Benefits And Cost Of Improving Technology In Society Today Essay Example

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Technology is a costly and very dynamic field; its dynamism is attributed to the need for newer and safer means, cheaper means, and the necessity for more robust technology. Furthermore, speed of operation and reliability is another factor contributing highly to major technological changes. These changes are first performed through highly controlled experiments in laboratories once the prototypes are designed and implemented in real designs many safety issues are highly compromised. For some technologies to be improved these must be controlled use of some harmful materials such as radioactive materials, dangerous chemicals, dangerous infrared radiation and laser rays (Luppicini, 2012).
There are various technological fields, each field focused on either uplifting or destruction of human life and property. These fields are Agriculture focused on adequate production of food for the human race. Climate engineering also focused on uplifting lives of people who are highly affected by climatic changes. Others include construction, architecture ,material science ,displays, home appliance ,electronics ,energy ,entertainment ,IT and communications ,medical ,neuroscience ,military ,outer space ,robotics ,transport , fabric industry as well as in food science and engineering (Greuel, Clement, Gadatsch, & Schreiber, 2010). These developments are focused at improving living standards of people although some technologies end up affecting life negatively for example developments in military may lead to creation of weapons of mass destruction and exposure to dangerous electromagnetic waves. These developments are highly affected by market changes, needs, government regulations, and involvement with the sole goal of positively improving quality of life (Greuel, Clement, Gadatsch, & Schreiber, 2010).
One of the technological sectors that has been integrated in almost all other areas is the design advancements in computer science these has helped in precise machine controls, development of more portable mobile phones, simulation and development of better medicinal drugs and also development of easy and better learning methods (Arnold, 2010). Improvement of technology would help realize easier ways of communication and connection to information this is through establishment of systems like broadband internet and informative sites, which enable a lot of data availability and transfer online. Mobile phones that are widely used in society have already been upgraded with this feature and it enables them to work as mini computers (Lytras & Corti, 2012).
Another advantage is that technology brings innovation and invention of new systems even accidental products, design requirements poses a great challenge to the researcher this engages the researcher fully and intensively making him realize his full potential. Easy and convenient travelling development on newer, faster, and safer means of travelling has been beneficial to businesses and our day-to-day life, in early days it was expensive and slow to move over long distances unlike these days (Arnold, 2010). This is through innovation of newer means such as airplanes transport which move at an average speed of 567 miles per hour at an altitude of 35,000 feet and a bullet train that hits over 300 miles per hour at a cost of more than $69 billion dollars for the entire high-speed rail network (Arnold, 2010).
Enhanced housing and structures, better peoples lifestyles; architectural improvements have been made through development of designing computer software’s that can draw unique house plans and also test their limited weight and their strength. Newer technology has contributed greatly to changes in the world of entertainment by development of high graphic games, high power music systems, as well as entertaining TV sets. Highly tuned instruments have led to growth of music industry while creating jobs for the musicians.
Another advantage of improved technology has increase productivity through use of more efficient means and use of machines that are productive compared to human beings. Technological evaluation is a factor that is highly affects implementation of the technology and there are several types of evaluations focused at different goals these are: One method is early warning it gives an analysis of its impact warning of the unintended results, Strategic evaluation, this one is focused on the methodology in use to achieve the desired outcome. Constructive evaluation here detailed evaluation of specific procedures to be followed in achieving the set goals are evaluated and back casting evaluation here different models and animations are tested and observations made (Luppicini, 2012).
As more research and development is applied to technology; the cost of production of products increase and consequently an increase in cost of the product. Cost benefit evaluation method is a method used by innovators in decision making to measure potential results and then select technologies to achieve these results. Technologies that are carried out with good intentions are can cause losses due to results that were not anticipated, this is an important asset in evaluation of technological related investment (Luppicini, 2012). It provides a means of outweighing the value of cost verses the impact of the technology as well as the efficiency of one technology compared to another. Some of the technological developments have no direct effect on the lives of people, for example research and development on space science. The findings do not affect people directly although many resources have been dedicated towards these researches.
In conclusion, the cost of designing and maintaining superior systems compared to the cost of the ordinary ones is higher. In developed countries, the application is feasible since they have budgets allocated to power production and the average population can afford the cost.
It is not easy to evaluate the implementation cost of a technology as it depends on other factors that are much more complex Technological evaluation is not only focused at being keen on the cost but also on identifying the negative effects that might expose human beings to dangers that may lead to further medical losses through medication. Computer programs using scientific principles have been developed that evaluate practicality of technical projects that can calibrate specific cost value of the project for example AUTOCAD designing program can clearly show the quality of an architectural design and give precise cost of the whole building using this the designer should make correct decisions on the progress of the project. The bottom line is that before the technology is approved for implementation its cost and safety evaluations must be done satisfactorily (Greuel, Clement, Gadatsch, & Schreiber, 2010).


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