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Education plays an essential role in the development of a child’s personality. This development does not solely depend on the courses which are studied by the students, rather the environment, surroundings and teachers have a greater impact on personal development and growth. Consequently, it is important to select the schooling and college for the child wisely.
As the world is getting squeezed day by day and turning into a global world where one part of world is connected to another region in no time, therefore, for such a global world, global kid is required because Global child will be able to work in other circumstances than the home city. People in the companies seek for the employees who can manage work in other states. Therefore, global child can be the answer for them because they are capable of living in different cultures and different environment.
Subsequently, it becomes an important dilemma to raise a global child. One way, to raise such a child, is to make an individual study abroad because studying abroad gives the child an exposure to entirely a different location. Study abroad is beneficial for the child in this regard as the child experience different culture, language, lifestyles and customs of other states. As quoted in an article “Not training our kids to be able to work and live in an international environment is like leaving them illiterate,” (Miller, 2015). Moreover, the child can become close to other students because, in order to live in another country than homeland, one will require friends. These friends may belong to other countries and may have come for the same purpose of studying abroad. Consequently, becoming friends with them can help the growth of the child because a child will be acknowledged in other countries living styles and will be exposed to distinguish mentality and intellectual of many other countries.
Cultural experiences acquired from observing the other country while studying abroad has an effect on the creativity of the child mental capability. As quoted by Lee et al., 2012 “Cultural experiences from living abroad have wide-reaching benefits on students’ creativity, including the facilitation of complex cognitive processes that promote creative thinking.” Therefore, the cognitive effects which are the results of an exposure to different culture during attaining education abroad can develop the creative thinking in a child which is advantageous because creative people can survive in worst situations and they are able to extract the solutions for any kind of problems.
Studying abroad provides the children with a global outlook and gives an image of international world which is beneficial for their future because this can help them in understanding the economic, political, environmental, technological challenges of other countries. Moreover, study abroad offers a chance to children to explore the world because they can see the different parts of the world and observe them with their own perspectives regardless of their homeland. Studying abroad also provides an opportunity to the students to gain knowledge of the museums, landmarks and natural wonders which are visible only in images if a child studies at his home place only. Furthermore, it is a habitual trait that students consume their vacations by visiting neighboring countries with friends when they study abroad. In this way, they get a chance to visit different places and acquire familiarity regarding those places.
Besides getting representation of different customs, living styles, traditions, foods, social life of abroad country, the student can also take advantage of a completely different education system. The difference in education system can be interesting for the student, and he might take an extra effort to achieve the goals pertaining to the education. A significant advantage gained by the students who study abroad is the learning of new languages. Countries who welcome students from other countries in its institutions also prepare a school of immersion. Since, the student is not aware of the home language of the host country which will be the medium of instructions during the education, therefore, it becomes requisite to learn the language. It depends on the ability of the student that after learning one language, he may try the multilingualism and can be able to speak different languages. The capability, to understand and speak different languages, is valuable because language is a mean of communication and in the future the person may works or visits other countries. Subsequently, the awareness of language can make him closer to the citizens of the host country.
On the other hand, study abroad grants the students an opportunity of internships in other countries and help in the development of their career because studying abroad develops the personality which is required by the companies for their employees. Furthermore, the child becomes independent because he is all on his own for the daily problems. This independence helps in the growth of the child because in the future he is not dependent on anyone for his issues and tasks and tries to solve his troubles on his own without seeking help from others. In addition to this, the child acquires friends which are lifelong because, during the years of education abroad, these friends become his family. All in all, study abroad brings many advantages for the child and is helpful in raising a child who is acceptable and adjustable globally.

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