the implementation of Oprah’s operational mandate, the potential impacts and incorporation in individual career include;

Clarity in policy setting

A holistic managerial and individual approach that emanates from the involvement of employees in decision making will lead to a highly transparent operative environment in any organisation that I will work. Transparency or clarity in policy setting will ensue due to the prospect of involving employees in the managerial function (Vance & Paik, 2011, p90). Hence, through the involving employees, they will be aware of the various requirements construed towards attainment of the organizational goals.

Cutthroat remuneration of employees

As an individual with an aim of undertaking a managerial position, incorporation of equality is highly impactful on the remuneration aspect of employees. As an individual, internalization of the equity is likely to lead to a revised remuneration policy at KOC A highly competitive remuneration by the management has positive impact on the motivation of employees (Vance & Paik, 2011, p90). Employees will have a decisive role especially in the remuneration aspects which is likely to boost their morale.

Enhanced performance through motivation of employees

As an individual aiming for a managerial career, employees are an integral aspect towards the performance of an organization through motivating them. Increasingly motivated employees perform better which has a ripple effect on the profitability of an organization. Thus, from the evaluation of Oprah, a more employee centric approach ensures plausible performance.


Individual career choice and so forth is dependent on the internal and external environment. From the above analysis, a successful leader and a potential organisation that one aims to work at are driving factors. Thus, as an individual it is highly advisable to self-evaluate for that effective decision making is made.

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