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Occupational safety is of primary importance at the workplace. Working conditions affect performance significantly. As such, there is a need for proper measures for the training and implementation of safe working structures and models. This paper provides an overview of a training plan for the High Maintenance Salon and Spa.

According to Tompa et al., public policies use two primary methods to prevent injuries in the workplace. Thus these are the experience ratings for the insurance premiums of workers and. Secondly, they implement the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations (Tompa 85). The US government enacted the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) statute with an aim of safeguarding workers in the work environment (National Jewish Health, Slide 1).

Training goals

In view of this, the training plan aims to foster understanding of the work environment and legal, social, environmental, and other structural policies governing workplaces. In the end, the idea is to help Spa formulate its work policies basing on the larger OSHA system. In addition, the training aims to reduce the customer and employee exit by 20% by the end of the first year. Eventually, the training hopes to provide lasting returns in the profits and productivity of HMS&S (McKay).

Areas to cover

The training will include the technical and practical features of OSHA with a particular connection to HMS&S.As well, it will involve people and organizational practices.

The target group

The training targets both new and current employees across all the levels. Specifically, the new staff will receive orientation training from the HMS&S management. As well, they will undergo training on policy and safety (McKay).


The training will take six months. The first three months will be theoretical work. The second semester will concentrate on the integration of the topics by the students through the hands-on activities. The training will involve three trainers: one from the OSHA, that is, the National Jewish Health Agency and the other two from the Authenticity Consulting Agency.

Budgetary implications

HMS&S currently has 16 employees. Tiana Peyton-Harris is the owner the salon. The training will involve all the employees in all the levels of management. It will take place five days per week for 2hrs per day.

Training evaluation strategies

According to McNamara, Evaluation involves judging the quality of work in order to determine the whether the intended goals and objectives were realized (McNamara). The evaluation will look at two main areas. The cognitive domain and the relational domain,
The cognitive domain concerns the skill expertise. Primarily, this area will assess the skills levels of the trainees. The chief method will be through direct observations by the training team. Indeed, this will involve regular hands-on work for the participants of the training. For instance, disinfection guidelines will form part of the training. Therefore, it will be paramount that the trainees have hands-on exercises in which they demonstrate the various methods of disinfection as taught in the training.
The relational domain will examine the interaction skills among the trainees. This includes components such as decision-making, communication, problem-solving, and personal grooming and presentation, impression management (McNamara). One model of evaluation will be the use of the case study and role-plays. These are hypothetical and real-life scenarios, which stimulate critical thinking among the participants. Self-assessments will also feature prominently in this domain. Indeed, this will involve one-to-one sessions between the supervisors and each team member (McNamara). In addition, the evaluation will include a corporate assessment of HMS&S using the training productivity stats (McKay).

Training compatibility to the performance management scheme

The compatibility of the training to performance management plan takes place through the training matrix. The training matrix will involve the description of the employee’s special educational and training needs. Indeed, the model will also serve as a tracking and scheduling guide (McKay).

The incentives

This training will provide various incentives. For instance, it will feature one-hour free extra tutorials for the participants who need extra coaching. As well, there will be a certificate of participation awarded to every client who shall have successfully attended 90% of the training activities. As well, the training will provide a free trip to a leading Salon in the USA for the top three participants who demonstrate good understanding of the program.

The methods of delivery for the training

This training will involve two primary modes of delivery. The first mode is the class lectures. Indeed, this will require in-house sessions. In addition, the training will include trips to factories, which have high ratings in the observance of OSHA policies and performance. The idea behind this method is to instill knowledge through the practical know-how models. Indeed, these trips will enable the participants to integrate their theoretical knowledge with actual work actively. In addition, the trips will provide an excellent avenue for interaction.


The following is a handout for the training
High Maintenance Salon & Spa
Luxury salon where you will feel unique and extraordinary
Technical category (National Jewish Health)
Methods of Controlling the infections
The Safety Hazards
Exposures to the formaldehyde
Relational Category
People practices (McNamara)
How to build the trust, collaboration, and commitment with the clients
How to avoid frequent customer and employee turnover
Using the collaborative approaches to effecting change, improving performance and fostering learning
How to facilitate the group discussions, problem-solving and Decision-making
The organizational and the systems practices (McNamara)
Perspectives on change in the organization
Understanding the big picture in the organization
Emerging patterns in the organizations
The dynamics of performance in the organization
Handout (Adapted from National Jewish Health, slide 5; McNamara; McKay)

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