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“Music has a profound effect on your mind, spirit, and behavior.” (For The Strength Of Youth) It takes a great part of our life. In my opinion, there is no doubt, there are people who do not have their priorities in this art. Furthermore, nowadays, in the age of modernization and gadgets, it became easier for us to take our favorite compositions wherever we want. The recent research found that “music is young people's second favorite media activity (after watching TV)”. (Rideout, Foehr and Roberts) But why cannot we live without music in our lives and why is it so important for all of us? Does it help us in our everyday life? Should people use it as the part of the educational system?
Music is the reflection of man`s inner world. The process of choosing the music is almost similar to the process of choosing of our friends. Mysteriously, we find the compositions which make us feel the whole spectrum of emotions. We smile, dance, become sad or passionate. And quite an important thing is not to make a mistake in this choice. It is extremely significant to filter the endless stream of music, which fulfills our life.
Music becomes the some kind of psychological anchor very often. In case if certain composition sounds in the important situation in your life, it will “sound” in your memory for a very long time, being associated with this situation. The more positive “anchors” has a person the lighter and happier he is. That is only one of the most important reasons why we should take our children to the music school. The professional teachers here will find these “anchors” and help children to develop emotionally. Such actions will help a child to become a harmonious and full-fledged personality. “Approximately 17% of male adolescents and 25% of female adolescents expressed that they liked their favorite songs specifically because the lyrics were a reflection of their feelings.” ('Impact Of Music, Music Lyrics, And Music Videos On Children And Youth')
In the old days, the education was supposed to be defective in case of the absence of the art education in the family. In many countries it was obligatorily for children to study foreign languages, fencing and musical art. However, the experience shows that only one person becomes a musician among one hundred thousand students. So why is it necessary for a child to study music? It is enough to understand an easy formula to answer this question: “Musical education is not a process of bringing up of a musician; it is a process of forming a human.” Such education brings benefits to the intellectual development of a person. The person, who begins studying the musical art from his birthday, gets a great impetus to the improvement of his brain. Such person usually becomes more successful in any sphere of science and in all of the spheres of his everyday life than the one without the musical beginning.
Kids, who finished musical school, are usually emotionally liberated and successful. They can be met in the universities connected with languages, in politics, business, in mathematics, art and musical organizations. They take a great part in social life. Why does music have such an impressive influence on human? Because this art is a giant accelerator of the overall development of a child. Leading to the Russian researchers, kids studying music have a better connection between the left and the right parts of their brain. That means, that the ideas, born in the right hemisphere of brain have more chances to become the discoveries, poems, completed projects and other real achievements of the human`s talent.
Furthermore, children, who study musical art, have a significant relaxation in the work of their brain, which means that it is much easier for a “musical brain” to do intellectual work and solve unusual issues. Music also helps in the speech assimilation, because musical and speech centers are placed close to each other. Leading to the Swedish surveys, people dealing with music are also good in remembering poems and poetry. People who have problems with writing or reading can deal with them with the help of singing. If you want to study a foreign language, everything you need to do is to sing. This process is an extremely strong catalyst of the verbal memory, expanding its scope, and the way to improve multichannel thinking skills.
People, connected with music, are much stress tolerated, because it is hard to imagine how hard it can be to study the new song or to play piano for a very long time. The child studies to think spatially, playing the correct keys on the piano, manipulate abstract sound figures, memorizing musical text.
Another aspect of studying music is that such people are familiar with the symbols, which are in excess of music instrument. Music helps in the writing. The thing is that children with standard intellectual development often have with studying writing and describing their thoughts because of the reasons not connected with the visual defects or hearing problems or any other neurological disorders. The disorders in special perception can create problems in the acquisition of literacy writing. A lot of scholars have quite a vague representation about such concepts like “right”, “left”, “below”, “above” and others. Such children usually write numbers and letters in reverse mapping. Sometimes, they replace letters and syllables in the words. Those children, who study music always know where they have to use their right hand and where the left one. Besides, they understand that the top line is for the right hand, while the bottom line is for the left one. That means that child knows for sure what the words mentioned above mean. Often scholars cannot express a detailed idea because they cannot organize the text and choose necessary words. Music improves the ability to turn your thoughts and feelings into words and sentences. Music makes a person more sociable because the performer studies to make a contact with his listeners while trying to hand off his thoughts and feeling. That skill also helps in a usual conversation where the musician feels all of the nuances of intonations and emotions of his friend, guesses the pace and the topic of the conversation, because he got used to feel the music`s mood.
Eventually, music gives impressive emotions. It creates another type of thinking; it is a unique mean which helps to express your own feeling of the world which surrounds you. Finally, music helps to confess in love, and gain success in your life.


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