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Impact of Communication Technology on Society

The evolution of communication technology has happened at staggering pace over the last century, starting with telegraph and radio in the early 20th century to cellphones, internet and social media at present. And it is not over; the 21st century is witnessing more innovations and developments in the communication technology and may grow at even faster rate compared to the last century. There is little doubt over the fact that the advances made have had a positive impact on our everyday lives. The benefits are immense, the big data is at your fingertips, you are constantly connected with your near and dear ones, you are saving considerable amount of time and effort, technology is making the life easier. But there is a flip side to this as well. Are we getting too much dependent on the technology? Are these advances made making us addicted to cellphones and social media? This essay analyzes if the advances made in the communication technology have affected our social interaction.
Since the development of internet in 1969, communication technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, more so in the last one decade. The advent of social media, smart phones, internet telephony and other advancements in the communication technology has changed our lives, thoughts, jobs, culture, politics, cities and many more . As pointed out by eminent British Writer Andrew Brown- “The internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life”.
There is a great difference in the thought processes and preferences of people who are dependent on technology and those who are not. There are numerous examples of communication and personal contact taking the back seat as people choose to interact with each other using their computers or smart phones.
Reduced interaction among family members- The infiltration of technology to the safe house called family is keeping the psychologists worried. With double income being the norm, the parents spent a great deal of time on their laptops and smart phones, leaving them with little time for interaction with their kids. Even the family unions during the lunch/dinner time are not happening these days as the individuals are hooked on to their personal communication devices .

The smartphone penetration worldwide is expected to touch 50% of the total mobile users (36.5% of the population) from the 2012 number of 25.8% .
Communication with friends and families: Of late the social media has made deep inroads into our daily lives. With the wide penetration of internet, mobile and communication devices, it has never been so easy to hook onto your screens and make a life there.

Social network penetration worldwide

It is expected that by the year 2018, 32.7% of the world population and 71% of the internet users will be accessing social networks which is a considerable increase from the 2012 figures of 19.9% and 59% respectively.
Communication with friends and families are happening mostly through the social media like Facebook, Google+ and WhatsApp Messenger. Personal interactions are getting reduced and animosity is gaining foothold as a great deal of bullying and mudslinging happens as people take advantage of the anonymity that these platforms offer .
Making online purchases: Online purchases are the order of the day and many people prefer the comfort of their homes in buying even the basic utilities like a tooth brush. In spite of the advantages that it offers, online purchases eliminate the need for communication between individuals. There is no human element working in between and for those who prefer not to see or talk with others, online shopping portals provides a great experience.
Communication with Society: The person who is hooked on to his computer screen lacks the social interaction skills and will not be able to communicate with the society or convey his messages properly in a face to face interaction. He will never step out of his home or interact with the society and will lead an isolated life . Eminent philosopher Jonathan Sacks once said- “Thanks to technology, we can communicate instantly to the world, but it still doesn’t help us know what to say”.
The disadvantages of neglecting personal communication are numerous. A few of the negative impact include lack of satisfaction in the family life, lack of social skills, facing increased isolation both at the work place and the society, deteriorated patience levels, lack of concentration, confrontation on the internet platforms, poor transmission of emotions, emotional instability, more emotional visibility on the online platforms, physical difficulties like neck and back pain, bad eyes etc. as one tends to spend long hours in front of the computer.
It assumes great importance that people realize the bad effects of avoiding personal communication and start interacting with their family, colleagues and neighbors to lead a life that is high on happiness quotient. All the technological advantages made in the area of communication have to be put to good use and awareness should be created among the users on how not to become a slave to the technology. “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots” - a quote which is debated to be of Albert Einstein. Whether Einstein said or not, the quote assumes great significance in today’s world.

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