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The questionnaire “The Leadership Orientation Survey” by Bolman and Deal is divided into three parts. Technique "Leadership orientation" can be carried out in two parallel versions:
1. The self-reporting method (when people evaluate themselves).
2. Evaluation by (when a person describe his colleagues – in organization).
Studies of Bolman and Deal has shown that the results of self-reporting methods are not reliable enough and they should be confirmed in the results of evaluation by using both simultaneously embodiment technique.

Both versions include three sections:

Section 1:
Includes an evaluation scale in which 30 points must evaluate questionnaire. Questions are grouped into four basic scales: rational leader, humanist leader, a political leader and a breath-updates the leader. Also, the authors identify several subscales, such as charisma, analytical skills, strength and imperiousness, helping others, metaphorical thinking, and others. By Leadership Behaviors I’m sensory-solving type - extremely tough and reliable partner. His word - the law, and all actions will be performed just in time, as was planned by prior arrangement. He is able to take into account many important details and the details of the operation or the technology extremely seriously the material resources, as well as traditions and customs and institutions in his system. Well-established for many years proven procedure in the enterprise is an intrinsic value for him, especially when compared with the doubtful and always risky prospects for change and reform. He is the guarantor of stability of the enterprise. He fits perfectly into the activities of law enforcement agencies, education and medicine, manufacturing, service sector. This type of leader can be a stumbling block for developing the organization. He is suspicious of all kinds of psychological tricks. Its advantage - a strong sense of responsibility. His weakness - in stiffness and a narrow view on the implementation of rules and regulations.

Section 2:

Contains 6 questions-election, which subjects must pro- rank by relevance to themselves. Evaluation is conducted on four scales. Liberal leadership style is mine. I can say that this family at work. The leader is, but he opted out of the manual. Subordinate themselves determine what they should do. Liberal (immiscible) management style characterized by the fact that subordinates have the freedom to make their own decisions. They are given almost complete freedom to define their goals and control over their work.
Liberal management style is distinguished by minimal participation in the management of head, lack of scope in its activities, lack of initiative and constant waiting for instructions from above, the reluctance to take responsibility for solving the problems and their consequences when they are unfavorable.
The lack of praise and punishment. No cooperation between the leader and subordinates. The position of leader - quietly away from the group. Leader does not give instructions. The work is made up of individual members of the group interests.

Section 3:

Contains two rating scales - effectiveness as a performer, effectiveness as a leader. The authors stress that often does not use the full faith questionnaire, and abbreviations. Surprisingly, most of the characteristics inherent in me. It's just my inner qualities, and they are manifested in the life itself. Moreover, as a rule, I see the shortcomings of such qualities in their universally recognized leaders, and here everything is more complicated. Usually occurs as during surgery: first, to identify and show the lack of, and then jointly try to eliminate it. And it hurts! For those who have identified and myself. Ignore or somehow adapt to this I did not get. All these qualities are indeed relevant leaders. I must say that I have some. There is something to strive for.

Diagnostic Method leadership orientation Rights:

The technique includes 6 items on one page, filling questionnaire takes 5-10 minutes, and another 5-10 minutes - for counting points on each scale. Scoring involves building a schedule that allows us to estimate the severity of each of the four leadership orientation.
Checking the internal consistency of the scales of the questionnaire showed that all scale questionnaire have a sufficient level of reliability, which means it can used as diagnostic tools within express diagnostics leadership orientation.

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