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US have recorded an increase in cancer cases and complications, but there has been limited research and development in terms of cancer facilities that should address the problem. Thus, there is a need for key institutions to develop facilities equipped with advanced technologies and equipments. In addition, there is a need for cancer centers that will enhance research on the disease hence enhancing its diagnosis and treatment. In that respect, this report summarizes a plan for development of a new cancer center at Miami University Hospital. The report presents a summary of the project description, project needs and goals as well as an estimate of a room’s cost. In addition, the report explains the rationale for the facility design and recommendations for future completion of floor plans.

Project summary

Facility Description
Miami University Hospital is a leading institution in the treatment of various diseases and medical research. However, the increasing complexity of cancer related ailments requires advanced technology and equipments, and the institution does not have such facility. In that respect development of a new cancer center in the Hospital has been identified as a crucial aspect of the hospital’s strategy to address cancer problems. (US News, 2014)

Reason for selecting the facility

About 1.5 million people in US are diagnosed with Cancer each year making it the second leading killer in the country. However, although the five years relative survival rate for Cancer patients has increased from 50% in 1970’s to 66% in 2009, the quality of cancer care as well as patients satisfaction needs further improvement. That is because there has been limited research to investigate the cancer treatment environment with the typical treatments being ambulatory based. In that respect, over 50% of cancer patients are treated in infusion centers in which inpatient environment is not applicable. In that view, there has been a need for development of a facility that could provide the necessary environment for patients and the staff, as well as support cancer-related research. (Stanford, 2014)
With that consideration and given Miami Hospital’s proximity and access to Miami University systems and medical staff, the facility has been identified as a crucial project that would enhance addressing cancer problems. Owing to the institution’s affiliation with Miami University, the facility would have the benefit of research and medical staff. In addition, Miami is in need for a center that could enhance cancer diagnosis and treatments. (US News, 2014)

Stakeholders for this project

Projects have various stakeholders whose interest are affected by the project and
Patients: Patients have an interest in accessing effective diagnosis and treatment for more complicated cancer problems.
Staff: The staff has a need for efficient systems and equipments as well as an enabling environment that guarantees their safety.
Researchers: Researchers have a need for advanced systems and partnerships that would enhance their operations. That would be enhanced by the facility with its advanced technology and partnership with key institutions and personnel.
Government and regulators: The government and regulators have a need to ensure that facilities are safe and efficient in their operations. In that respect, the project would have to be completed in line with the authorities’ guidelines. (Stanford, 2014)

Planning needs

The project planning has several needs including a comprehensive definition of the project scope, project schedule as well as estimating the project’s cost. In addition, there is a need for identifying the resources requirement as well as specifying the project quality and risk management. Addressing those needs will be crucial in enabling the project manager to help reduce uncertainties and related risk as it will entail making necessary provisions. (Lewis, 2010)

Planning goals

The project’s planning has a number of goals including the following
Identify all stakeholders and their needs
Estimate all necessary resources
Minimize project cost
Complete the project within the set schedule
Complete the project with specified quality. (Lewis, 2010)
Cost estimates for one room in the facility
The centers laboratory will play a great role and will be useful for tests and research functions. In that respect, it requires advanced equipments and to be designed to high standards. In that consideration, the following is a list of the necessary items, the room’s building, and the total cost.

Source: (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, 2015)

Thus, the laboratory room is expected to be 50,000 square feet and a construction cost of $450 per square feet. The room cost and the items will have an estimated total cost of $25,833,000.

Budget planning handling

Development of a cancer center is a major project for Miami University Hospital hence will entail significant funding. In that respect, budgeting will be crucial in managing the project cost and making it feasible and avoid excessive cost. In that view, the project will entail cost estimation and control. Budgeting will involve allocating resources on task basis in addition to cost summarization and corrective action planning. That will ensure that the project is completed within the budget and expected standards. (Lewis, 2010)

Lesson learned from completing own floor plan

With the facility design focusing on ambulatory treatment environment, the evidence-based design has been used to design the facility with consideration of various stakeholders needs. In addition, the design method has been based on research matching the needs and the facility’s functioning. Thus, designing and completing the floor plan has been useful in demonstrating the effectiveness of the design method. That is because it entailed setting up the floor plan with consideration of the equipments and technologies functionality and efficiency depending on their positioning and other aspects as room size and design. (Bell, 2009)

Rationale for design choices

The evidence base design method has been chosen for the facility. That is because the design addresses various stakeholders’ needs by considering the factors relevant to patients, staff and other users of the facility including researchers. (Bell, 2009)

Recommendations or suggestions for completing the floor plan differently and what can be done next time differently

With the design of the cancer center’s floor plan, it has been identified that considering the various stakeholders needs is crucial. However, the completion of the floor plan did not comprehensively involve patients and their facilities and was mainly based on staff needs. Thus, completion of the next projects would be required to consider involving patients and families in designing and creating floor plans that consider their views. In that view, project planning and floor planning should consider the additional task of directly engaging patients in establishing suitable floor plans.


In view of the project plan, it has been identified that there is a need for a new cancer center at Miami University Hospital. The facility is expected to address the increasing cases of cancer cases, as well as more complicated problems. The facility is planned to have advanced equipments and technologies for the purpose of enhancing research, diagnosis and treatment of cancers cases. The project planning needs and goals have been identified as defining the project scope, estimating the costs as well as determining the necessary resources. In addition, the planning goals have been identified as ensuring the project is completed within the set schedule and cost as well as meeting the specified standards.
Further, budgeting planning will entail cost estimation and control to ensure that the facility is completed within the cost by addressing possible variances. In designing the floor plan, a single laboratory room of 50,000 feet has been estimated to cost $24 million. In respect, to the design choice, the evidence-based design methods have been used to consider stakeholder's needs. However, there has been identified need to take more consideration of the patients view in next projects by engaging them directly in completing floor plans. That is in consideration that they are the key stakeholders for the project, and the facility’s environment has a great effect on their treatment.


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