Example Of Race, The Police And The Propaganda Article Review

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Published: 2020/09/29

I believe that while it is true that mostly it is black people who kill other black people, and the same applies to white people, these facts cannot justify the police abuse or be used as a mitigating factor. The article mentioned the shooting of a 12-year-old boy done by mistake, as well as the racial profiling problem that exists inside the police. I agree with the argument of the author stating that although black people are most often killed by black people, the police abuse cannot be ignored on the basis that it is an exception. Police officers should be held accountable and have a just trial equally with other people in order not to escape the responsibility for mistakenly killing innocent people.

Stop Checking Email So Often

After reading this article, I have noticed that I compulsively check my email, as well as my social media accounts, many times a day, and this is done very often as a means of procrastination or when I feel anxious or bored. I have realized that when I am very busy, so that I do not have a chance to check my accounts, including the incoming mail, I feel much less drained, weary and empty. As the author of the article suggests, being able to differentiate necessity from compulsion might make a difference in one’s life, reduce unnecessary stress and general dissatisfaction with one’s life, especially when we are living in the times of constant information intake and the flourishing of social media working 24/7.

Filthy Gorgeous

We often underappreciate the possible knowledge and experience we can get from learning more about our heritage, especially when the places that can potentially expand our horizons are out of our comfort zones making us hesitate or even refuse to visit them and immerse ourselves into a totally new and sometimes dangerous environment. Just like the author of the article came to appreciate new culture and his heritage through taking a risk and being open to new experience, every person can become more appreciative through travelling to unknown places and, thus, discovering something new inside their own souls. The truth is that many places like Kolkata seem frightening and bleak on the outside, but have precious spiritual gifts when one gets to know them better through breaking own stereotypes.

Women Afghanistan

The video and the articles left an deep cut in my heart, as I learned about the atrocities of the current political and economic situation in Afghanistan that shape its culture and, in particular, attitude toward women. While the situation has reportedly been getting better over the last few years, the opium brides are still a reality, as the country remains the main supplier of heroine on the world markets. It is outrageous, yet predictable that international community does not actively participate in devising an effective plan to improve the economy of the country, focusing primarily on the improvement of lives of the farmers and the poorest people, instead of taking surface measures like helping in destruction of the poppy fields, as this plan clearly does not work. Nonetheless, it is clear that the changes will not happen anytime soon, as regardless of the international efforts, the country officials are knee-deep in corruption and crimes, and time needs to pass before the new generations grow up and start replacing them and their ideologies.

The Charter for Compassion

The Charter for Compassion right now seems like an impossible task, as there are a growing number of skeptics regarding all religions. Meanwhile, there is also a spark of hatred between the radical representatives of all major religions, while it is simple people, religious or not, that suffer from their conflicts. Through the ages people have forgotten the mission of religions, which is to alleviate fears, give hope and learn to co-exist with one another. I agree with the author that religion became the means of politicians and political groups that use holy texts to promote their interests and beliefs. But as religions get misunderstood, the efforts like the Charter for Compassion give a hope for a better future and more peaceful co-existence, if they succeed.

Race and Police


Paris Attack

Recent events in Paris have made many people mistrust, misunderstand and mistake the Muslims for terrorists again. Although the attacks were conducted by the representatives of the minority group of radical Islamists, they managed to boost negativity toward all Muslims around the world. It is very grievous that many peaceful religious Muslims living in Europe have to be afraid for their lives, now that the Paris attack has spurred the far-right wing politics’ activity all over Europe. Indeed, many countries want to shut down their borders for the immigrants, including the Muslims, because of the fears of further attacks, as well as the loss of national identity and culture. I think it would be a wise move to teach people in European countries, as well as in America, more about Islam and its principles, so that ordinary people do not fall victims of misrepresentation of Islam by the terrorists and of political propaganda.

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